Fb Video Downloader - Downloading Videos from Facebook is Easy. Use our best online tool to download videos from Facebook. You can download and save your favourite Facebook videos online and watch them whenever you want even if you do not have internet access. This tool works with all types of devices which have web browser. All videos are downloaded in MP4 format because Facebook save them in MP4 format.

To download videos from Facebook all you need is to enter URL of the video you want to download and click or tap on download button. It will fetch that URL and will show you thumbnail, title and description of that video with buttons to download video in HD or SD quality. Download in HD will only be available if that video is uploaded in HD quality.

FB video downloader online HD as MP4

Fb Video Downloader is an a free online tool to convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) files and save them on your device - this tools can save videos on computers, tablets and mobile devices [ Android Devices and iOS iPhone,iPad and iPod.

FB Videos Downloader

Fb Video Downloader is a tool to save any video on Facebook to your device's memory. If you want to enjoy something with no need to eat up your data allowance every time it streams, just download it with a click to view whenever you like.

To make use of Fb Video Downloader you first have to log in on Facebook and then browse around the network as if you were using the official app. When you see a video you like and want to keep just tap and out pops a menu where you can play or download it straightaway.

FB Downloader

It is really a complicated task to find the right FB Downloader for the Android platform because one needs to run deep analysis over so many features. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and people love to watch as well as download videos from this source. Statistics reveal that there are larger numbers of Android users as compared to iOS users and this is why most of the operating systems these days are designed on Android OS. If you are a crazy video lover and want to multiply the fun hours by downloading various videos from Facebook then you must have an idea about which software tool can assist you in easy downloading. Below are few details about top-rated application for android users, you can select any of these for great results.

FB Video Converter

It downloads all types of Facebook video files quickly on your android powered tablet or smartphone. It is capable enough to detect links from the browser automatically so users need not copy or paste them.

This application generates task queues and applies priority to them. It ensures downloading of important tasks first and priorities can be adjusted by the user as per need.

Large files are downloaded in small chunks so that downloading speed can be maintained.

Links for videos are required to be added manually as most of the videos are geographically restricted so few users may find this task annoying

Buffer size is not appropriate.

Download a FB Video

This tool has received a higher rating from users due to its well-organized platform and its ability to download all file types to phone. It is designed with multi-threaded technology that makes every download process quicker.

This application allows users to download multiple files at a time with faster speed.

You can receive your desired Facebook videos on your device within a fraction of seconds.

Users have reported its sudden freeze issue, this bug demands attention and some improvement.

Download Videos From FB

This application has been designed by well-trained professionals and it has revolutionized the download process with impressive results. It allows easy downloading from hundreds of websites including your all-time favorite Facebook.

This application allows users to download images, documents, and other media files with ease.

This platform is being updated day by day with extended support to all new file formats so that users can enjoy unrestricted downloads.

This app is quite heavier hence it drains smartphone battery too fast.

Crashes are common on this platform.

FB Video Save

Here is a leading service provider with all exciting features and wide site support. It supports many popular media file formats and also supports video streaming with easy content management.

Users can also download documents and images along with videos using this application.

It offers wide site support so that users can enjoy video downloading without restriction.

Lots of annoying ads and even the ad blocker app creates conflicts during usage.

Users cannot define download location on this app, this is the biggest mess

FAQ about Fb Videos Downloader

Fb Video Downloader is one of the best tools available online for downloading and saving Facebook Videos on your computers, tablets and mobile devices, beside from the app that let you save Facebook videos on your mobile phones. What makes this website easy and fast way to download videos from Facebook anytime, is the ability to choose the video's quality when before downloading.

How can I download videos from facebook?

1. Copy FB Video URL
2. Paste the URL in a field above
3. Click “Download” button to Save.

Where are Facebook videos saved?

When you’re downloading files, they are usually saved into downloads folder on your computer, your browser normally sets this folder for you. Unless you can change the settings and choose manually the destination folder for your downloaded Facebook videos.

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Fb Video Downloader can download live videos once streaming is done, you can easily save live FB videos to your device

Does “iLoader: Video downloader for Facebook” store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos ?

Fb Video Downloader doesn’t store videos. Neither do we keep copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. Also, we don’t keep track of the download histories of our users, thus downloading videos