Best Gaming Laptop for Wow Legion

Best Laptop for Wow Legion – World of Warcraft is a fantastic game. There are not that many games on the market that have the level of depth and re-playability that WoW has. For those that have played before, you will know what I mean. This great game will keep you coming back over and over again for more.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you have a good idea of which laptop you are going to pick to begin your adventures in this awesome world. If you are still unsure, we advise you to go to our top pick the MSI GF65 Thin. This is the best option for most users.


You can realistically expect a lower frame rate in crowded zones as the computer must render more graphical elements at the same time. And a higher frame rate lets say indoors, where there are not that many 3D elements to be shown on display.

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All these laptops would run World for Warcraft Shadowlands just fine. Staying within the reasonable game settings for specific GPU you can enjoy playing the game smoothly. If you have a large budget to spend then go for some high-end laptop listed here and crank the graphics settings up to the roof. Otherwise, the RECOMMENDED machine is a great deal and compensation between price and performance.

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1.Acer Predator Helios


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2.Acer Nitro


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3.CUK Omen


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4.MSI GL65


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5.Dell Inspiron


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6.Asus FX50


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7.Razer Blade


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9.Dell G3


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10.Asus TUF


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Best Laptop for Wow Legion – BUYER’S GUIDE

Processor & CPU

The processor, or CPU, is your computer’s brain. It makes lots of complicated decisions that completely control your computer. A good CPU leads to a stronger computer.

Due to the age of the game, Warcraft was created at a time where CPU’s were the main driving force behind games. To this day, WoW is primarily a processor dependent game. Usually, as a gamer, you are going to be focusing on your GPU for gaming performance.

With WoW, almost all of the work is done by your CPU. This means that the CPU is the component that is number one on your priority list when deciding which laptop you want to use to fight monsters and save the damsel in distress.

Our Recommendation: Although the office specifications state a 1st gen i5 760 or above, we highly recommend using anything above a 5th gen and above processor. Preferably i5 and above.


RAM or Random Access Memory is your computer’s store of cheat sheets. It stores all of the little short cuts your computer makes to speed processes up. Every time it makes one of these decisions, your RAM will then work to send these cheat sheets to your other components. This is essentially the supporting player to your other components.

A strong RAM helps both your graphics card and CPU run smoothly. As we said earlier, your CPU is the most important component for playing WoW. RAM is the most important component for supporting your CPU. If you want your computer to run smoothly, ensure you have a good level of RAM in your system.

Recommendation: Luckily, you do not need masses of RAM to run WoW. You will get away with 4GB. Upgrading to 8 or 16GB will make everything run a lot smoother, however.

Graphics Card/GPU

We have already talked about the importance of your CPU and your RAM. These two are the essentials to simply running WoW. Your graphics card holds a slightly different role. The level of your graphics card isn’t as important for solely running the game.

Your graphics card is what is going to control the level of graphics that you get to play at. If you want to run your game with higher graphics settings or if you want to add texture packs, this is where you will need to look at upgrading your GPU.

If you are looking for the bare minimum due to budget reasons, Blizzard suggests at least a GTX 560. With this card, however, the game is going to feel clunky and old due to rendering distances and quality of the environment.

Recommended: At a very minimum, you should aim for UHD 620 graphics if you want integrated graphics and a GTX 1050ti if you are looking for a dedicated card, which we highly recommend.

Screen Size & Display Quality

For gamers, screen size and display quality hold a much higher importance than for other users. Gamers want the highest quality screens, the best resolution, and most probably, a bigger screen. Gamers tend to use their gaming laptops as a desktop replacement. This means power-saving lower quality, and energy-efficient screens aren’t as important to us.

When looking at screens, firstly you need to choose the size you want. After that, decide the quality you want. Once you know that, filter those choices and pick a screen that fits your budget the best. Technically for World of Warcraft, you are not going to need a top of the range 4K monitor, but if you enjoy other gaming titles, you may want to splash the extra cash

Recommended- If you are looking at a laptop solely for playing World of Warcraft, we suggest a good 1080p monitor. If you are a gamer that enjoys other more demanding games, look for a good 1440 or 4k display.


The systems requirements for WoW in terms of storage are pretty simple. Storage-wise you are going to need 70GB to download the game. This is really the only storage requirement necessary here.

However, I am going to mention the importance of SSD selection. Many cheaper machines come equipped with an HDD system. HDD’s are older tech, capable of storing huge amounts of data.

They are slow, however, and when it comes to gaming, you might want to consider looking for a machine with an SSD. An SSD is a Solid-State Drive. It uses the same type of memory as your RAM and is ridiculously quicker than HDD to load and transfer files. For a gamer, storing your games on an SSD as opposed to an HDD will lead to much faster load and boot time

Recommended: Almost every laptop on the market comes with enough storage to play WoW. Looking for an SSD, however, will mean your games run quicker, load quicker, and give you a faster data transferability.

Operating System

The team at Blizzard is one of the best game developers in the world. Very early on, they realized the importance of optimizing WoW to run on both mac and windows. You shouldn’t have any problems playing the game on either a Windows computer or an Apple-based alternative.

Price & Warranty

The market for gaming laptops is one of the biggest in the computing world. This means that there is a huge offering of choices on the market. Figuring out which ones are worth the money is where we shine. We know the cost and performance of most computer parts. We use this to value a computer on its computing ability.

Then we look at the features and the brand. By comparing these, we can narrow down your choices for you, only suggesting the laptops that have scored high in our performance x cost analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does WoW Classic And Other WoW Expansion Packs Cost?

The base level of the game is extremely cheap, and often it is free with a trial of the game. The other expansion packs change in price often although they are never more than $15 except the newest expansions. Blizzard offers amazing deals on combinations of packs, however, so the best advice here is to keep your eye on the marketplace.

Should I Play On A Laptop Or PC?

There is no specific benefit to playing on PC over a laptop. You might find it slightly easier to play, sat at a desk, and a proper chair, but the difference is negligible.

What Are The Main Differences Between A Cheap Laptop For World Of Warcraft And An Expensive One?

The differences will simply be graphical ability. A better laptop will allow for higher settings in the video options. You might get better frame rates and rendering ability. The game is still extremely playable on a cheaper laptop, though.

What Is A Good FPS (Frame Per Second) For World Of Warcraft?

Here are some guidelines:

  • 40-60 FPS = Playable

  • 60-90 = Average

  • 90-120 = Very Smooth

  • 120+= Velvety Smooth (For Pro players and Hardcore Gamers)

How Many GB Does World Of Warcraft Require?

This depends on how many expansion packs you are playing with, around 70GB is the average.

What Can I Do To Extend The Life Of My Gaming Laptop?

Keep your laptop away from heat sources, and do not block the fans that are expelling the hot air from your system. Clean the dust vents out regularly with air spray and keep your screen and keys clean with a good cleaner.

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