Best Midi keyboard for Fl Studio 11 & 12

Best Midi keyboard for Fl Studio 11 & 12 – As you will have seen from our selections the market has a fair amount to offer in terms of manipulating your audio workstations and it really does just depend on the type of control you prefer.

Some of us value the tactile experience more than others and have a need for an authentic control, with the extreme side being the need for knobs to dial a virtual knob and a select few who won’t settle for anything unauthentic in its place.

With midi keyboards, the market has a fair amount to offer, and picking the best is not a walk in the park, especially if you do not know your needs. Your personal needs are key when buying a midi controller.


Based on research and popular ratings, you can trust our seven best picks to be the best Midi keyboards for FL studio 12 in the market. The list has something for everyone, whether you are an advanced musician, a hobbyist producer, or a beginner.

1.AKAI Professional

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3.M Audio Keystation

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5.Worlde Panda MINI

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8.Novation Launchkey

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9.Alesis V49

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10.Arturia MiniLab

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Best Midi keyboard for Fl Studio 11 & 12 – BUYER’S GUIDE


This is dependent on where or how you intend to use the controller. There are small or compact size midi keyboards that are lightweight and highly portable. If you want to create music on the go, these would be a perfect choice. The heavier alternatives that are 6 pounds and above can be used at home or in studios.


The size options are based on the number of keys. There are 25-key, 49-key, 61-key, and 88-key. If you need a full-sized stage piano controller, then you should go for the 88-key, but if you want something portable, you can go with the smaller 25-key.The small-sized controllers are highly mobile, and you can easily fit one into your backpack. Controls set

Many midi keyboards come with basic pitch and modulation controls and a few buttons to shift octaves on the keyboard. You want to get a controller with a more complicated control set that includes rotary pots, multi-color drum pads, and faders as they will help you smoothly operate parameters in your DAW.You would not need a mouse to mix a song, and that will allow you to play, perform, and be in control of the music software at the same time. Controls options

You need to check if the specific brand you are considering has other control options like key sets. For instance, a particular brand can have a controller with similar features, but various key games and others may not. Connectivity

You should be able to connect your midi keyboard with your laptop or computer. You need to ensure it is compatible with your gadget. Some controllers are compatible with Mac, PC, and iPad.

Best for

For you to get maximum satisfaction from a midi controller, you need to identify your needs. Not all midi controllers are the same or have the same capability in terms of performance, usage, and value. You might need a controller which you can use to make music on the go, or a low-budget one or a beginner-friendly. Your personal needs will significantly determine your choice of a midi controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MIDI Controller?

It is a piece of hardware modeled on earlier MIDI keyboard/synthesizer and sequencer models which came before designed with music production in mind to replace a traditional keyboard and mouse computer peripheral.

MIDI is an acronym for musical instrument digital interface for those who were wondering.

What is FL Studio?

Fl Studio is a digital audio workstation software which was first released in the form of Fruity Loops if you can remember far enough back. Which has evolved over the years into an all in one station to effectively handle the music-making process from start to finish?

Because of its flexible and potentially infinite possibilities, it is used within the industry by both those at the top as well as those just starting out. It is a fairly simple program to manage but the management is better suited with the correct controller which is why we are talking MIDI today.

Do I Need a MIDI Controller for FL Studio?

Technically speaking your DAW can be operated without any form of MIDI controller but you are going to find your turn-around is far longer and that you will first have to learn the arduous task of how your keyboard is mapped to the software.

Some people manage to play a computer keyboard like a piano eventually but the keyboard you have has been designed for typing and doesn’t really have any consideration within its design in regards to velocity.

Electronically produced music is always at risk of sounding too synthetic or cohesive when a band plays a piece of music there are always nuances within that give it character. In its most simplistic form, this is the dynamics of how softly an arpeggio is played or how heavily a chord is hammered. Which is difficult to recreate with a computer keyboard.

But via a MIDI controller designed to pick up the velocity more astutely, it can be translated without the need to go in and draw the velocity by hand with a mouse which can be done but is very finicky.

Likewise controlling a VST drum-kit to create an authentic-sounding beat and relying on the split-second reflexes of a computer mouse or keyboard for something as crucial as the tempo, it is better with a piece of kit designed for the task in hand.

Mastering your DAW with a mouse can take a lot more patience especially when it comes to filtering adjustments in terms of your EQ if you don’t have a mouse wheel to help a little it can be tough to click and select a virtual dial and adjust levels.

What Type of MIDI Controller?

As you will have noticed the main types of MIDI controllers on the market seem to be either instrument based (piano/keyboard) or pad/button based the latter of which is often referred to as alternative MIDI controllers.

Depending on your instrumental abilities and knowledge and indeed the style of production you have a penchant for the two types aid the producer in very different ways.

If you favor VST instruments over samples you ought to look for the most realistic keyboard-based MIDI controller with at least 32 keys.

If you do a lot of rhythm and bass work and sampling you might prefer the simplicity that pad-triggering presents.

If you are still undecided sometimes the best route is to go with a mixed-medium option which offers the best of both worlds even if this means you need to opt for something with fewer piano keys, you can always branch out at a later date with a MIDI keyboard solely for instrumental use in the future.

That said, an overly complex model is probably not a great idea for a complete newbie as they can take a little time to learn the ropes.

What to look for in a MIDI Controller for FL Studio?

Hopefully what to look for will largely have been spelled out in the previous guide sections as it really is down to the individual, their needs preferences and of course budget.

FL Studio is a DAW trusted and used by professionals and hobbyists alike. Any MIDI controller is going to give the user better manipulation of the software plug-in suites, VST’s and plug-ins and the good news is a decent MIDI controller these days doesn’t come with an unrealistic price tag.

That said the more you spend the better you will find the quality of the response and the versatility of the controller, generally speaking. The beauty of MIDI control is it

Fl Studios gives users access to a pretty practical audio-workstation core and once you are settled on the best type of MIDI controller for your needs all you really need is some transport keys and a rotary dial to control the amount of whatever you are selecting.

You will need a channel select unless you want to do that via your mouse and then the amount of MIDI-assignable triggers whether they be keys or pads and pots or fader-style sliders is all you really need to consider next.


When you have a heavy workload to handle on a regular basis you aren’t likely to be relying on a regular mouse and keyboard in your DAW regardless of what type it is, today we are going to discuss the best MIDI controller for FL Studio.

Whilst there are plenty of parties trying to get in on the action there are currently only a few key contenders at the top of their game in top demand at present. So let’s just get straight to the point now and clarify that you are going to see a few companies mentioned a little more than others in this article.