Best keyboard for Tv

Best keyboard for Tv – Every one of the wireless keyboards on our list will work for most people. However, you may discover that one of these makes more sense for you than the others do. Take a moment to determine exactly what you plan on doing with your wireless keyboard.

As for us, we really like the Logitech K830. This is primarily because it provides you with multiple ways to connect to your television. Even if you have an older TV that doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can still use the RF receiver to connect your keyboard.

Plus, the backlit keyboard makes it really nice, since it allows you to use your keyboard anytime you want without the need to turn on a light to see what you’re typing.


Regardless, it’s pretty cool that you can use a keyboard to interact with your television. Who would have thought that was a thing 30 years ago? I know I wouldn’t have.


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2.Rii 2.4GHz

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3.Fosmon Mini

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4.Mini Wireless Keyboard

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5.GK61 Mechanical Gaming

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6.EASYTONE Backlit Mini

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7.iPazzPort Keyboard

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8.Wireless Keyboard

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Best keyboard for Tv – BUYER’S GUIDE

  1. Maximum Wireless Distance
    Living rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, so you are going to want to make sure any keyboard you purchase will function in any corner of the room you’ll be using it in. We made sure that every keyboard we recommended achieves a minimum wireless distance of 20 feet, with many nearing 40 feet. All of the items on the above list also connect wirelessly using the industry standard 2.4 GHz radio frequency and should experience very little, if any, interruption of signal.
  2. Keyboard Size and Weight
    While many Smart TV keyboards offer a compact form factor, sometimes they can skew too small for normal and large-sized hands. You’ll be using the keyboard to navigate menus and input search terms so, ideally, you’ll want something you can type quickly with. Most of the above products are suitable for all adults, with an occasional exception made for keyboards that offer maximum portability. As far as weight goes, the lighter the better, especially if you are going to be using the keyboard for extended periods of time. All of the products on the above list are lower in weight than standard keyboards.
  3. Functionality With a Wide Variety of TVs and Gadgets
    We wanted to keep things simple, choosing keyboards that would work with the lion’s share of modern TVs and affiliated gadgets, such as streaming devices. Most of these keyboards work via USB receiver, which can plug into the gadget of your choosing. There are some streaming devices, those made by Amazon for instance, that don’t play nice with some media keyboards. While still offering functionality, you may run into trouble using some of the shortcut keys. None of the above products require drivers or anything like that in order to work, offering plug-and-play functionality out of the gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my keyboard struggling to hold its Bluetooth connection?
Bluetooth sometimes drops out when used over long distance. Try moving closer to the TV for the best results. Powerful WiFi signals also may cause interference with a Bluetooth connection. Finally, check the battery power of the keyboard. A low battery can cause Bluetooth to drop out intermittently.

Q. Is it easy to type on a smart TV keyboard?
It really depends on the size of the keyboard. If you have a keyboard of smaller than average size, you could end up making keystroke errors. The responsiveness and shape of the keys also play a role in its ease of use.

Q. Can the smart TV keyboard simulate a remote control unit to operate my TV?
Certain models of keyboards have extra keys that can change channels or adjust the volume, which is handy. You may even be able to program some of the extra keys to perform your favorite remote control functions.

Q. Can I pair any wireless keyboard with my smart TV?
Not necessarily. Smart TVs are compatible with certain models of keyboards. With full compatibility between the two, you’ll be able to use all of the keyboard’s features. With partial compatibility, you may only be able to use certain features on the keyboard. And some pairings simply won’t work at all. Check with your smart TV manufacturer to determine which keyboards provide full compatibility.


Whether you play your media from a smart TV, a streaming box, or a laptop across the room, a wireless keyboard with a touchpad makes what you’ve got function like a streamlined home theater setup. As long as your media playback device has a USB-A port, you can use this helpful peripheral to browse menus, control playback, and even play games. Here are our picks for the best wireless keyboards with a touchpad.