Best keyboard for Video Editing

Best keyboard for Video Editing – Although this keyboard company primarily sells keyboards for sound editing, audio editing and video editing, it’s created handy keyboard covers of Adobe shortcuts for Mac and PC, including for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Editors Keys has a range of separate keyboard covers with shortcuts specifically for all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X and many more.


The good thing about these keyboard covers is the fact they’re affordable, and they prove helpful protection – so your real keys won’t get dusty or suffer from spillages.


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2.Logitech Craft

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3.HyperX Alloy Origins

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4.ROCCAT Vulcan

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5.Blackmagic Design

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7.GK61 Keyboard

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8.Macally Keyboard

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9.Davinci Resolve

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10.Apple Magic Keyboard

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Best keyboard for Video Editing – BUYER’S GUIDE

Ease of Use

Video editing keyboards are often designed specifically to fit the editing program that the editor will be using.

On this list you’ll see examples of keyboards designed specifically for use in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid.

As such, these keyboards often include images on the keyboard itself of shortcuts to be performed in each program. This makes it worlds easier to quickly find those shortcuts instead of trying to memorize all of them.


Secondly, the build quality and overall design of the keyboard will dramatically affect the comfort and efficiency of its use to a video editor.

You spend hours and days editing, using all those muscles in your fingers, hands, and wrists. It can truly put a strain on those tiny muscles if you’re not careful.

It’s worth the extra investment to find a keyboard that will prevent any extra aches and pains on your joints and make life overall a bit easier as you edit.

The build quality and materials used in a keyboard can be the determining factor in the way it feels against your fingers.

Some keyboards are what’s called mechanical keyboards. This means that there is an individual, mechanical switch under each of the keys. This adds some noise to key click, but also dramatically improves the response to each key stroke.


How quickly and easily your tools (specifically your keyboard) can help you put your thoughts and ideas into action can truly impact the quality of your work.

Much of efficiency in a keyboard comes down to ease of use and comfort level, but there are a few extras that some of these keyboards provide, like creative backlighting and more.

We’ll touch on all these specifics for each product breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a video editing keyboard and a standard one?

Such keyboards usually have marked shortcuts or adjusted backlighting. Moreover, video editing keyboards feature additional keys designed to work with video.

Thanks to these features, it is easier for a video editor to work in the program and he/she copes with the tasks much faster.

Are video editing keyboards compatible with both Windows and Mac?

Yes, the difference is in some key shortcuts. There are Alt buttons and a logo on Windows keyboards, while on Mac ones, we may find the Option key and Command key accordingly.

Is it necessary to install additional software to connect a keyboard for video editing?

It depends on the developer. Some companies, like Loupedeck, complement their products with software that should be downloaded while connecting the keyboard. Other manufacturers release keyboards that may be directly connected to a PC. As a rule, the developer states such features in the product description.

What video editing programs these keyboards are designed for?

There are video editing keyboards created for a specific program. For example, LogicKeyboard Adobe Premiere Pro CC. However, there are keyboards that may be individually adjusted for a video editing software you use.

Is it possible to connect a video editing keyboard to an iPad or iPhone?

You may use any USB keyboard with an iPad or iPhone if it comes with an adapter. You just connect it (adapter) to the gadget and then connect the keyboard to the adapter.


Whether it’s in your studio, at an agency or office, working on our computer is a daily affair. It’s part of our digital society and it’s important to create a set up that’s right for you, whether you use your keyboard mainly for shortcuts and quick edits, or you spend a lot of time crafting pitches. We often take a while to consider what will be the best laptop, tablet, drawing tablet or desktop computers for art and design – but less so on what keyboard we prefer.