Best Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets

Best Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets – There are only three main aspects to look for when researching and looking to purchase gaming headphones. These are sound quality, microphone quality, and wearability. Gamers all overlook for a headset that they are able to wear for long periods of time. The average headset is only designed for a short time wearing. We all know that gamers do not only play for a short time. Gamers need something they can wear for lengthy periods, they want to control the sounds they are able to hear and also the microphone so they can give advice or listen to others.

Moreover. when looking for the perfect gaming headset, look for ones that have comfortable padding on the ear cups and a soft headband that will not cause headaches or pull your hair. Ultimately, your decision will be based on the type of platform you will be using the majority of the time, your budget and your preference in style.


Most gaming headsets can be used for different platforms, some may only be for certain types of platforms and then there are those that can be used for just about everything. Gaming, streaming movies or listening to music, all those activities require headphones so as not to disturb others around you.


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3.LucidSound LS50X

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5.Final Audio VR3000

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7.Xbox One

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9.Xiberia V22

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Best Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets – BUYER’S GUIDE


The reason you are buying an Xbox 360 headset is to get a clear and audible sound. So you have to look into the immersive audio of the headset in question, and see if it can fully align with the game’s audio frequency. Positional audio is critical to the success of playing shooting games. So make sure that the headset can provide even the smallest sound details.


Not all wireless or wired headsets are compatible with the Xbox 360 game console. While all of the options listed above are compatible with Xbox One, you might need to buy a separate adapter for some to work on your Xbox 360. So think about this area critically.


How comfortable the headset is when using it will make or mar your gaming experience. The headset you want to buy should have cute earmuffs. Noise cancellation comes with almost all the earphones in the market, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Go for a headset that won’t leave marks on your ears after use. Select the one that will not interfere unnecessarily with your gameplay, especially in calls, text messaging, and chatting.


Looking for a new headset for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X? Here are our current top picks, from basic budget models that cost less than $50 to high-end, feature-packed powerhouses.