Best Bluetooth keyboard for Android

Best Bluetooth keyboard for Android – I hope this list makes sense, it will help to choose your  tablet keyboard according to your budget.

I’ve researched around 30 best seller products to prepare this list. All of the product listed here justifies their respective price range and features.

If you’ve any better product in your mint, please let us know, we’ll consider including it after a through review.

Many of the picks on this list come in several different colors. Whether you want to keep things classic and professional or add a dash of fun, you can find a keyboard for your Android device that suits your style. A handful of the picks on this list also have backlighting, which is fun if you’re using the keyboard in the dark and enjoy a bit of whimsy.


No matter what you need an Android keyboard for these days, having a reliable keyboard that is easy to use is an absolute priority. So be sure to check out the best keyboards for Android available today.

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1.Logitech K380

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Pros & Cons

3.OMOTON iPad Keyboard

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4.Fosmon Mini Keyboard

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5.Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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6.Apple Smart Keyboard

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7.Redragon K552

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8.DGG K60 61

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9.Samsers Keyboard

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10.iClever BK05

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Best Bluetooth keyboard for Android – BUYER’S GUIDE


This is the most important thing that you have to consider when you are buying a Bluetooth keyboard. If the keyboard is not compatible with your device then it will fail to work. So, before you buy any wireless keyboard, make sure that it is compatible with the device that you have. You can check their descriptions or specifications to know what the devices that are compatible with it are.

Battery type

The next thing that you have to consider is the type of battery. Of course, the batteries play a major role in this keyboard. Since it is wireless and it uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect, it uses a lot of battery power to do that. You need to ensure that the battery lasts for at least a few days before it drains with the backlit on. Make sure to choose the tablet keyboard with the best battery backup. Also, look for the batteries than can run more on power-saving mode and can be recharged easily.


Though this is secondary in nature but still if you are looking for a keyboard that is portable in nature, then you have to choose a sleek and compact design. Choosing the right design will help you carry the keyboard with you wherever you go. The majority of the wireless keyboards are designed with a compact body with ultra-slim and sleek design. This can be quite beneficial for you to carry the keyboard in your handbag whenever you are traveling.

Key placement

Of course, this is another point that you have to consider. When you are buying a keyboard for your tablet, you will want the keys that are low-profile ones and not the raised ones. The low profile flat keys can provide great convenience to type. Also, you have to look for keyboards with responsive keys. Make sure that all the functional keys are strategically placed on the keyboard so that it is convenient for you to operate them. Most importantly if the key placement or layout fits your OS.


This is one of the additional features that you can opt for. It depends on whether you need it or not. This is not something mandatory. But if you generally work in the dark or indoor where you need more light to see the keypad, then choosing an LED-backlit light can be the best way. You can choose any color for your backlit based on your choices and preferences.


Of course, if you are choosing a portable keyboard it is important to choose something which is light in weight. There is no need to carry the extra weight in your bag along with your tablet. You have to make sure that the keyboard is sleek enough and lightweight to be carried easily in your handbag while you are on the go.


The last but not the least, you have to choose a keyboard for a reasonable price. Investing money in a quality product is a good idea but there is no such rule as more expensive means better performance. You have to choose the best quality keypad at the best possible price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mechanical vs. Membrane Keyboards?

There are various classifications of keyboards based on how they register the key presses. Still, Mechanical and Membrane are the dominant two. Most probably, you have been using the membrane keyboard since it is the most popular

It is made up of rubber layers and a conductive pad where the characters are printed. Once you press a particular key, the conductive pad detects the pressure and registers the key. Membrane keyboards press down effortlessly, but they lack tactile feedback. You don’t feel the keys being pressed down, and you may have a hard time acknowledging when a press is registered. But they are considerably cheap and may still work when you are operating at a budget. These keyboards do not make typing noises, but depending on the individual, this might be a good or a bad thing. Personally, I like to hear my keyboard rumble as I type.

Which is why I recommend mechanical keyboards as the best-suited keyboard for programmers. These use switches to send the signals, which results in quicker response time and more accuracy. You are always sure when a keypress register.

However, there are three main types of switches represented by different colour codes, and each performs differently. People respond differently to the colour codes, but here is a rundown for each so that you have a better understanding. Most programmers I know prefer either Tactile or clicky. The categories can further be split into light and heavy switches, depending on the force that’s applied to them. Check the table below.


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse enables you to eliminate wires to make your workstation clean and comfortable for work. Wireless computer peripherals can be easily connected to PC via USB port with the help of receivers. If you use a combo of keyboard and mouse, you will only need one dongle for the connectivity.

There are many Wireless Mouse and Keyboards that have a wide variety of features and advantages. Therefore, it is difficult to select the right one. Following is a handpicked list of Top Wireless Keyboard Mouse. The list contains a detailed description of the keyboard and mouse with their pros and cons.