Best Budget 11 inch Laptops Under 500

Best Budget 11 inch Laptops Under 500 – It can be tricky to weigh up how much one can expect from a laptop that costs less than $500. You’re not going to get bleeding-edge performance or a super premium design. And you might have to make a few compromises on the display, such as how well it handles colors and how bright gets. But that doesn’t mean you have to make do with a laptop that feels cheap; rather, you’re looking for one that’s affordable. So here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a laptop under $500.


1.Acer Aspire 5

While it may look dated, under the hood, the Acer Aspire 5 is a powerful piece of kit thanks to the 10th Gen Intel Core processor with a fast M.2 SSD. Then, factor in 8GB of RAM, a decent 48Wh battery and 1080p IPS panel and what you get is complete reliability.

What’s more, as tested this is the 14-inch Acer Aspire 5 A514-52-582Y model (15-inch models and variants running AMD processors are also available), so despite the mediocre screen to body ratio this remains a pretty portable device.

2.HP Stream 11 Pro

Equipped with an Intel Celeron processor and a cramped 11.6-inch display, the venerable HP Stream 11, refreshed several times in the course of its life, is one of the most bare-bones Windows laptops you’ll find. We tested the latest  model for sale in 2021; with just 32GB of local storage and 4GB of RAM, it technically can’t run some modern apps.

If all you need is a portal to the internet, and you must stick to a budget and the Windows 10 operating system, the Stream 11 is actually a decent option. Otherwise, you’d do better to increase your budget to around  to get a more capable budget Windows machine, or expand your considerations to include Chromebooks.

3.Lenovo Chromebook

Chromebooks in that price range tend to be clunky and cheap, like HP’s Chromebook 14 or Chromebook x360 12b. If you want a Windows alternative, you’re looking at the lowest end of the Acer Aspire or Acer Swift lines or other extremely bare-bones options like the Motile 14. And, of course, there are entry-level iPads and other basic Android tablets, but those don’t come with a keyboard.

Lenovo has certainly cut some corners to shave the Chromebook Duet down to that price point. And since I’m employed as a professional griper, gripe I shall. But at the end of the day, they feel like cut corners — not like major missteps that significantly hamper the device. And after several days using the Duet as my primary driver, I feel comfortable saying it feels much more like a Surface Go with some concessions than it does an ultra-budget PC.

4.HP Chromebook 11-v033nr

Chrome OS keeps getting better, Google Drive more robust, and Google Chromecast now offers a way to stream content wirelessly to a TV. All of these make a Chromebook a more interesting bet than even a few months ago. It’s not for everyone, but the Chromebook is finally making a case for being a fun, family-friendly product in its own right.

Since our original review, the Chromebook landscape’s heating up even more, with most major PC manufacturers getting in the game in some way. The HP Chromebook 11 still feels like a colorful, pretty comfortable and affordable choice, but it’s hardly the go-to slam-dunk pick.

5.Acer Swift 1

Acer is a trustworthy name in computing, offering solid reliable laptops for all types of users. The Acer Swift 1 is a portable PC that will be well suited to students, families or anyone on a budget.

It has a 14-inch FHD display and a slim, lightweight build with slender bezels packed into a sleek design  – from first glance, you might expect this to be a much pricier laptop than it is. But have Acer favoured style over substance in creating this computer? Find out in this Acer Swift 1 review.


Best Budget 11 inch Laptops Under 500 – The best laptops under $500 won’t leave you unsettled because you didn’t pay a premium price. There are value-priced notebooks that include full-HD displays, solid performance and long battery life, plus all the ports you need. You can even get a laptop with a touch screen in this price range, though it will be on the smaller side. Some of these even made it on our best laptops page.