Twitter Gif Downloader - In Order to download any gif from Twitter just go to the Twitter gif, copy the url of the gif page, paste the url in our site and click download. Our Twitter gif downloader will find the gif in the url and download it to your computer or phone. Enjoy your downloads!

When somebody uploads a GIF on, it's automatically converted to video and Twitter, while still calling it a GIF, technically is displaying a video file. That's why you can't simply right click a GIF posted on Twitter and click "Save image...", as you normally do on most other sites.

While this technique has some useful advantages (video files are usually smaller than GIFs and easyer to interact with), it can be annoying if you want to save or edit the image.

Our GIF editing tools are capable of handling Twitter links, so you can simply paste the tweet link in any of our tools, e.g. GIF optimizer, and it will download and display the video. You can then convert it back to .gif format with a single click and download it to your computer or continue editing with out tools.

Simply open the tweet, copy the URL from your browsers address bar, (it should look similar to this, just with a different user name and post number

Download videos, gifs, tweet photos, profile pictures, header banners, thumbnails, subtitles, color palettes, tags from Twitter.

Twitter video downloader is an online tool to download twitter videos & GIF which are embedded in tweets. Save any video and GIF from Twitter.

How to download videos from Twitter

Fretting about how to save twitter videos online and download GIF from twitter? Follow these three simple steps and happy downloading!

After logging in to your twitter account, click on the drop down arrow present on the top right corner of the video you want to download and select Copy link to tweet.

After the tweet url has been copied, right click your mouse to paste the url right here in the above text box and press Enter key.

Our Twitter video downloader will extract high quality MP4 video links, and you can choose to download whichever quality you want.

How to download Twitter videos with Chrome extension and Firefox add-on

? Sometimes we come across some highly creative videos on Twitter that we can't resist downloading. Saving the image is no problem. For videos, however, you may need a reliable twitter video downloader. The tool lets you download entire media libraries of accounts. Follow the next tutorial to use the best Twitter video downloader to save video and GIF from Twitter. Let’s go!

Open the Twitter website.

Play a video on Twitter.

Open the Website

Wait a few moments.

Click on the quality you want to download.

On the new tab, the file will automatically download and then save to your device.


After you open this tool, a piece of code will be executed in the current tab. This code is responsible for analyzing the json code and find the id of the tweet currently showing on the screen. Tweets that do not appear in the screen frame are ignored.

After finding the video id, the tool continues to send a request to Twitter to get the json data. The download button will then show up below each tweet and inside the tools window.

Things you can download from each tweet include videos, gifs, every image in the tweet, detachable subtitles. You can view and enlarge avatars and banners with the highest quality. Easily copy palettes and tags in tweets.

Note: This tool only supports downloading files hosted by Twitter. This extension does not grant access to every website, so users cannot download videos from tweets embedded on other websites.

Why Use a Twitter Video Downloader?

If the video is removed from Twitter, then you'll still be able to watch it.

All downloaded videos can be transferred to your smartphone to share easily.

Any of the videos that you download can be watched offline.

To view the video fully if it is lengthy and you do not have enough time.

You are able to create offline playlists for when you are traveling.