Best USB Headsets for Mac

Best USB Headsets for Mac – Our other picks are as unique as your varying needs when it comes to the best USB headsets. The next time you find yourself in need of a new USB headset, be sure to consult our suggestions to find one that works best for you.

There are few things to know when shopping for the best work headset for you. The best USB headsets all feature varying degrees of versatility and compatibility, and features can range from basic calls to full-scale sound.

Our best overall pick, the Corsair HS60 Haptic, is a great and affordable USB headset that comes with everything you need to jump into your favorite game or movie.


It delivers excellent audio, comfort, and reliability from an established brand in the video game industry. When you want to chat with friends, it has a solid microphone as well.


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2.Jeecoo Xiberia

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6.Gaming Headset

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8.KLIM Mantis

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10.Corsair HS60

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Best USB Headsets for Mac – BUYER’S GUIDE

Comfort: Chances are you’ll be spending long periods of time using this headset. You’ll want to check out the cushions on the headphones as well as adjustability for the ideal fit. If you wear glasses, check reviews to see if the headset is comfortable with your frames. Lastly, the longer the headset’s cord the better, as you’ll be able to move around more.

Microphone Quality: All the headsets on our list feature a microphone with noise-reducing technology. However, some are better than others.

Sound Quality: As with any pair of cans, you’ll want to check the speakers’ power. This is sometimes listed as a dB measurement, but usually, you’ll need to peruse the headset’s reviews. Some of our headset picks also feature optional surround sound, but this usually requires downloadable software to utilize.

Compatibility: Not all headsets work with all hardware. Most are compatible with PCs, but some won’t work with Macs or specific gaming consoles (if you want to game as well). Be sure to check compatibility before buying.

Controls: All of our headphone picks have in-line controls, meaning there is a small control panel attached to the cord. This is very convenient for changing volumes and muting during a call. However, each headset has a different control setup – some being more intuitive and reliable than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to use a USB headset over a wireless one?

If having the freedom to walk around with your headset on doesn’t mean much to you, audio quality and fidelity probably does. That’s the biggest reason to opt for a USB headset over a wireless one. Also, some computers don’t have the type of USB connection you need to hook up these types of headsets, while others do. If you’re using a Mac computer, for instance, you likely have only USB-C connections, while many PCs tend to have USB-A connectors that make more sense for a USB headset. Wired headsets often have better fidelity when it comes to sound, too, so if you want to have the best audio possible without worrying about latency, you might opt for a wired USB headset.

Can I fine-tune audio preferences without third-party software?

It depends on the type of headset you purchase. Some come with on-board audio controls that let you perform certain tweaks with physical buttons. Others work in tandem with special apps that you have to install to make these alterations. If you’re concerned with how you’ll have to go about changing your audio preferences, you’ll want to install the apps required by each manufacturer. You can usually find out this information by checking the packaging or searching then product’s official website.

Why is a detachable mic important?

If you don’t like to chat with people during gaming sessions, or you don’t play games and prefer to just enjoy music, movies, or TV shows, you can typically move the mic out of your way. Some people would much rather remove it from the equation entirely. A detachable mic lets you do just that, so it never gets in the way or impedes you from what you’re currently doing. This way, not only does the headset look sleeker and more attractive to some, but it doesn’t have any unnecessary parts that could be inadvertently damaged.


Many businesses today are opting to use their computers in lieu of phones to make phone calls. It’s a very cost effective method to reduce spending by using VOIP and other soft phone applications. There are so many options out there, but I will list the ones that stand out most to me. The most important things to consider are the call quality and comfort. All of these headsets below are plug and play, and even someone like myself can install them