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Best Iem Under 100 – Now, proceeding onwards, let’s have a look at a few fundamental aspects of IEMs under 100 that you must consider before buying them. Remember, only the features mentioned below will help you analyze and assess a pair of IEM truly.

Choosing the best IEM under 100 can be a bit challenging and confusing if you came across the term only recently. Knowing that IEM stands for In-Ear Monitors and that it’s a separate device from earbuds may not be enough to help you select the best or even differentiate between various models.


If you have any questions or can think of IEM models under 100 that you like, comment below.

1.Lypertek SoundFree S20


3.Tribit Qualcomm QCC3040


5.MEE audio M6

6.BLON BL-03

7.Sony MDR-XB41EX

8.Skullcandy Sesh Evo

9.KZ ZSX Terminator


Best Iem Under 100 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Types Of IEM Drivers

Drivers are the first feature to consider because they have a direct impact on sound frequencies and the price. Technically, the sub-components are responsible for converting electrical signals into audio signals, making the job of an IEM executable.

There are five types of drivers, and these include:

  • Dynamic Drivers
  • Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • Hybrid Drivers
  • BA or Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Electrostatic Drivers

Amongst these, dynamic drivers are the most common ones, especially when it comes to headphones. That’s because they best reproduce bass frequencies, they are power-efficient, and also cheaper to manufacture. Thus, they make IEMs affordable while also providing a good listening experience. But on the negative side, they may distort the audio a bit. Hence, degrading the audio quality by a slight degree.

Planar drivers comprise a magnetic mechanism. Consequently, you will find planar magnetic drivers only in high-end IEMs as they cost much more. Along the same lines, electrostatic drivers utilize static electricity to reproduce sound. And hence, you will only find them incorporated in pricey IEMs. Moreover, BA or Balanced Armature is the small-sized drivers that best reproduce the highs of a soundtrack.

Hybrid drivers happen to be the manufacturer’s favorite in IEMs. That’s because they combine the balanced armature driver as well as the dynamic driver. Hence, reproducing the entire audio spectrum just as is, and that too, on an affordable range. The BA drivers recreate highs while Dynamic drivers handle the low frequencies. And hence, we recommend models with hybrid drivers and dynamic drivers.

Build Quality

In this list of the best IEM under 100, the build quality and material of most models are sturdy and durable. The style, color, and design are matters of your preference.

However, another thing that you need to consider is the presence of detachable or removable cables. Most IEMs come with the feature of removable wires to allow the user to easily replace the cables if damaged or according to style preferences. It’s always better to go with detachable variants.

Ear Tips

IEMs come equipped with either silicone ear tips or foam ear tips. Both perform reasonably well in blocking out the ambient and staying in place but still have their differences.

Silicone ear tips are relatively light in weight and are better at staying in position without exerting force. Foam tips, on the contrary, may feel a bit uncomfortable with their added pressure in the air canal and comparatively heavyweight. But foam tips do better at blocking out external noise.

So, there’s no definite recommendation for ear tips. It all depends on your comfort preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Headphone Amplifiers?

Headphone amplifiers are external devices that boost the performance of headphones and IEMs. Sometimes, they can even help to power 2-4 cans at once.

But if you’re reading this with the concern of buying a headphone amp for your IEM, then you should know that it’s not necessary to buy a headphone amp for a better listening experience. IEMs are already advanced gadgets. It depends on your will, but you probably will not feel the need.

2. Are IEMs And Earbuds Different From One Another? 

Most people confuse IEMs with earbuds due to the similar external structure. Both the devices resemble quite a lot in terms of their shape, but they have noteworthy differences in terms of performance.

IEMs seal the ear canal entirely while earbuds sit on the outer part of the ear canal. Hence, even the most basic versions of IEMs are capable of blocking out all the ambient noise, while only even the most high-end, advanced versions of earbuds may allow in some degree of surrounding noise into your ear canals.

3. Does An IEM Offer Noise Cancellation?

Yes! But to put it more accurately, an IEM offers more noise isolation than noise cancellation. It blocks out the surrounding noise decently with its silicone and foam tips. Customized IEMs perform this function even better, along with ensuring comfort.


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In any case, we’re here to support your dreams, help you with your struggles, and bring the best of buying options out on the front for you. Given that, we understand how shopping for a premium-quality IEM on a budget can be a whole lot of struggle.