Best Wireless Headsets for Call Center

Best Wireless Headsets for Call Center – When using a UC application, being that a headset will be your main communication device, it’s important to choose a model that’s compatible, comfortable, sounds good and helps you block out the noise in your call center or office to increase productivity and avoid the annoying distractions of a noisy office. For more recommendations for other applications check out the ultimate guide to the best noise canceling headset for your call center .

You should also consider your budget. The headsets in our list offer you the best value for your money, especially from a work perspective.  The best way to find out which headset works best for your employees is to try it.


We hope that our list of top 10 headsets for call centers and buying criteria will make the decision easier for you.

1.Jabra Engage

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2.VXi B350

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6.LG Tone

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10.Bose QuietComfort

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Best Wireless Headsets for Call Center – BUYER’S GUIDE


As headsets are essential for the successful and seamless operation of your call center, durability and quality are essential considerations that you cannot overlook. 

 Keep in mind that headsets that break easily can reduce call center efficiency, and increase frustration among your call center agents and employees. This is why you should look for reliable headsets made of top-quality materials, like surgical steel, to get the best results.

Noise Cancellation 

You should consider noise-canceling headsets for your call center. This is because they help suppress any outside noise and prevent your conversation with customers being interrupted. These headsets will enable you to listen to your customers at low volumes on average, which will potentially preserve your hearing. Isn’t that great!

The right noise-canceling headphones for your office do not only passively block sounds by providing an effective physical barrier, as you will get with either all in-ear or over-ear headphones.  In fact, they use technology in order to add an extra layer of ANC (active noise canceling) that is particularly invaluable in call centers and anywhere with constant noise at low ranges.

High-quality active noise cancellation usually comes at a premium price, which is usually offered by the likes of notable industry titans, such as Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser. However, the good news is that your call center can use a software solution, like Krisp, to improve communication clarity by muting background noise. You can pair the app with any headsets for call center and It easily integrates with call center telephony platforms and works seamlessly with any headsets and microphones.


Note that headset comfort is equally as important as durability. Bear this in mind when choosing a headset for your employees.

You probably know that your call center agents work long hours, and the headset is one of their most important tools. So, they have to feel motivated and inspired when talking with callers. This is why a heavy, or clumsy headset is the last thing your employees need. 

The best headsets for call centers are comfortable enough for extended periods of use.  Almost all best headsets for call center agents will have comfortable ear cushions; also, it could be an excellent idea to have lightweight and padded headbands. 

This way, you can avoid exerting added pressure on the top of the head. So, look for light materials and ergonomic features when choosing call center headsets.

Design and Technology

This is another key consideration. A well-designed and robust headset should have the latest audio technology. The headset should also have innovative features, making it simple to set up, use, and upgrade. 

The good news is that there are several types of headsets for call centers – from single and dual earpieces to behind the ear or over the head earpieces. 

A majority of call centers use dual earpieces. This is because it helps ensure the best audio quality for both the employee and the caller. You should look for vendors that have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Which Call Center Headsets to Choose?

In any call center, a headset is the primary communication device for your call center agents and employees. This is why it is vital to choose a model that is comfortable, compatible, and sounds good. The best headset for call centers will also help in blocking out the noise and distraction in your call center or office. So, it will increase the productivity of your employees while avoiding the annoying distractions of a noisy and crowded office. 

We know that buying the best quality headset for your call center or office work can be a very overwhelming and involved task. This is because there are so many models on the market.  If you want to make an informed and sound decision for your employees, you should closely look at what your agents need and what type of call center headset works best for them. 


Keep in mind that even if there are just a few people in one room, talking over one another is likely to be a serious issue when dealing with customers. This is why if uncomfortable or unwieldy headsets distract your call center representatives or they cannot listen or communicate clearly during calls, their productivity and efficiency will suffer.