Best Backlit keyboard for Mac

Best Backlit keyboard for Mac – A self-illuminating keyboard is everyone’s dream for those times that demand its use. You never know when the lights will flicker, and a deadline is fast approaching. You might be that gamer who prefers playing in a dark environment, or you carried work home and do not want to wake your family up with the lights. Such a keyboard will come in handy as it lights up every key for your convenience.

Whether you are the editor of a busy newsroom, an office trainer taking entrants through an induction session, or enjoying game time, a backlit wireless keyboard is your ultimate accessory. Take your time through your programming sessions in a darker room with such a keyboard and the experience will be fantastic.


Add the wireless state of the keyboard, and you have a reliable companion. Remember you do not have to carry your desktop or laptop all around the room finding a better position. For a gamer, you can have your best moment sitting on the settee while the monitor is across the room.


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2.WENWELL Keyboard

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3.Satechi Keyboard

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4.COOSKIN TPU Keyboard

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5.Apple Smart Keyboard

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6.Corsair K63

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7.Matias FK418BTS

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8.Keychron K4

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10.Redragon K552

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Best Backlit keyboard for Mac – BUYER’S GUIDE

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When it comes to keyboards, size matters. Are you planning on using yours primarily at your desk or will you take it to coffee shops with you? If you need a portable keyboard, there are still great full-size options but do keep size in mind when deciding which one you want.

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What kind of computer will you be using with your keyboard? While it seems like all keyboards should be compatible with both Macs and PCs, this isn’t true. Windows and Mac keyboards also have slightly different layouts; if you’re shopping for a Mac computer keyboard, it’s best to get one specifically tailored to that OS.

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There are all types of keyboards out there, so think about how you intend to use yours. Office-focused keyboards should be ergonomic, while gamers have different concerns. However, if you’re going to be using your keyboard for everything, it’s best to find a multi-purpose model that’ll work as well for typing emails as it will for everything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will every keyboard work with my Mac?

Technically yes. That is, any keyboard you might have at hand can be connected to a Mac and made operational in its basic set of features. This means that you will be able to type characters, use most of the function buttons, and so on.

What you might not be able to do, however, is use some of the more advanced features, like dimming the screen, controlling the volume, and so on.

Will a PC keyboard work on a Mac?

This is basically the same question as the one above. But there’s some nuance here.

Again, the short answer is yes; it will work.

But! The caveat is that you don’t have the native Mac keycap prints on some of the keys. Most notably, there’s no CMD key (you have the Windows key instead). The function keys also don’t have the Mac labels for the Mission Control, Launchpad, screen brightness, and other things.

Do Macs work with Bluetooth keyboards?

Yes. All modern Macs have the Bluetooth module, and they will communicate with every Bluetooth-enabled keyboard in the market.


In this article we talk about backlit wireless keyboards. These keyboards are wireless and have backlit keys together. With backlit keys you are able to work in dark or dim light surroundings whereas wireless connectivity allows you to get free of all wires. Wireless keyboards mostly use bluetooth and are battery powered. Its important to note that backlight also consumes battery. So a wireless bluetooth keyboard would consume slightly more power compared to usual wireless keyboards that do not have backlit keys.