Best True 7.1 Gaming Headsets

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Best True 7.1 Gaming Headsets – Some of you might prefer punchy bass, whereas others might hate it, but when it comes to surround sound, positional audio is the top priority and all of these virtual surround sound headsets manage to do a great job at emulating it.

Well, if you want the best 7.1 surround sound experience while gaming, you cannot go wrong with any of these headsets that we’ve discussed. Keep in mind that sound quality of these headsets are highly subjective, as it varies from person to person.

Just remember what we talked about earlier – durability is very important, and don’t let retail outlets gouge you for these, for crying out loud, there is never an excuse for these to be so expensive.


If you focus on comfort, convenience, and durability, and remember, the option to connect a cord is important, then you’ll find a nice, good-sounding pair of these headphones you’ll be happy with.

1.ROG Strix


3.ASUS Gaming

4.Corsair HS60


6.EKSA E900

7.Xbox Headset

8.Turtle Beach

9.Pacrate PS4


Best True 7.1 Gaming Headsets – BUYER’S GUIDE

< class=”noindex”>Wired vs. Wireless:

First of all, while there’s nothing wrong with wireless headphones, don’t balk at something using a cord. Really, the only time wireless headphones are that advantageous is if you’re listening to something you can’t carry around or are afraid to carry your phone in your pocket for some reason. With corded headphones, you’re not feeding it batteries or recharging it all the time.
< class=”noindex”>Microphones:

Second, while a microphone won’t hurt anything, you’re probably not going to need it with surround headphones unless you’re a content creator of some sort. In that case, though, you’re probably going to have a better, dedicated microphone instead. If it’s a mouthpiece, it would get in your way often as well.
< class=”noindex”>Noise Cancelation:

This is something you absolutely want most of the time. There are cases where not hearing external noises could be dangerous – such as when out for a walk or riding a bike. Otherwise, this comes in handy, because you can drown out your noisy kids, barking dogs, or the din of multiple public conversations.
< class=”noindex”>Comfort:

This is a big one. I for one don’t like the kinds of headphones that wrap around the outer ear or sit inside the ear canal (earbuds). They’re uncomfortable. Bulkier, padded headphones can cause you to sweat or your outer ear becomes irritated – that is, unless you’ve got nice headphones designed for comfort. Be sure to aim for ones that you don’t mind wearing for protracted periods of time.
< class=”noindex”>Compatibility:

If you’re not doing Bluetooth, then you want 3.5mm. That’s the standard headphone jack you’ve lived your whole life seeing and using. Contrary to what the likes of Apple may think, this jack form factor isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

If you have this form factor, aside from some badly-designed iPhones, you’re going to be able to plug your headphones into any sound device made after the 1980s. If you go with USB, you’re stuck with rare devices that work with USB for sound. Most smartphones don’t. Most stereos don’t even do USB.
< class=”noindex”>Adapters:

Of course, you can always consider an adapter that makes it possible to plug your headphones into questionably-engineered iPhones. This, unfortunately, occupies the charging port.
< class=”noindex”>Sensitivity:

If you’re trying to virtualize your surround, and dynamically cancel noise, then you need high sensitivity, which creates better, shaped sound, and can adjust for random noises of varied decibels. Lower-sensitivity means poorer sound quality.
< class=”noindex”>Weight:

Remember, the heavier these are, the more uncomfortable or tiring they can be to use. But, the tradeoff of higher weight is higher durability. So, you have to work out a balance that suits you, on comfort versus durability with this.
< class=”noindex”>EQ and Impedance:

Honestly, you may want an EQ (equalizer) to adjust your surround for your own sense of hearing, but this is usually handled by drivers on the other device, or adjusts pretty smartly on its own. As for impedance, this really doesn’t matter in modern designs, due to a whole new way electrical circuitry works now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are 7.1 Headsets Good for Gaming?

7.1 headsets are generally recommended by gamers because of its positional audio. If you are seriously into gaming, I would strongly suggest you to get one.

Q. Are 7.1 Headphones Worth It?

Many gamers find 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound system a gimmick. However, in the last couple of years, the multi-sound system has been enhanced by complex algorithms which work pretty well and allows you to find the direction of your enemy with near-perfect accuracy. So, I would say, yes, 7.1 headphones are worth it.

Q. What is The Best Gaming Headset 2020?

If I don’t have a budget constraint then I would easily pick the Sennheiser PC 373D. However, for budget users, the Mpow Iron is a great gaming headset in 2020.

Q. How Do I Get My Headphones to 7.1 Surround Sound?

It depends on the type of headset and the manufacturer of the sound equipment. If you have support for stereo sound then you can enable 7.1 surround sound system usually from the Spatial Settings page. You can find the audio utility from the manufacturer’s website.


Gaming headsets, especially the ones with surround sound functionality, were once considered a marketing gimmick. However, in recent years, virtual surround sound headsets, which make use of dedicated software to emulate a surround sound experience, are becoming the real deal by helping a lot in fast-paced competitive multiplayer games. They are also becoming more affordable and more mainstream by the day. With that in mind, we have rounded up the 12 best 7.1 channel surround sound gaming headsets you can buy right now.

ROG Strix
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ASUS Gaming
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Corsair HS60
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-28% EKSA E900
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Xbox Headset
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Turtle Beach
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Pacrate PS4
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