Best Xbox Headsets Under 100

Best Xbox Headsets Under 100 – So, there you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best gaming headsets for under $100. We’ve tried to keep the reviews as short as possible, however, for those that are still unsure on which headset best suits their needs, here’s the final round-up.

It’s now down to you to choose which of the gaming headsets above best suits your needs. Ultimately, each one offers a slightly different set of pros and cons, so choosing one should be fairly simple. However, we know it isn’t always that simple!

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When it comes to parting with between $50-$100 you need assurances that you aren’t just wasting that hard-earned cash, so there are certain things to consider before purchasing.

1.Turtle Beach Stealth

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3.Xbox One Headset

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4.HyperX CloudX

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6.Razer Kaira

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10.BENGOO G9700

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Best Xbox Headsets Under 100 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Build Quality

The quality of a headset’s build is extremely important. Even cheap headsets usually cost around $80, and that’s quite a bit of money to spend on something that will just break in a month.

You should make sure to look out for:

  • Band material
  • Frame material
  • Cushion material
  • Mic material
  • How these are all connected

Band Material

The band is the part that sits around your head. You’ll want something that has plenty of padding, and it’s best to get a headset that uses metal for the band’s frame. The band is the second most abused part of the headset because it is constantly being adjusted. Cheap polymers will crack and wiggle loose very quickly.

Frame Material

Polymer will work fine for the majority of the headset’s frame. It’s not too easy to damage with small drops, and it’s lightweight. Steel is a more long-lasting material, but it also weighs a lot, and polymer will last just as long if you take care of it. For these reasons, most headset frames are made from Polymer.

Cushion Material

The cushions on the ear cups are very important if you want to play for longer than ten minutes. Memory foam is a good choice, and it’s what you’ll most often find. However, cooling gel is the best filling material that you can get in a headset, and we highly suggest spending a little extra on a headset that uses it.

The cushion covers are also important, but you have a lot more options here. AirWeave is great, but it tends to be pricey. Leatherette and PU are inexpensive, but make sure that you find a headset that uses them properly, or your ears are going to hurt soon after you put the headset on.

Mic Material

Microphones are prone to breaking. They’re forced to swing around in front of your face, and they can break with one false step, so you’ll ideally want one that bends. Rigid mics are usually made from brittle polymers, and they’re a lot more likely to break. A flexible mic can take a lot of beatings before it kicks the bucket.

If you have the funds for a premium headset, you can often find mics made from metal. It’ll cost a lot to acquire one, but steel mics are very unlikely to break.

Cord Material

The material used for your power cord isn’t too important, but it is something to consider. A standard cable is prone to kinking and becoming unusable. That’s not an issue if you take care of it, but things happen. Braided cables are much more durable, and they’ll ensure that your headset lasts much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Those Are All Connected?

A headset can be made from the most durable materials, but that doesn’t mean much if those materials aren’t properly put together. Check a potential purchase for gaps where the parts fit together. If anything wiggles or slides, you’ll want to go with another option.

The cushions and other pads need to be stitched together in a way that will not unravel. Look for any gaps between stitches, and make sure there aren’t any weird lumps where the padding was improperly inserted.

Finally, the power cord needs to be properly connected to the headset. It shouldn’t be close to popping out of the headset, and it shouldn’t wiggle at its base. If either of those is true in a headset that you’re looking at, you should give it a pass. Even a great headset is nothing more than a paperweight if the power cord doesn’t work.


Incorporating one of the best Xbox One headsets into your Xbox setup is a certain way to elevate your gaming experience and immersion. Game audio is better than ever and is so key to our experiences now that upgrading to one of the best Xbox One headsets is an ironclad way to further immerse yourself in your favorite world,s stories, and in-game moments. And quite possibly, to gain an advantage. The good news is that incorporating one of the best Xbox One headsets into any setup is incredibly easy, too – plus there’s one for every budget imaginable.