Best PS4 Headsets for Call of Duty

Best Ps4 Headsets for Call of Duty – Every first-person shooter, but especially Battle Royales, come down to whatever advantage you can get over your enemies. Call of Duty’s Warzone is no different. Perhaps the best advantage available is situational awareness. When someone moves, you need to know that. If someone is creeping up behind you, you should be able to hear that. If you need help, you need to be able to communicate that to your teammates.

In all of these situations, having a headset that delivers when you need it to is crucial for Warzone success. All of the headsets in this list will give you a competitive edge over the competition.


Which one fits your style? Which one delivers the kind of comfort and sound that you need? That’s, ultimately, for you to decide. With Fathers Day coming up, any of these would make a great gift for you gamer dad!

1.Corsair HS50 Pro

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2.Logitech G933

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4.Turtle Beach Stealth

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5.PlayStation Wireless Headset

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6.SteelSeries Arctis

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7.ASTRO Gaming

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9.Sound BlasterX

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10.Redragon H510

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Best PS4 Headsets for Call of Duty – BUYER’S GUIDE

 1. Frequency Response

Frequency Response refers to the highest and lowest range of frequencies an earbud can reproduce without causing any sorts of distortions.

An ideal earbud should be within the range of 20Hz to 20KHz because this is the frequency range within which a human being can hear sounds.

Higher Frequency Response Ranges does not equate to better sound quality. Run away from earbuds which promise you better sound quality because they have higher frequency response.

 2. Sound Profile

In layman terms, the sound profile lets you know about the bass and treble quality of the product. This score tells you how the earbud reproduces a given sound.

For instance, if the product has large drivers and lower frequencies, then the reproduced sound has heavier bass.

Most people mistake higher bass and higher treble with better quality, but the trick lies in choosing an earbud which has equal bass and treble ratio. This gives you the utmost quality of audio.

3. Noise Isolation and Noise Cancellation

Most people get confused between these two terms and think they are literally the same. Well, Noise Isolation and Noise Cancellation are two different sides of a single coin. How? Both are responsible for blocking the ambient noise so that you can hear the sound from earbuds clearly.

While the Noise Isolating earbuds entirely seal off your ears either with their ergonomic designs or by the help of silicone ear tips. The Noise Cancellation earbuds use a dedicated secondary active mic to listen to the ambient noise and just cancel it out using noise cancellation circuitry.

Although you won’t notice much ambient noise while in-game with both kinds of earbuds. But, the noise isolating earbuds come way cheaper than the noise cancellation ones. So, the decision entirely depends on your budget.

4. Drivers

Whatever you hear from any earbud is because of the drivers that turn the electrical signals into audio. Thus, if the size of drivers or the number of drivers is more in an earbud. It will definitely provide you with a distortion-free rich quality sound.

5. Frequency Range/ Frequency Response

Frequency Range or Frequency Response is the range of sound frequency which you would be comfortable to hear and at the same time, enjoy. Typically, humans have a comfortable hearing frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz.

While some headphones may offer higher and lower ranges as well (there are headphones that offer even low 5 hz to high 33000 hz frequency ranges), they are not an advisable nor enjoyable option. The aforementioned average frequency range is the most comfortable if not a range of best sound quality.

6. Impedance and Impedance matching

Impedance of earbuds speak about the acceptable volume levels the earbuds can handle. The impedance capability of a pair of earphones can also be known by looking at the voltage capacity of the earbuds as well.

Typically higher impedance will give you low power when you are using a lower voltage source and better quality when using high voltage sources. This means that the buds adjust to the voltage parameters of the devices they are connected to.

For your pick, always try to choose the higher impedance models. They not only adjust to varied  voltages but they also give out better, clear and transparent bass definition. For better bass, you can get 9 ohm impedance earbuds.

Yet another thing that you need to take care of when you are going with high impedance is the impedance matching. Impedance matching refers to the matching of the source impedance to that of the earbuds impedance. For better audio quality, both of these values should match. If you are hearing smaller volume when you are connecting a high bass song, it means that the impedance values of the earbuds are mismatched

7. Total Harmonic Distortion

THD or the Total Harmonic Distortion is the voltage or current distortion that occurs due to the harmonics of the sound signal. THD is important as it tells you the margin of quality error that might occur. In ideal cases, lower the THD, better the quality of the earbuds are.

8. Sensitivity and Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

This is yet another indicator of how loud and powerful the earbuds can be. Sensitivity of an earbud is known by how efficiently the bud can convert an electrical signal into a sound signal. It is also sometimes called the efficiency of the earbuds. SPL is the measure of this sensitivity and the units are usually SPL per milliwatt. Good quality headphones come with a sensitivity range of 85 and 120 dB SPL per mW.

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Wireless Earbuds VS Wired Earbuds: Which is the best pick?

By now you might have had a nuanced understanding of the difference between a wireless earbud and a wired earbud.


If you’re playing online games without a high-quality gaming headset, you’re doing it wrong. Playing Fortnite and COD: WW2 becomes exponentially easier when you have the game’s sound right in your ear. But aside from that, using a headset allows you to communicate with your team. And, communication for hardcore players is especially important.