Best keyboard for Samsung s6

Best keyboard for Samsung s6 – We’ve touched on all of the leading choices in replacement keyboards here, but we also want to know what you’ve been using on your own Galaxy S6. Whether it’s one from our list here or something else, hop in the comments and let us know!

The best tablet keyboard can take any tablet and turn it into a makeshift laptop without adding significant weight.


Choosing the right one can be a process nit we hope that with our list of the Best Tablet Keyboards of 2021, we can make that process easier.

Do you have a great tablet keyboard but don’t see it on our list? Let us know what it is in the comments below!!

1.Galaxy Tab S6

Pros & Cons

2.Apple Smart Keyboard

Pros & Cons

3.SPARIN Tablet Keyboard

Pros & Cons

4.Jelly Comb

Pros & Cons

5.Nulaxy KM12

Pros & Cons

6.iClever BK10

Pros & Cons

7.GK61 Mechanical Gaming

Pros & Cons

8.Logitech K780

Pros & Cons

9.YWXTW Galaxy Tab S6

Pros & Cons

10.Fintie Keyboard

Pros & Cons

Best keyboard for Samsung s6 – BUYER’S GUIDE


One of the main reasons to own a keyboard for your tablet is the portability that it offers. Many keyboards are light enough to be put into a laptop bag and taken with you if you are working remotely or at a local coffee shop.


As with many different peripherals that companies make for consumers, different tablet keyboards may come with different feature including being collapsable, backlit keys, and many more. When you are in the market for a tablet keyboard, considering those with optional features could offer you a better product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best keyboard case for an Android Galaxy S6 Lite?

I tried asking r/AndroidQuestions earlier but got nothing. I’m hoping someone with more experience with tablets can help guide me in the right direction.

I ordered this Targus brand keyboard case from the Samsung store. Since it’s $100, compared to others I’ve found, that price point is suspect. Strongly considering returning it. I also hate knocking off my S-Pen every time I flip it.


If we’re being honest, the built-in Samsung keyboard on the Galaxy S6 just isn’t that great. It puts buttons in weird places, has some odd touch responses and is generally poor at auto correct, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Of course you can switch out that keyboard with a free or paid option from Google Play, and that means you have dozens of choices available to you.