Facebook Private Video Downloader Online - These are the following steps using which you can download private videos with the help of Facebook private videos downloader

How to download Facebook Private Videos

This method works in both mobile and computer, but to ensure that you are able to download any private Facebook video, please use it on computer and follow all steps.

There are so many videos on Facebook which are not available for public viewing. Those video's privacy setting has been set to 'Private'. Private videos can be seen by either the owner or those with whom video's owner have shared it or allowed them for viewing. Generally this private video feature is useful in protecting the privacy of the user. Due to the private nature of the video, these cannot be downloaded simply via URL of the video, rather it require the source code of the video page or changing the privacy setting of the video.

Depending upon the following conditions, different mehtod will be involved to download the video:

Are you the owner of the video?

If yes then you can make the video 'public' by changing it's privacy setting from Private → Public. Learn more here about changing the privacy settings of the video.
After changing the privacy setting to 'Public', you can simply download video by pasting the video URL here.
If you don't want to change the privacy settings then still you can download video by following the second method.

Can you see the video? Is the video of your friend's? Is the video shared with you?

If the answer to above question is YES then you can download the video by following below method. (It is the same method which have been explained on the top of this page):

Go to the private video page you want to download,

Press CTRL + U to view the page source,

Copy and Paste the page source in the input box and click on the 'Download' button.

Does Facebook Video Downloader work on mobile devices?

YES, you can download facebook videos on your smartphone using our Online Video Downloader. On Android devices use our service as facebook video downloader for chrome browser. To download facebook video to ihpone, with suggest to use our online video downloader with file manager, like Turbo File Manager. With this app you will save facebook video to camera roll.

Download Private Video From Facebook

Facebook Private Video Downloader is an online video downloader which helps you to download private facebook videos online. You can download any facebook video using private Facebook video downloader. FB private video downloader downloads private videos in MP4 format in HD quality. It is a fast and easy to use private fb downloader. Please watch a 50 seconds video on how to download private Facebook videos.

Facebook Private Video Downloader

What is private Facebook video?

If you are unable to download a facebook video using normal Facebook video downloader, then it is a private video.
In technical words, privacy of some videos is set as private by the owner of the videos. Which means if you are able to see a video on your Facebook timeline, someone else might not be able to see the same video, due to the privacy settings.

Can I download any Facebook video using private FB downloader?

Yes, you can download any Facebook video using this Facebook private video downloader. If you are not sure if the facebook video is public or private, just follow the instructions mentioned above and download

Why I'm unable to download facebook video using private video downloader?

You might not be following correct steps to download private video. Or there might not be video links in the HTML code you are submitting. Please watch this video which shows step by step instruction to download private facebook videos.

Is it necessary to follow all the steps mentioned above?

Yes, you should follow each and every step carefully to download private facebook video.

In which format private Facebook videos gets downloaded?

All the facebook videos are in MP4 format.

Private Facebook Video Downloader

videos which are not accessible with the direct downloader the best option is to use our Vidsaver chrome extension

Maybe you want to download private videos online without any extension or app, Follow along

Go to the facebook video page

Right click and open View Page Source

Copy Page Source

Paste it in our Private video downloader

Select quality and Click Download!

Facebook has become a never ending need as of now. How air, water and food is important for us, Facebook has also taken a very significant place in everyone’s life. As Facebook is upgrading its applications almost every day to fit into everyone’s need and desires. We can see how Facebook has developed and modified so much over the time. We can make friends everywhere from world, share pictures and videos, send messages, you can even video call your friend sitting in Germany and you being in California, you can find out nearby events to participate and what not! When Facebook has so much to give you therefore it has become so difficult to live without it.

With plenty of events happening around the world, Facebook never misses to keep you updated with the affairs taking place across the globe. When you see exciting videos uploaded on Facebook, the next thought which comes to your mind is to capture. The download of Facebook private videos is no more a tough game. With Facebook private video downloader you can download as many Facebook private videos you want. Downloading private videos on Facebook was never this easy before but now this a child’s play, anyone can do it.

Now have a look at how you can download private videos on Facebook. What is a Private Facebook Video and what is a Public Facebook video? A private Facebook Video is a protected video which everyone cannot watch unlike a public Facebook video. The unloader who uploads the videos on Facebook set certain videos has ‘private’ and certain videos as ‘public’. You can access and download the public videos just by it URLs whereas as you cannot access and download the private videos just by its URLs. But we have simplified and sorted your work and your intense research on how to download private videos on Facebook. We made your work much easier and now following the given below steps you can download as many private Facebook videos you want and wherever you want.

Facebook saves their video in their private servers. It is hosted in the cloud. People cannot access videos withour the required permission.

Facebook Video Downloader Private

Now you will be given two options of High Definition (HD) videos and Standard Definition (SD) to download private Facebook videos. The HD view of private Facebook videos offer you high definition and high quality pictures whereas SD view of private Facebook videos offer you not so high quality view. If you get stuck while downloading Facebook private videos, then you may let us know your doubts and queries by commenting in the comment box.

Now, you must be really excited to follow the above given steps to download private videos on Facebook. Put a stop over your long wait as you were searching for ‘How to download private videos on Facebook’. Now you can fill your system’s entire storage with Facebook’s Private videos. You can follow these steps to download private faceook videos and download as many videos you want in few clicks and taps. Facebook private video downloader supports all the operating systems. So need not panic yourself if you are using Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Life will definitely become better with Facebook Private Video Downloader, you just have to try it once!

Download Private Facebook Videos

Open page with private Facebook video which you want to download

Right click and choose “View Page Source” or just press CTRL+U on your keyboard

Select the whole code by pressing CTRL+A and then copy it by pressing CTRL+C

paste that code by pressing CTRL+V in the box at the top of this page

Click "Download" button and wait a little bit for download to be completed