Best 60 Percent keyboard for Gaming

Best 60 Percent keyboard for Gaming – A good quality keyboard will make gaming enjoyable. So, whether you are going for a mechanical, ergonomic, or budget keyboard, make sure you choose the right one. Get a keyboard that can offer good value for the money.

The market is awash with tons of crappy 60% keyboards for gaming, so you better be careful when choosing a keyboard to use. However, we have managed to handpick the best 60% keyboards for the money. These keyboards are also ideal for beginners, intermediate, and pro gamers. Just go through the list and make your choice with the information provided.

We looked at a ton of 60% mechanical keyboards and picked out our top three. We have spent the last few weeks testing out all of these keyboards so we could put this list together for you.

Our favorite keyboards include the Ducky One 2 Mini, Royal Kludge RK61, and the Durgod HK Venus.


You’ll find plenty of enthusiasts — many of whom enjoy building their own keyboards — using Ducky keyboards. It’s also one of our top picks for best mechanical keyboards and best keyboards.


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7.Redragon K552

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8.Ractous RTK61

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9.HyperX Alloy

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10.Cooler Master

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Best 60 Percent keyboard for Gaming – BUYER’S GUIDE

1. Your budget-size

Your budget-size is the first thing you should consider. There are tons of 60 percent ergonomic boards out there with different price points. However, whatever you are buying has to be of good value.

The simple logic you can apply to find the right ergonomic keyboard for your budget is to compare the prices and features of various keyboards. Pay attention to their respective features. With that, you will be able to identify the one that best suits your budget and needs.

2. Compatibility

Before you splash the cash on that ergonomic keyboard of choice, find out if it’s compatible with the device you have. If you are using a PC, PlayStation, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, or iPad, make sure you are confident that you can connect the keyboard to your device before buying. Otherwise, you may have to spend extra money to get a compatible device, something that’s not in your budget plan.

3. Design

Technological advancement in 60% ergonomic keyboards is evident in the latest crop of products we have in the market these days. You will find keyboards with split design, which is a noteworthy innovation. But take note, it is not all split keyboards that you can separate to your shoulder length. Also, not all ergonomic keyboards have a split design.

Now, you have a tough choice to make. But split design or not, make sure you settle for a keyboard that won’t cause you to develop a wrist pain problem after prolonged usage.

Also, most ergonomic keyboards these days, come with accessories like cushioned palm support and zero-degree slope design for added comfort.


Not everyone needs a numpad. Not everyone requires a cluster of navigation keys. If you’re collecting dust on a portion of your keyboard, it may be time for you to consider a 60% keyboard. Here are our favorite compact typing peripherals.