Best Bluetooth keyboard for ipad Mini

Best Bluetooth keyboard for ipad Mini – Before buying a Bluetooth keyboard for ipad mini , remember that any keyboards designed for use with Microsoft Windows won’t always support Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts and commands, and in the case of some mechanical keyboards, require software that’s not available for the Mac to access certain functions. To ensure you’re buying a wireless keyboard designed for Apple’s MacOS and iOS software, all the keyboards we’ve recommended are compatible with your iPad.

If your iPad is already safely inside a case, preferably one that doubles as a stand, you may not want to splash out for another case just to add a keyboard. The good news is you don’t have to.


The iPad’s  mini Bluetooth connection will happily link up to any Apple wireless keyboard and the Apple Magic Trackpad too, or many other non-Apple keyboards provided it’s running iPadOS 13.4 or later, giving you an alternative to one of the combined options.


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2.AGPTEK Keyboard

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4.Apple Magic Keyboard

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5.Snugg iPad Pro 12.9

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6.SPARIN Bluetooth Keyboard

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7.ZAGG Keyboard

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8.OMOTON Keyboard

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9.Digital Gadgets Keyboard

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10.Belkin QODE

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Best Bluetooth keyboard for ipad Mini – BUYER’S GUIDE

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Although Apple iPad features numerous advantages, its on-screen keyboard isn’t the most convenient thing. Frankly speaking, it is a weakness of all tablets. If you need an iPad for work, you should definitely get an external keyboard.

It will greatly enhance your productivity since your tablet will be transformed into a laptop. Nowadays, there are numerous options to choose from so you will easily find the best iPad mini keyboard.

You may buy a standard add-on Bluetooth keyboard, like Apple’s own $79 wireless keyboard, or some better option, for example, a combination case/stand/keyboard that will protect your tablet and make watching videos more enjoyable.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Form Factor

There are various options available on the market so you can easily find the keypad for iPad mini to satisfy your particular purposes. It may be a thin and flexible case or sturdy and substantial one; it’s up to you what to choose.

An external keyboard is a must-have for people who type a lot since it is more convenient and frees up valuable space on the screen. Moreover, such keyboards usually feature iPad-specific function keys such as Cut, Copy and Paste, as well as Home and Search keys.

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Taking into account the fact that not all users switched to the latest iPad Air or Mini, I have also reviewed the keyboards suitable for older iPad models. Some of them are developed for specific iPad versions, like iPad 2, third-generation iPad or fourth-generation iPad, but they are very similar in size. If you are a lucky owner of iPad Air or iPad mini, check whether the keyboard case you are considering is suitable for your model because the one developed for older versions will not fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is iPad mini compatible with a keyboard?

Unlike iPad Air, the iPad Mini doesn’t support a Smart Keyboard. If you need a keyboard cover or keypad for iPad mini, consider Snugg’s Bluetooth keyboard case.

 Can an iPad replace a laptop?

Mind that any application you use on your Windows PC or Mac should be replaced with an analogous version for iPad. iPad Pro is capable of doing it but Apple still needs to make a version for the latest heavyweight tablet. Moreover, one more weakness of the iPad is the storage space.

 Can all iPads use keyboards?

In general, all iPad versions are compatible with Bluetooth keyboards, including Apple’s own Magic Keyboard.

 Do you need a computer if you have an iPad?

Of course, even if you have an iPad, you need a computer. The main reason why many users don’t get rid of their computers is that iPad can’t run Windows or Mac software. Thus, they can’t access the most popular games.


An iPad mini isn’t the device to use with regular keyboards. The thing is that an iPad mini keyboard should be narrower than a tablet itself and that is quite small. Users that type much are not likely to appreciate such keyboards.

However, some options on the market guarantee a convenient typing experience. Some brands developed keyboard designs that feature full-sized keys and can be used with an iPad mini.