We have honestly made this SoundCloud converter as simple as can be. We support most of the popular SoundCloud Songs & SoundCloud Playlist so try out the Downloader and see it works for your favorite one.

    1. Search for the SoundCloud Songs or Playlist that you would like to Download


    1. Copy the link from that SoundCloud Song


    1. Paste the song link into our converter box


    1. Click Download button


    1. In a seconds, the conversion will complete and then click the download link to download


How to convert SoundCloud to mp3?

Here you can convert music from SoundCloud to mp3 quickly and easily. It supports the convert of a single song as well as playlists. Following is the step by step process for doing that.
Step 1: At first, open this website in the browser.
Step 2: copy the Soundcloud URL of a song or the URL of the playlist that you desire to have on your device.
Step 3: You will find a box here asking the URL. Paste the copied Soundcloud URL there.
Step 4: Afterward, click on the convert button present right beside the box.
Step 5: In a fraction of seconds, the link for converting the song or playlist will appear on your screen.
Step 6: Finally, click on the convert Button and song will be convert.

The advantage of The Soundcloud Converter

Many benefits make this website the best place to convert Soundcloud songs.

Soundcloud Playlist converter

If you need to convert the entire song playlists from SoundCloud then this is the best tool. You can literally convert the entire Soundcloud Playlist with over 500 songs within a second.

Completely free with unlimited converts

The best part of this Soundcloud Converter website is it’s entirely free of cost.  Also, you are free to convert as much as songs as you want. There are no restrictions on conversions and converts.

No need of registration

Unlike many websites, you don’t have to go through any lengthy process of registration and surveys. You can begin using the conversion and convert services as soon as you visit the site.

No extra software installation

You don’t have to install any software that kills your time as well as computing resources to convert from this website.  Your web browser is enough for enjoying the services.

Ultra-fast converting speed

On this website, you will get ultra-fast speed for converting soundcloud songs. In a matter of seconds, the convert link appears, and the whole process takes no time.

Safe and secure

Unlike many websites, this website doesn’t follow any unethical practices. You can be assured for safe and secure converts. We value your privacy the most.

Supports all leading web browsers and platforms

It supports almost all the prominent web browsers across different platforms. You can convert via Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and many others. Also, it supports mobile, tablet, and computers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you convert a song from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud converter is a webapp to online convert SoundCloud tracks, songs, music in MP3 format. To convert SoundCloud mp3 track just paste its url/link in above text box and click on "convert" button. The Song will convert into your System.

How do you convert songs from SoundCloud to your computer?

To Convert SoundCloud To Mp3:
Once you've found what you want
copy the Soundcloud URL
Paste the URL in the box and press convert.
The converted mp3 will be available for convert.
Drag the mp3 file from the converts folder on your computer into iTunes or other mp3 device.

Can you convert a song from Soundcloud to your Iphone?

It is done through the SoundCloud Pro App and you need to pay for it. But by using ILOADER you can convert soundcloud songs completely for free!!.

Can you convert music from Sound Cloud for free?

To convert SoundCloud mp3 track just paste its url/link in above text box and click on "convert" button.

Can you convert music from SoundCloud app?

Play the soundcloud song. Click the share button and in there you will able to see an option "Copy Link", click on that and open ILOADER and paste the soundcloud URL and click "convert" button!!

How do I convert Soundcloud tracks to my Iphone?

You must need "Free Music convert app" & in that Tap the Share button and Tap the convert button. To make this app a music player you can actually use, there's a playlist feature as well. You can add a song to a playlist using the Share button. Go to the Files section to view your converted songs.

How much does it cost to use Soundcloud?

SoundCloud Pro comes in two tiers: SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited.

How do you make an account on Soundcloud?

Go to www.soundcloud.com and click the orange “Sign-up” button on the top right corner of your screen.

Choose your favorite kinds of music and audio.

Verify your account.

Can you listen to music offline on Soundcloud?

To make individual playlists available for offline listening, open the playlist and click the save offline button next to the Likes button. You'll see how many tracks are left to save for offline listening in the orange progress bar on the bottom of your screen on iOS, or in the pull-down menu on Android.

Where the soundcloud songs will be saved after the convert?

It depends on the browser that you are using. For Instance, if you're using the Google Chrome browser then it stores all the converted files under "converts" folder on windows and mac. If you can't find the converted file then we suggest you to check the convert history by clicking "Ctrl + J"

Songs are playing instead on converting- Why?

First of all, This tool is highly compatible with Google chrome browser and We recommended you to update the browser to the Latest version. This Soundcloud converter online tool will works on Mozilla Firefox too. Not tested for IE browser. Right Click -> Save as... and choose the location you'd like to save the audio to.

Can we able to convert the soundcloud songs & playlist from Android mobile?

Yes, You can. This Soundcloud converter online tool is highly optimised for Mobile version (Powered by BootStrap). Enter the URL of the soundcloud songs or soundcloud playlist and then click convert. Few Seconds later the convert process will be initiated.

Can I convert Complete Playlits?

Yes, you can convert. Our team has designed the Soundcloud Playlist converter. By using this tool, you will be able to convert any playlist songs from the soundcloud

How does this soundcloud converter tool provide converts?

Actually this is not an official website of soundcloud & doesn't have any relation with Soundcloud. We are using the CDN of Soundcloud and by processing with heavy programs and codes, which creates the convert files of each mp3 or songs that are uploaded in Soundcloud

Does iloader store the data of Soundcloud songs and playlist that have been converted by the user?

No absolutely not. This Soundcloud converter has been encrypted with "Https" End to End Connection. No one can able to access the User Data. There is No chance of storing the songs that you been trying to convert because the songs or images are converted from Soundcloud CDN Networks.

What is Soundcloud converter Chrome Extension?

It is a simple chrome extension designed by our team, mainly focused to convert the soundcloud songs and playlist without accessing this Tool. The converting process will be very simple.

Is it possible to convert songs from SoundCloud?

Yes, it is possible to convert from Soundcloud via this web application. You will find the process above.

What file format it offers in converts?

We let you convert music in the most popular that is Soundcloud 320kbps format and almost all devices support it as well.

Is converting free or paid?

It is entirely free to convert from this website. You have to pay no charges for converting SoundCloud songs. Enjoy our free services.

Is it safe to convert Soundcloud to Mp3 from here?

Yes, it is safe to convert SoundCloud songs from here. The website uses cookies only to enhance the experience of users.

What would be the quality of converted Mp3 songs?

This website lets you convert the music at very high-quality mp3 which is 320kbps.

Does this website hosts songs?

No, this website doesn’t host any song. All the soundcloud converts function through their Official APIs.