Best Wireless Headsets for Softphone

Best Wireless Headsets for Softphone – Finding a wireless headset compatible with the demands of your career or business is essential to your success. Investing in headphones that make it easier to do your job will immensely boost productivity in your office. Perhaps you require the ability to seamlessly toggle between multiple devices to give the most to your clients, or maybe you need extreme noise-canceling features so you can properly edit videos and media for your career.

It also gives you the freedom to wander with your Bluetooth device so you can grab the files and information that you need to close your sale and seal the deal.


Whether you work remotely or in an environment surrounded by others, a quality VoIP headset is an essential piece of technology. Clear, easy-to-hear calls add a layer of professionalism to your business and help to instill trust between your business and your customers.

1.Jabra Evolve

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2.Global Teck

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4.Sony WF

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5.Bang & Olufsen

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7.defean Voyager

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8.Apple AirPods

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10.Microsoft LifeChat

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Best Wireless Headsets for Softphone – BUYER’S GUIDE

When ZDNet originally compiled this list, the focus was on ways to dampen the noise in traditional office settings. This seems a world away from the current reality in the business world, with many employees working remotely and from home offices — while attempting to remain distraction-free — and others on office visit shift patterns to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

In either scenario, however, environmental noise can be a hindrance to productivity — whether it is caused by a pet dog barking, children downstairs, or a colleague. Therefore, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a noise-canceling headset is a worthy investment and can be a valuable piece of kit during working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth headset is the best for sales?

It all comes down to 1) what you can afford and 2) what you need out of your Bluetooth headset.

It’s easy to get swept up in all the shiny toys with cool features, but make sure you’re selecting the best device for your requirements.

And remember, the best Bluetooth headset should help boost your sales, so consider investing in a high-quality device.


A Bluetooth cordless headset is also good for keeping the user healthy. Essentially, people keep their phone in between their head and also shoulder while driving or working multiple tasks in the office. Using a Bluetooth wireless headset lowers the muscle strain as you are not holding your phone in your hands or in between the head and the shoulders. This is quite useful for those that spend lengthy hrs in front of computer systems as well as on the phone.