Best Iem Under 200

Best Iem Under 200 – The above list contains some of the best IEM under 200 dollars which can be considered by professionals or other people looking for an upgrade along with ordinary people trying out In-Ear Monitors for the first time.

Hope this guide solves all your worries regarding In-Ear Monitors along with an idea of which IEM will be best for you.


As you can probably tell by now, if you’re looking for a pair of quality IEMs, there are great options under 200 bucks.

1.Samsung Galaxy Buds

Pros & Cons

2.Shure SE215-CL

Pros & Cons

3.Tin Audio P1

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4.Linsoul TIN HiFi P1

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5.Apple AirPods Pro

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7.Bose SoundSport

Pros & Cons

8.MEE Professional MX4 PRO

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9.Yamaha EPH-M200RE

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Best Iem Under 200 – BUYER’S GUIDE


The built-in dynamic drivers in an IEM function towards armature responsiveness to provide smooth and balanced sound quality.

Now, IEMs generally have a limited capacity of 8 drivers but they vary a lot depending upon the IEM you are using.

It is wrongly understood that a higher number of drivers provide an enhanced sound experience. An IEM which has three drivers performing well towards proper management of highs, mids and lows can prove to be better than some IEM having 10 dysfunction drivers.

Therefore, always try to consider the delivery of these profiles along with the sensitivity range while buying IEM.


Many people ignore cables as one of the factors while considering the best IEM under 200 which is not very wise.

The availability of detachable cable means that you have the option of changing the cables if the old ones get damaged and will not have to dispose of the whole IEM.

In addition to this, wireless customization can also prove to be of exceptional aid to users.

Ear tips

Having a silicone ear tip is very useful in that it provides a better grip and stability to the earpieces along with resistance to sweat. These can also prove to be very useful if you require to use the IEM for long time periods.

On the other hand, ear tips made out of foam provide better isolation than silicone. However, these do not give an equal level of comfort and are not suitable to use for long durations at a stretch.

Therefore, it is advisable to select IEMs on the basis of your ear tip needs after due consideration to research.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Is it better to buy a curved shaped or straight shaped IEM?

Generally, curved-shaped IEMs prove to be more useful as they wrap around your ears providing support and stability but there are also people who find discomfort in using such IEMs due to its level of appeal and covering their ears with cables.

Therefore, it totally depends upon the customer as to what characteristics they would prefer.

(Q) What is better: universal fit or customizable fit?

Customized earplugs will take your ear size and shape into consideration providing maximum comfort. They will also have enhanced spacing of drivers providing a better sound definition.

(Q) What are some of the best IEMs containing more than 3 drivers?

As it was mentioned before, more drivers do not necessarily lead to better performance. However, it is true that many of these may provide a much better sound definition.

Some of the best IEMs with more than 3 drivers are 1MORE QUAD DRIVER and KZ AS10 PURE 5 IEMs.


Too many people nowadays settle for mediocre audio quality because they don’t know what to look for when picking out a pair of earphones.

My mission in this article is to shed light on the best in-ear monitors, or more specifically, the best IEMs under $200. I’ll discuss why those working in the music industry will always prefer this type of earphones over anything else.