Youtube Songs Downloader - Right now you may be thinking how to go about downloading songs from youtube. And avoid reading this, am I right? It's truly very easy to do so using our website. After you've tried it once, you'll see that, and will never need to look for another website to do this job.

Youtube Download Song

YouTube Music is a new music app that allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new music. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes, and what’s trending around you.

We created this website with 1 single idea in mind: download music from youtube! Users want quick clean downloads without popups or distractions. And that's exactly what we're offering here: fast, friendly, free Youtube Songs Downloader online, that will do exactly what any other Songs converter does, only without all that commercialized annoying money-making side of things.

When every click creates a distracting popup, when work-inappropriate fullscreen images show up and you don't know what to do... No! Our website is clean, nice and user friendly. We also use https secure browsing to make sure there's no trail left from your visit.

We really want you to come back again and again. Make us your goto site to download Songs from youtube. Only through trust with repeat visitations will we be able to be the best. Super-long website name won't be of any help there, that's for sure.

How to download Songs from Youtube?

For first time users, here's a detailed guide on the 4 steps listed in the quick hello-infographic above.

Open video you'd like to download from youtube in any internet browser. Video can even be embedded somewhere on an unrelated website, as long as you can copy its link, it doesn't matter.

Copy video link into clipboard, below are the detailed instructions on several situations you might experience. Once video link is located and copied into clipvoard, proceed to next step...

Open iLoader in a new tab and paste video link in the white box. Right Click the box, select Paste. Or Left Click the box & press CTRL+C to paste. Youtube Songs Downloader is the best tool to download songs.

Your're almost there! Now hit the red GO button to go to download screen, where you will find 2 songs download buttons, red and green. Both do same thing, in case 1 doesn't work.

Hit the green button, or the Red one.. Download will start automatically once mp3 conversion is complete. If it doesn't, - right-click the download button, select Save Link As form the menu.

YouTube Song Downloader

Download music and videos

Simply enter the artist or song title in the search box and you'll get great results from the YouTube portal. Afterwards, you can download the video or songs file

Album search

The albums search helps you to find a complete album for free on YouTube.

YouTube Converter with Top quality

The YouTube Song Downloader loads automatically the version with the best quality of each download and adjust the volume over all songs.

How to find & copy Youtube video link?

In general, that's quite easy. Read what Google thinks about finding Youtube Video Link. Otherwise here's what we recommend to the best of our experience.. All instructions below assume that you either have video open in a separate browser window, or at least you have youtube video grid table in front of you, and one of the videos you see in that table is the one you want. This is a more detailed situational section with examples you might find useful that illustrate step 2 more plainly, the step where we need to copy Youtube video link. Here is how to use youtube songs downloader.

In any Internet Browser using mouse: Right Click on browser address bar. This will usually select the text in the address bar, and open Context Menu, where you can find an option, something like "Copy". If text is not selected, first use "Select All" option, then Right-Click again and now go for "Copy".

Internet Browser + keyboard: press F6 (or Alt+D, or CTRL+L) to focus on Browser address bar. Press CTRL+A to select text. Press CTRL+C to Copy Video Link.

Internet Browser + Share button: on any Youtube video find the standard Share button, usually located right below the video box. In the popup menu find COPY button, click it and it will copy the link into computer's Clipboard.

Internet Browser + mouse + video grid: if you are in the video grid with many videos listed, simply Right-Click on any video or video title, and in the menu select "Copy Link Address". This applies any time you are browsing youtube and seeing any random video anywhere on their website suggested or viewed or what not..

Video Embed (yes, Internet Browser again): usually any Youtube video you'll find embedded outsite of Youtube's website will have a menu when you bring mouse over it, in that menu simply click Youtube icon and it'll send you to that video on Youtube, resuming where you left it off on that other website. Use any of the methods above to retrieve video link from Browser Address Bar. Or you could right click on the video, and select "Copy Video URL", which nowadays automatically places video link into your computer clipboard. Only some sites don't want you to leave, so they might try to hide the video link.. So if one method doesn't work, use the other one..

How to download Songs Videos?

Yes, it's perfectly safe. While we're using third-party youtube to songs converter buttons, we've taken multiple extra steps to prevent those buttons from creating any popups or trying to push anything upon you but the youtubemp3 file. You can easily download songs with Youtube Songs Downloader.

To download songs file, first you need to take steps 1 thru 3, where you find Youtube Video link, copy it into clipboard, open our website, paste link into the white box and hit big red GO button. Now you see a new screen with your video's thumbnail and 2 big buttons next to it - green and red. Each button will also say the name of the video you're downloading to confirm they are doing the right thing. Now simply pick the button you like better, and click/tap it. Button will show indicator of work being done, something like "Converting...". Please, give it 10-15sec, no more clicks needed, just wait and music download from youtube will begin shortly. Both buttons will do exactly same thing, but since we cannot ensure that both will function at all times, we've decided to put 2 download buttons. If one doesn't work, the other one will be there to help.

Where to find Songs file I downloaded?

Generally this depends on the Operating System installed on your device. But, it only matters if you are trying to locate the downloaded songs file via standard system tools, like File Explorer in windows. To avoid this process, simply open Browser Downloads while in the browser. You did use a browser to access DMFY in first place, in fact, you're in that browser right now! =) Surprise! =) Jokes aside, simply open browser menu. Find the buttons that usually looks like this  and click it (or tap it, in this case it doesn't matter what system or device you're using, since you're accessing browser's inside features like file downloader, it will look always same way to ensure your comfort and seamless switching between devices, etc, etc. In the menu that opens, select Downloads and you will see your mp3 file on top of the list. Also in desktop browser versions you can use CTRL+J shortcut to quickly access downloads. Best way to download songs is with Youtube Songs Downloader.

How to play downloaded file?

Do you really need to know or are you just messing with us? Cause if you need to know, there's million resources on how to enjoy music properly on your device. There's even a pre-installed mp3 player on most of devices and OS-es these days.. Just look around, do a search, you'll find it.. It is also generally enough to tap/double-click the mp3 and it will start playing.

Why download music from Youtube?

We'll tell you why, we have 3 dozen reasons, to be specific. But let us just go over the major ones. Like commercialism of Youtube, for example. So many ads, so little time to see them all.. There's also this thing called bandwidth (data transfer, limited on most mobile devices and plans), so to save on that, you end up downloading 1 mp3 and listening to it 100 times, rather than streaming (a.k.a. downloading) video 100 times to listen to music 100 times.. Even if your settings are to use lowest video quality possible, it's still 10 times the size of the mp3. And so total data usage when music is downloaded from youtube online as mp3 is 1000 times smaller than data usage on the second scenario, where video is used for songs. Do you see where I'm going? Do you need more reasons? As for legality of these actions, please, remember: as long as you do not share downloaded mp3, noone will even know you downloaded music from youtube, as long as you don't tell.. But do tell your friends and trusted companions about our site though, right? Cheers!! Here is the whole process of songs downloading with Youtube Songs Downloader.

How to download Youtube Songs Playlist?

Very easy, to be for real .. Yes, try our site, it works great with youtube playlist. The flow is exactly the same: find playlist on youtube, open it, copy URL link from browser address bar or youtube Share button, come here, paste URL into the box and hit GO. If all is well with the link, in a few moments our site will show you the list of tracks in the playlist. After that downloading youtube playlist becomes a simple matter of clicking or tapping.. CTRL + Left-Click on any video title will open new browser tab where you will see familiar green and red buttons. This way download music from youtube playlist becomes a tasty piece a cake! =) Very few sites can actually boast youtube playlist downloads

We would also like to state that this website is in no way associated with youtube or its affiliates. Please, do not use this site to procure music for your personal gain, better yet, do not download any music from youtube, and support your favorite artists by buying their music. But in times when that awesome track from 70-s isn't anywhere in music stores, remember, it is most likely on youtube, just search and you will find it.

Music lovers know YouTube contains quite nearly every official music video ever produced. There are also countless concert recordings, rare bootleg recordings, promo videos, and recordings of obscure bands. No matter one’s taste in music, YouTube has some video to satisfy it. The free Windows program, YouTube Song Downloader, finds previously searched-for videos and downloads them to your hard drive. If the user only wants the songs, not the video, the songs track can be extracted and saved in MP3 format. YouTube Song Downloader is exceptionally easy to operate. You can download songs from youtube and dailymotion with our Youtube Songs Downloader.

Search for songs, artists, or even whole albums: the program will list all matching results. Getting songs from YouTube or Vevo it was never so easy! Have you asked yourself how can I save songs tracks in High Quality for free as Mp3