Best keyboard for Starcraft 2

Best keyboard for Starcraft 2 – You will also find that the keyboard for starcraft 2 has other useful functions such as finding idle workers, queuing commands and using abilities. Ok so I have sold you on why you should be using the keyboard. But getting comfortable with using it can be very difficult for newer players, I myself have had a lot of difficulty with this in the past.

But with some thought and good practice techniques you will be comfortable with using the keyboard in no time.


1.Redragon S101

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2.NPET K10

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3.Gaming Keyboard

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4.havit Wired

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5.Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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6.Thermaltake Tt

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7.Delux T9

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8.Professional Gaming Keyboard

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9.Razer Tartarus

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10.RGB One

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Best keyboard for Starcraft 2 – BUYER’S GUIDE

The  StarCraft II gaming keyboard is a full featured, tournament ready keyboard with an extremely compact design. The StarCraft II elevated keys are perfected for rapid commands and improved gaming performance. Your increased performance is monitored by an all new APM (Actions-Per-Minute) Lighting System that provides real-time performance feedback through changing color hues for a completely immersive gaming experience. Enhanced with a dedicated on-the-fly macro recording system, the StarCraft II is built with a gaming optimized design that reflects the StarCraft II universe and bolsters the gameplay experience Elevated Keys with Optimized Travel Distance & Spacing The StarCraft II features optimized key travel distance that allows for fast actuation while preventing accidental key presses. APM – Lighting System The StarCraft II APM-Lighting System is able to monitor your APM and game alerts in real-time with a range of customizable colors and visual feedback. On-The-Fly Macro Recording Allows For Effortless Configuration Record unlimited macros on-the-fly without having to take your eye off the game and immediately change between up to 10 profiles without the hassle of going into complex driver menus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard to use to play StarCraft?

First, I’m going to say that keyboard doesn’t really matter for this game; lots of pro SC1 and SC2 players use bottom-of-the-line keyboards.

But if you want a keyboard that does more than just plays SC2 (you’re going to be writing Quora answers or writing code, for instance), you want a mechanical keyboard.


If you do any kind of PC gaming, starcraft 2 keyboard is a logical purchase. the switches on the keys last much longer than on a rubber dome keyboard. There are also many keyboards with macro keys you can program for easier hotkey set ups for PC games. A lot of SC2 players use these, in fact there’s a conversation brewing on some Starcraft channels that they might provide too much of a benefit to players’ macro.