Best Mini keyboard for kodi

Best Mini keyboard for kodi – I think one of the most significant considerations you need to make before selecting a Kodi remote is whether or not you’re going to use the remote with other devices. And if you are, to what degree?

If your remote is just going to double as a channel flipper for your basic cable package, then there’s no reason to spend money on a more expensive remote. After all, a simple wireless QWERTY keyboard with a standard television remote on the back will do just fine.

The best mini keyboard is a piece of modern technology that makes our entertainment so much fun and easy to access. Deciding which one to buy depends on your personal preference, but variety is not something you’ll miss, as there are many models available.


However, if you’re a tech-head who loves your entertainment center and you have tons of devices filling up your power strips, I’d recommend a remote that has macro and programming functionality. That way you can set, configure and customize your remote to different settings for different devices. Lastly, I’d recommend checking out these devices on Amazon if you have any further questions.

1.Rii i8

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2.Logitech K830

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8.Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboar

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9.Redragon S101

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10.NPET K10

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Best Mini keyboard for kodi – BUYER’S GUIDE

Ergonomic Design

Since these keyboards are handheld devices that you’ll be using for activities like gaming, it is wise to put your comfort first.

The ergonomic design in the keyboard allows us to get a firm grip over the device, and better yet, it helps us access every one of the buttons without having to make awkward finger movements.

Manufacturers are well aware of the differences between standard and ergonomically designed keyboards. It is an essential feature that every user appreciates.

Multi-Function Keyboard

The moment you look at these devices, you know they are capable of doing incredible things. They feature not only the standard keys to type but also small touchpads and control wheels to navigate through the interface.

Multi-function capacities are not present in every keyboard device, but it is available in most of them. That means that you can use them as a keyboard, a touchpad mouse, and even as a remote control for your TV.

Chatting, gaming, browsing online are only a couple out of the many activities you can do with these keyboards.


Perhaps you needed one of these products for your PC, but did you know that they are compatible with other devices as well? Some are compatible with TV boxes from Amazon or Android; they work on laptops and pads, and they operate as a mouse with gesture functionalities included.

Of course, any PC or TV you plan to use must be compatible with the keyboard as well. However, since most modern devices feature USB ports, there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with most of them.


Since they’re wireless keyboards, they must draw their energy from somewhere, right? Well, if you want the most durable mini keyboard, you want to have one that operates with lithium-ion batteries.

This type of battery not only lasts for days, but it is also rechargeable once it dries out. That’s a lot of money you will save without noticing.

Frequently Asked Questions

hat operative systems work with mini keyboards?

Android devices, desktops with either Windows or Mac, and many more; you can also use the keyboard for TV boxes from Android or Google.

How to use a mini keyboard with an Android box?

Use the dongle included in the purchase of the wireless keyboard. Plug it in the USB port of the Android box, and it should work just fine.

How to connect a mini keyboard to a phone?

You’ll need a USB OTG cable, which you’ll connect to your Android device, and then plug the keyboard in the other end.

Keep in mind that not every Android device is compatible with the OTG cable.

How to charge mini keyboards?

You can charge it by connecting the USB cable to your device and the other end to a PC or USB power adapter.


Kodi can be installed on a huge range of devices including the Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. However, installing addons and changing settings on a set-top streaming device can be very difficult without a dedicated keyboard. In some cases, you could use yourPC keyboard, but not all devices work with a traditional keyboard.