Best keyboard for Tablet

Best keyboard for Tablet – I hope this list makes sense, it will help to choose your  tablet keyboard according to your budget.

I’ve researched around 30 best seller products to prepare this list. All of the product listed here justifies their respective price range and features.

If you’ve any better product in your mint, please let us know, we’ll consider including it after a through review.

Make sure that you are choosing the right keyboard that not only fits into your handbag but also you can type smoothly on it. There are many keyboards available in the market that offers silent typing and this can be really great for you if you are working in a silent environment


So, these are the top best Bluetooth and Wireless keyboards that are available in the market for your tablet. But before you choose one and buy it, there are certain factors that you have to consider.

1.Apple Magic Keyboard

Pros & Cons

2.iWALK Keyboard

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Pros & Cons


Pros & Cons

5.CORN Pro 2

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7.Obinslab Anne 2

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8.Samsung Galaxy

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10.iClever BK05

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Best keyboard for Tablet – BUYER’S GUIDE

Layout – Before you decide on a keyboard layout, you’ll want to consider how much room you have on your desk and how portable you want the keyboard to be. A standard keyboard will have arrow/navigation keys, function keys, a numpad, and perhaps even programmable keys, while a TenKeyLess keyboard—what you find on most laptops—lacks a numpad. There are a variety of layouts, so consider how compact of a keyboard you want.

Backlighting – Gamers will likely value backlighting more so than a business user. However, if you think you’ll be spending dark nights hunched over your keyboard, backlighting is something you should consider. Some models even offer the option to change the color of the backlighting, although that drains the battery life faster.

Ergonomics – Comfort is crucial in a keyboard because you’ll probably spend a good chunk of time in front of it. Keyboards with adjustable height and tilt often provide a better typing angle for your wrists. If the keyboard doesn’t come with a built-in wrist rest, you can always consider buying a separate one.


Adding an external tablet keyboard to any tablet certainly improves speed and productivity.

It actually makes sense if you’ve to do a bit more heavy stuff on your tablet, like mailing something important or typing a long text.