Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50 – The gaming headset marketplace has exploded over the last couple of years, now housing what seems like a never-ending list of affordable options to choose from. With so many headsets to choose from, which one is best for your personal needs?

Personal preference can narrow this selection down, but we have decided to outline specific key criteria we think you should consider before buying your new gaming headset.

There you have it, our complete breakdown of the best gaming headsets for under $50 this 2021. We’ve tried to keep the reviews as short as possible, only discussing relevant information regarding the headset. Having said that, for those that want the shortened version, here it is.


So, there you have it, our complete guide to the best gaming headset for under $50. If you venture deep enough on Amazon, you’ll find enough products to fully stock a store with just headphones at this price point.


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4.Gaming Headset PS4

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6.JBL Quantum

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7.Xbox One Headset

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8.BENGOO G9700

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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Audio quality – Regardless of how you plan to use them, audio quality should always be a critical consideration when you’re picking out a new headset. The drivers powering the audio output are one of the most important elements in sound reproduction, and you’ll also want to look for a set that’s well-balanced across low, mid, and high tones.

Microphone – Mic quality can make or break a gaming headset, particularly if play with others online a ton. If you game a lot in a really noisy environment, be sure to prioritize a headset with a noise-canceling or noise-isolating mic (like several of the models on our list).

Fit and comfort – If you’re like the staff at Lifewire, chances are you’re prone to marathon gaming sessions, in which case a cozy pair of cans is key. For extended play, you want something that’s built of lightweight materials and padded and plush enough to sit comfortably on your dome while you frag bad guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Tested?

None of our budget picks for best gaming headsets have been put through their paces by our team of trusted experts just yet. However, their hands-on testing will consist of logging significant hours on their computer or console, paying attention to the overall input and output quality, as well as how comfortable they are during extended gaming sessions.


The best gaming headsets don’t always have to put increasing pressure on your mounting PC costs, but can you really get a good headset for under $50? This is one of the main questions we get asked in regard to budget headsets, so we thought we’d answer that question with an article.

Budget headphones can often be packed with suitable features for your needs. You probably won’t see flashy wireless headphones in this category, but you will see an array of decent features that vary from 7.1 surround sound to swivel-to-mute microphones.