Best Iem Under 50

Best Iem Under 50 – As you can see, picking a pair of earbuds for under 50 dollars is no easy thing. Fortunately, there are dozens of options available on the market. Before rushing to buy your new earbuds, try to spend some time thinking about which of the previously mentioned features is more important for you.

Whichever of the previously mentioned pairs of earbuds you finally get, you will certainly be satisfied both by the quality and the price. Don’t forget to take care of your earbuds in order to make them last longer and make this purchase a real bang for the buck!


Nowadays, listening to music on the go is a favorite habit of most people. MP3 players, iPods and smartphones allow you to carry your music wherever you go and listen to it with a pair of earbuds.

1.Klipsch Image S4A

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3.BLON BL-03

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4.SoundMAGIC E10

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5.SENSO Headphones

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6.Docooler QKZ VK4

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7.Moniel VK4

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9.KZ ZSN Pro

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10.TRN ST1

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Best Iem Under 50 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Sound quality

Sound quality can differ a lot between various models in this price range. There are earbuds that produce accurate sound performance across the spectrum, as well as others that put more emphasis on the low end. Some models provide you with a wide soundstage, while others focus more on providing adequate volume output for every occasion. To sum up, you need to pay attention both to the volume output and the frequency performance. Earbuds under $50 sometimes have to sacrifice one aspect of sound performance and put more detail on another. In any case, I would advise you to try on various models to see which one fits your taste in sound performance.


Most potential buyers don’t pay any attention to the earbuds cable. However, unless you want to buy true wireless earbuds, the cable is important for the durability and ease of use of your earbuds. There are models that come with a special anti-tangle cable, that lets you put the earbuds in your pocket without any worries. There are also earbuds with a detachable cable, as well as models that come with a durable plug that lets them last for long.


Design is not important for everyone, and it is always a matter of taste. There are earbuds under 50 dollars that look beautiful, and there are others that do not look so nice but still do the job. If the looks are important for you, you will probably need to do some more research in this price range. Fortunately, there are many models that come in different colour options, so that you can get at least a colour that you like. Moreover, there are specific models with an ergonomic design that doesn’t allow the earbuds to fall from your ears easily.

Wireless or wired

The technology has advanced, and now wireless earbuds are also available for under 50 dollars. Choosing between wired or wireless earbuds is no easy thing, and you should pay attention to both the advantages and drawbacks of each option. Wireless earbuds might be more comfortable as you get rid of a tangling wire, but you should pay attention at their battery life: if you do long trips daily then maybe they are not the best option. On the other hand, wired earbuds will never power off, but they are not that comfortable if you like to exercise while listening to your favorite songs.


I find extra accessories always useful, especially when they are included in the package. In this case, they allow me to save money because I don’t have to buy them separately. Such useful accessories include different sizes of eartips that allow for more comfortable and snug fit, carrying cases that add to portability as well as small things such as cable clips, shirt clips, adapters and micro USB cables that usually prove very necessary if you don’t already have them.

Build quality

Build quality is often the biggest problem with earbuds in this price range. It is true that nobody expects that a pair of inexpensive earbuds will last forever, especially if you mistreat them a lot. On the other hand, better build quality lets the earbuds last longer and saves you money from buying new ones. The materials that have been used to manufacture each model are different, and they are the most obvious indicators about the build quality of the earbuds. As a rule of thumb, aluminium and metal last longer than plastic, while L-shaped plugs are more durable.


There are many earbuds under 50 dollars that don’t include any controls: you need to control the volume and the skipping of tracks through your device. If you don’t mind doing so, you can skip this category, but if you do activities such as running or hiking while listening to music, you might want to take into consideration the models that come with built-in controls. Many wired earbuds feature in-line controls on their cord that let you control the volume and jump to the next track, or alternatively come with a single button for play and pause. There are also certain models of wireless earbuds that feature incorporated touch controls, which is surprising in this price range.

Extra features

Certain models come with extra features that don’t fall in any of the previously mentioned categories. Waterproof certification is an example: there are models under $50 that are quite waterproof, which makes them perfect for every outdoor condition. There are also models with a sweatproof design that are highly recommended to those who like to do physical exercise while listening to music. Moreover, many models also incorporate a microphone (usually placed in the in-line remote) that lets you take calls on your smartphone.


Listening to music on the go has been a favorite habit of many people since the Walkman first came out. Years later, the mp3 players and iPods were purchased by millions of people around the world who enjoyed listening to music outside the house. The rise in popularity of those devices also increased the production of different earbud models.