Best Turtle Beach Headsets for Ps3

Best Turtle Beach Headsets for Ps3 – Turtle Beach headsets aren’t so fundamentally different that you can’t compare them to the same standards of any other headset, but they do make use of specific terminology to name their models and provide some features unique to the Turtle Beach name. We’ve outlined the 10 best gaming headset models that Turtle Beach creates, but they offer dozens. This guide can help you navigate any of them.

The sheer volume of Turtle Bay headsets means that our 10 item review list just covers a fraction of those available. But if you want to expand your search, you can use our guide above to help find a great headset at a good price.


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1.Stealth 700 Gen

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2.HyperX Flight

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4.Razer BlackShark

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5.Turtle Beach

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7.Elite Pro

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Best Turtle Beach Headsets for Ps3 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Whether you game on an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, gaming headsets are going to connect in essentially the same way. And most of these gaming headsets will present you the basic features whether you connect them to your Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

But Turtle Beach produces specific models for different consoles. For some of these gaming headsets, you the differences are purely cosmetic, but you’ll generally want to find a gaming headset that’s specifically built for your console if you want the full range of features and best stability. Fortunately, they make that easy.

  • Gaming headsets that come with a P in the name are designated as headsets for PS4.
  • If a gaming headset features a PX, it’s built for PS4 but also compatible with the Xbox One.
  • Gaming headset with the Z designation are going to be the best choice for PC gamers.
  • There are no models specific to Nintendo Switch, but most of these models should work with a Nintendo Switch just fine.

Sound Quality

If you’re an audiophile, you may be alarmed by the fact that the frequency response for most of these gaming headsets is only 20 Hz to 20 KHz. If you’re a gamer, that shouldn’t concern you much. That frequency response covers the whole range of human hearing, although it does mean that the density of the sound stage isn’t quite as expansive as it is with dedicated music headphones.

These are generally great sounding gaming headsets all around the board, and any issues with the sound stage or imaging is usually counterbalanced by the presence of surround sound in most of the gaming headsets that Turtle Beach create. If you decide that you want something that’s great for discerning music listening, you can always check out our guide to the best headphones for audiophiles in 2020.

Surround Sound

That aforementioned surround sound is one of the best Turtle Beach advantages. Plenty of gaming models they offer come with at least Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and that makes it much easier to identify opponents sneaking up on you and get a better sense of where gunfire is coming from. The best Turtle Beach headphones for gaming include Superhuman Hearing: a feature that expands the sound stage even further.


If you want to get right in the thick of things, larger drivers are going to offer the best performance. In terms of sheer decibel levels, size does matter, but quality is just as consistent on the materials the speakers are made from. You should keep an eye out for models that are marketed as being made from Nanoclear. This driver format is specially tuned to Turtle Beach’s signature sound engineering and is available in top gaming headsets like the Turtle Beach Elite but can also be found in gaming headsets far less expensive than the Turtle Beach Elite.


ProSpecs is a feature that comes packed into most of the headsets here, from high end wireless gaming headsets to budget price models. They come with channels built into the band that make space for glasses legs. It’s an incredibly effective inclusion that puts this brand a step above for the short- and nearsighted.


TruSpeak is a technology devised by TB for the needs of the professional gaming community. It does one of the best jobs around of isolating surrounding noise while also offering solid sound reproduction. If you’re serious about competiting gaming, you should consider paying special attention to models that offer TruSpeak gaming tech.


Some models come with the indicator of Amplified. That indicates headset that come with a separate wireless amplifier that can boost the bass performance significantly. But since it is wireless, you’ll have to look out for the battery life on these gaming devices. You can expect a battery life of 30 hours on most Amplified models. And if Amplified models are a little outside your price range, plenty of headsets also come with Bass Boost technology. While it won’t offer the same gaming audio boost as a wireless amplifier, Bass Boost is still a nice addition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Turtle Beach Headset for Xbox One?

The Ear Force Elite 800 is arguably the best wireless headset that Turtle Beach offers. The battery life will last you the better part of a day, but the battery life isn’t the only positive. There are a ton of different audio presets specific to genres, and the virtual surround sound makes it easy to put yourself in the midst of virtual battlegrounds.

Is Turtle Beach a Good Headset Brand?

Turtle Beach is one of the best headset brands, but their specialization means they aren’t going to be the favorite headsets for everyone. What they do exceptionally well is with budget and mid-range headsets, The sound quality starts to fall off in comparison to their contemporaries at the higher price range, but the range of cutting edge features and focus on gaming features and surround sound is strong for any price.

What is the Difference Between Turtle Beach Headsets?

Turtle Beach has an incredibly expansive collection of headsets, and identifying all the differences between them would take a tremendous amount of space. On the good side, that means that whatever your need, you’re probably capable of finding a model that best fits your budget.

What is the Best Gaming Headset?

The top models on this list set comfortably among the best gaming headsets altogether, but if you want to expand your search wider, we can help. Be sure to check out our review and shopping guide for the best gaming headsets of 2020.


Our guide covers both wired and wireless varieties of headsets, and our experts have dedicated hundreds of hours to testing the right tech so you can buy with confidence. The reviewers understand that sound reproduction and comfort are the main issues in the headset world, paired with battery life and chat quality, too.