Best Midi keyboard for Sibelius

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Best Midi keyboard for Sibelius – Many people find that their replies to those questions fall somewhere along a spectrum, myself included. I work primarily on a desktop, in a studio, with Sibelius and Finale – but quite often find myself on the road with my laptop, and/or using Logic Pro.

So while most of the time I could get by with a fairly bulky MIDI keyboard for sibelius , there are times that I want either something more portable or something more sophisticated —  and unfortunately, the two are usually mutually exclusive.


1.Novation Impulse

2.PreSonus ATOM


4.Xkey 25

5.CME MIDI Controller

6.Artesia Pro

7.M-Audio Oxygen


9.ammoon Worlde Panda

10.Costzon 88-Key

Best Midi keyboard for Sibelius – BUYER’S GUIDE

Key Action

There are three different types of key actions which all serve different purposes. The three different key action types of a MIDI keyboard are discussed below.

Synth Action

This is the most common key action found in most MIDI keyboards. The synth-action keys use a spring and are made up of plastic. There is no weight attached to the keys of a synth-action MIDI keyboard, but when you press or release a key, it returns to its original position with the help of a spring,  making it pretty fast.


As the name suggests, the keys of a semi-weighted key action MIDI keyboard use a lightweight attached to the end of every key. In this case, the keys aren’t made of plastic. The semi-weighted key action keyboards are not as fast as the synth action, but give you a slightly more realistic feel that is somewhat close to a traditional piano.


Fully-weighted key action keyboards are as close as you can get to the keys of a traditional piano. The fully-weighted key action type is mostly found in digital pianos. The feeling you get from them isn’t the exact same as that of a real traditional piano, but it’s fairly close. The fully-weighted action type is less common in MIDI keyboards, but some MIDI keyboards with a high price tag come equipped with them.


Do you want a keyboard for studio use or will you and your new keyboard be traveling to gigs regularly? If this is the case, you’ll want a portable keyboard. As mentioned earlier, there are MIDI keyboards that come in compact sizes and easier to travel with. The smaller the keyboard, the more portable it is.


Do you want other sounds from your keyboard beyond the standard piano sounds? There are MIDI keyboards on the market that come with drum pads, so if you are looking to compose some beats on your MIDI keyboard, these are the ones to go for.

The Extra Features

There are some MIDI keyboards that come equipped with extra features such as faders, buttons, knobs, arpeggiators, and more. These features fall into the category of performance control. The most noticeable thing about keyboards with these features is that the more features a keyboard has, the higher the price. It’s essential to determine what features will be useful to you and then go for the appropriate MIDI keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up your MIDI keyboard with Sibelius?

  1. Launch Sibelius and go to File > Preferences.
  2.  Click on Input Devices on the left. You should see the name of your MIDI keyboard or the name of the USB interface on the right-hand side.
  3. Try playing notes on your keyboard (or other MIDI input device) while the dialog is open. If everything is working as it should, the little black indicator marked Test should light up green as you play. If the indicator doesn’t light up, check your MIDI connections and ensure that you have the correct input device selected (if more than one is present).


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