Best keyboard for Raspberry Pi 3

Best keyboard for Raspberry Pi 3 – Overall, there are loads of Raspberry Pi keyboards on the market. Virtually any USB wired or wireless keyboard should work just fine with the Raspberry Pi. My go-to keyboards for the Raspberry Pi are the official Raspberry Pi Foundation red and white keyboard for desktop use, or the Rii i8+ for Kodi and RetroPie. That way, I’ve got a choice between a larger keyboard that’s suitable for desktop applications such as writing and editing, as well as a couch-friendly keyboard for HTPC purposes.

In this article, I have listed 5 of the best keyboards for Raspberry Pi. All these are wireless and all you need to do is plug-in the USB receiver into your computer in order to connect. Additionally, most of these keyboards include a handy touchpad. In general, these are some great keyboards: pick the one that suits your requirements!


Now that you have gone through this list. You won’t have a problem choosing the best Raspberry Pi compatible keyboards.

1.iPazzPort Wireless

Pros & Cons

2.Fosmon Mini

Pros & Cons

3.Rii 2.4GHz Mini Keyboard

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4.Logitech MK345

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5.Redragon S101

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6.Mini Wireless Keyboard

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8.ILEBYGO 2.4Ghz Mini

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9.Backlit Mini Keyboard

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10.ASHATA Keyboard

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Best keyboard for Raspberry Pi 3 – BUYER’S GUIDE

The keyboard for raspberry Pi 3 looks and fits your hands like a handheld controller, so you can grip it easily and firmly. Although it’s a mini keyboard, the ANEWKODI maintains the functions of a full keyboard.

It has all your favorite and essential buttons. The buttons are small though, and so if you have big fingers, you might press other buttons.

The mini wireless keyboard also comes with a mousepad located at the top middle, a keyboard mouse combo for Raspberry Pi, because you can easily reach it and control the cursor from there.

Battery life is amazing and long enough to last a week. A week of use and you have to recharge it.

And setting up the mini keyboard is easy to do. A plug and play set-up.

To sum it all up, the  is solid Raspberry Pi wireless keyboard. It also works great with other devices such as PS4, Xbox and laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Keyboard For Raspberry Pi?

No, you don’t need a keyboard for Raspberry Pi. You can have a Raspberry Pi set-up without a keyboard or mouse.

Here’s a guide that shows you how to set-up Raspberry Pi without a keyboard or monitor, having a keyboard makes things easier for you.


Finding the right keyboard for Raspberry Pi can be somewhat difficult.

In this article, we list the best keyboards for Raspberry Pi.