Best keyboard for Recording Music

Best keyboard for Recording Music – In my opinion, the best keyboard for your recording studio is a good MIDI controller. Workstations are more of a luxury than a necessity in most cases. Digital pianos are great for playing piano but offer less versatility.

MIDI controllers, in general, are cheaper than both alternatives. You don’t have to sacrifice sound quality because VST’s are so good now they are commonly used on hit records. You have lots of options from 25 keys to 88, velocity sensitive to hammer action, fully weighted keys.


With keyboards like the Arturia Keylab range, for example, you have enough rotary dials and sliders to control every aspect of any plugin/VST straight from the keyboard.

1.Gemini Sound GMX

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2.Korg Kross 2

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3.Alesis V25

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4.Roland FA-06

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5.Worlde Panda

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6.lotmusic Worlde

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7.ammoon mini

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8.AKAI Professional MPK

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10.Audio2000’S AMX7332-Professional

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Best keyboard for Recording Music – BUYER’S GUIDE

Synthesis Type

Keyboard workstations come with a wide range of sounds and effects than other keyboards. They employ different types of a generation which makes them differ with the produced sounds and their quality.

With this, musicians looking for a workstation to produce music professionally, they should go with the ones with full sampling functionality to enable you to record any sound and reproduce it in varying pitches.

Sound Combination

One of the coolest things about workstation is the ability to generate sounds simultaneously. For songwriters and film composer, should go with an instrument that gives you enough sounds. For live performers, they can go with an instrument that enables you to layer different sounds.

Sequencing and Audio Recording

Whether you are writing new music or just perfuming live, MIDI sequencer can be a very useful tool. To enable you to record numerous parts of the keyboard with just a push of a few buttons.

Some workstations even go further to include line/MIC input that enables you to record vocals or even another instrument like a guitar to enrich your music.

If you want to perform cover input workstations will enable you to use preprogrammed MIDI files to reproduce the music more accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sounds can you make with the help of keyboard?

The exact sounds and samples that you’ll be able to take advantage of will depend both on the MIDI keyboard you select and the software or module that it might be paired with.

However, most USB compatible MIDI keyboards will work with any music production software.


For home studios and professional recording studios alike, a keyboard is an integral part of any setup. Most compositions start on a keyboard because of its versatility.

With one keyboard, you can program an entire track, which is why they are often the centerpiece of a studio.

When it comes on to choosing the right keyboard for your recording studio, you need to consider several things; not only the quality of the keyboard but how it specifically benefits your studio and your style.

Here are some of the things you should consider in making your decision.