Facebook Video Ripper - For you who are fans of Facebook and want to rip some funny videos from Facebook, you may have encountered Facebook video download problems. There is no direct option to rip videos to your computer and enjoy them anytime. This article will show you how to rip Facebook video easily and directly.

Rip Video From Facebook

Q: I just want to rip some videos of mine off Facebook because my hard drive got wiped. I've been trying for days and just can't figure it out. Is this even possible to rip Facebook video? Please help me.

A: Yes, you can certainly do it! Facebook allows you to re-download the videos in HD or SD uploaded by yourself. And if you don’t know how to re-download the videos that have already deleted or lost by accident on your hard drive, here are some great different ways to rip video from Facebook.

Step 1. Go to your Facebook profile page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php

Step 2. Click and expand More drop-down list under cover photo and select Videos.

Step 3. Place your mouse over the video you want to download, and the “Edit or Remove” button will appear in the top right corner of the video. Click on it.

Step 4. Next, choose to download video in HD or SD standard. Note that the Download HD option is only available if the video is created in HD quality. If not, only Download SD option is available.

Step 5. Then, a new window will pop up to play the video. You can download it by clicking the “Download” button in the lower right corner of the video. If not, right click on the video and select “Save Video As”.

Ripping Video From Facebook

However, for videos uploaded by others, you must have the aid of third-party tools. Here are the three simplest and most common methods.

Step 1: Launch the Ripper to Rip Facebook Video

Launch the software and open Downloader. Click “New Download” and you will see the “New Download” window.

Step 2: Paste the Target Facebook URL into the URL Box and Analyze It

To rip video from Facebook, visit Facebook website to find the video you like, copy the URL and go back to the downloader. Press "Paste and Analyze" button for video analyzing.

Step 3: Click on “Download” to Start Ripping Facebook Video

After the URL analysis is done, you will see the list of all the resolutions and formats that you can download for the video. Choose the desired one and click OK to add the download task. Specify a destination folder to save the downloaded video files. Finally, click on “Download All” button to start Facebook video rip.

Step 1. Play the Facebook video you want to rip, you will find the URL on the browser is https://www.facebook.com/XXXX/videos/XXXXX, such as https://www.facebook.com/mancity/videos/287357269071017/.

Step 2. Change “www” to “mbasic”, such as https://mbasic.facebook.com/mancity/videos/287357269071017/, and hit enter.

Step 3. On the new page, clicking on the video will bring up a new playback window, right click on the video and select “Save Video As”.

Certainly, there are many online tools for ripping or downloading Facebook videos. Here are 2 of popular and useful online tools.

The steps of using online rippers to rip Facebook video are similar. Let's have a look at how to download Facebook video with Downloadvideosfrom.

Step 1. Copy the Facebook video URL and paste it into “Enter Facebook URL” box.

Step 2. Click “Enter”, and then choose the format options to starts ripping videos to your computer. When you use it next time, just paste URL and click “Enter”, it will download videos in the format your selected last time. Note that some pop-up ads may appear.