Best keyboard for Small Hands

Best keyboard for Small Hands – So, small hands might warrant a small keyboard, but that’s a good thing. As you can see, there are so many types of keyboards available to you. These 10 are some of the best, of course, but there are far more. If anything, you will now have a good idea about what you are looking for in a keyboard.

My advice would be to choose either the Dragon or the HyperX. Either would be perfect to add to your gaming arsenal, and both are pretty reasonably priced. As always, good luck finding the right keyboard for you.


As you may see, having small hands doesn’t have to be that bad at all. Especially if you are in the gaming world. Choosing a small keyboard can enhance and upgrade your gaming experience and boost your gaming skills.

1.Redragon K552

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2.GK61 Mechanical Gaming

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3.RGB Backlit Keyboard

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5.AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

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6.Microsoft Keyboard

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7.Ducky Keyboard

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8.One 2 Mini

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9.CORN Tuxedo

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10.HyperX Alloy

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Best keyboard for Small Hands – BUYER’S GUIDE

Smaller keyboards are great. Many people think that you end up losing functionality, but that isn’t quite true. Many small keyboards offer double, or even triple functions on their keys. This means you will have to adapt to using your function keys more frequently.

Smaller keyboards are generally also quite a lot cheaper, as the materials needed are less. If you are trying to game on a budget, a smaller keyboard (like a 60% keyboard) could be just what you need. Small hands or no.

Smaller keyboards are also generally a lot lighter and are of course far more compact. This makes them great for traveling, whether that’s from country to country where you will need to be able to fit your keyboard into your bag. Or just around the office from desk to desk, where you are lugging it around all day. Smaller is always better in this regard.

Smaller keyboards are also great for using when you don’t have much physical room to work with on your desk. They are smaller, they take up less room, allowing you to fill your desk with other such necessities. This is not always a factor when gaming if you are using a keyboard and mouse you very likely won’t need much else.

Unless of course, you are using some kind of gaming Numpad or mini keyboard. Maybe you have notes that you need when trying to try hard a difficult game. I think we have all resorted to piling cheat sheets and tactical plans onto our desk at one point when there was that one level that you just couldn’t beat. Well, now you have room for those cheat sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a smaller keyboard?

You don’t have to use a smaller keyboard, of course. You are well within your rights to use any keyboard you like. People with big hands enjoy using smaller keyboards, just as much as people with smaller hands do. Conversely, people with smaller hands can also use a full-sized keyboard just fine. Most of the time.

There are a few situations where you might need a smaller one, like if you find it painful trying to type for long periods. If you play games that require a large amount of the keyboard, and you find yourself struggling to reach the keys you need regularly. It might be time to downsize your keyboard.

If you have poor mobility in your hands, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or any other kind of joint soreness you might need a smaller and more ergonomic keyboard. There is no use pushing yourself to work or play through the pain. These issues are serious, if left unchecked you can make things even worse.

If you are worried about getting these conditions, you might want to make the move to a smaller keyboard preemptively. Once you have these issues, there is no going back. Sure, there are always things you can do to ease inflammation but it will never be as good as new again.

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to be as comfortable and easy to use as possible. This often means shape, layout, and point of actuation (how far someone needs to press the key down before the press is registered). But, it can also mean size.

Smaller keyboards are generally more comfortable. Though, they can also lack a wrist rest which is something you will want to consider.


Gaming with small hands might seem like a set back at first, struggling to reach across the full keyboard can be a pain. But when you stop and think about it, how much of the keyboard do you truly make use of when you aren’t typing? The WASD keys? QWER? Hand size doesn’t matter here.

You are sticking to a pretty localized section of the keyboard. That being said, having to make your way back and forth across a bigger keyboard can start to get uncomfortable over time. So trying to use a correctly proportioned keyboard is still recommended.

As we briefly touched on above, having small hands can work to your advantage in a lot of ways. Having greater accuracy with your keystrokes when typing is just as beneficial as when you are pressing key combos in fast-paced games.