Best Iem Under 300

Best Iem Under 300 – When choosing a new IEM, it can be hard to really assess the factors that will give you the best quality given the sheer amount of choices there are out there. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best IEM under 300 dollars. We hope that we have helped you decide on the perfect IEM to help you elevate your sound and step up your onstage performance.

If you’re in the market for an IEM, that means you’re ready to step up your music game to a professional level. Using an IEM onstage means that you’ll be able to get better feedback for the sound you’re producing, without having it muddled with the onstage sound around you.


1.qdc 2 Earbuds

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2.Bose QuietComfort 35 II

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3.Grado GT220

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4.Jabra Elite

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5.JAKO Wireless Earbuds

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6.Etymotic Research ER4XR

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7.1MORE ComfoBuds

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8.EarFun Air

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9.Shure SE215-CL

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10.Whizzer HE01

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Best Iem Under 300 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Straight or over-ear cable? – IEMs come in two main configurations when it comes to ear plug style. One fits straight into your ear with the cable hanging down, and is the traditional style you’re probably used to. However, the over-ear design is considered better for professional musicians, as it reduces the movement of the IEM so that you can jam without worrying about losing your feedback.

Foam or silicone ear tips? – The ear tip you use will dictate how comfortable you find your new IEM. Silicone tips allow for grip as they hold the ear bud in your ear better. Comfort foam, however, will mold to the shape of your ear and can be more comfortable for long term wear. Luckily, most IEMs will come with a choice of either, so if you’re not sure, pick a model that has both.

Detachable or fixed cables? – Detachable cables allow you the freedom to change your cable style as you see fit. This helps if your cable starts to fray or you start losing a connection. However, the cables can be difficult to reattach as the pins are very small. Fixed cables will remove the amount of fuss you have to make reattaching cables, however if the cables fail then you don’t have any choice but to buy new IEMs.

How many drivers should I choose? – Drivers are what shape the sound, and are usually designed to service a particular frequency. The more drivers you have, the more ability you have to hear many frequencies at once. However, a high number of drivers can increase the cost of your IEMs. Ensure you have sufficient drivers to give an even coverage of low, mid and high frequencies.

What about a mic? – You can choose an IEM with a built in mic on the cable if you want to use the IEM for listening to music and making phone calls. However, if you are using the IEM strictly for onstage performances, you probably don’t need this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you using your IEM for?

To understand the low pitched and high pitched of music you need to wear an in-ear-monitor. Also, promising better sound quality can only come from an IEM. Besides, wireless IEM gives great mobility during a stage performance.

Besides, exposure to high volume stage performance can damage your hearing over time. Therefore, IEM can be the perfect solution to isolate your hearing system from excessive noise.


For musicians like yourself, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are considered a necessary tool for being able to monitor your music while you’re making it. In fact, live performances can be improved completely with the use of IEMs because you can produce clearer mixes and a better sound due to the reduction in stage volume that you require.