Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 250

Best Laptop Under 250 – As mentioned earlier, these laptops are manufactured and shipped by keeping a specific group of people in mind. The group being students and light users, you can assume what features and functionalities are to be expected from these devices.

A combination of good battery life, average performance, and a decent screen are what we are looking for today. Anything more than this will exceed the price range.


1.ASUS Chromebook


This year’s C436 is considerably more expensive, starting at $799. Because of the price point, Asus says it’s not to be compared with the company’s previous Chromebooks, to which I say: good luck with that. It’s necessary to compare any new release to the C434, simply because the C434 (which Asus has no plans to discontinue) is the Chromebook to beat. And if there’s one company I trust to put out a  device that could unseat the C434, it’s Asus itself.

We should expect this Chromebook to have significant advantages over Chromebooks in the  price range. And there’s certainly a lot to like about the C436. But the device’s greatest weakness — its battery life — is a significant mark against it. Meanwhile, alternatives like the Pixelbook Go and Asus’ own C434 have lower-powered processors, but still offer good performance and much better battery life at a lower price. If the C436 were cheaper, it might be in the mix. At this price point, I don’t think it is.

2.Samsung Chromebook


I’ll start with the good things. The Galaxy Chromebook has a few standout features, but the most notable is what Samsung and Google are referring to as “craftsmanship.” At just 9.9mm thick and 2.29 pounds, this is the thinnest Chromebook in the world. The chassis is aluminum and comes in “Mercury gray” or a bold “fiesta red” color that looks orange in bright light.

I had the red model, and the silver panels on the sides add a modern, chic touch. It’s a really beautiful device. My one nitpick about the build is that the 360 hinge isn’t terribly sturdy, so there’s a bit of a bounce every time your finger or stylus taps the touchscreen while it’s not in tablet mode.

3.Dell Chromebook


The Chromebook 11 is one of the rare models in this price range that is actually pleasant to use.

The little Dell is not snazzy by any means, but it’s well-engineered. The exterior is made of textured black plastic that would look more at home in a corporate conference room than an elementary school classroom. That’s OK, though, because the plastic feels reassuring to the touch, like it’s going to shrug off a week’s worth of tiny, not-so-clean fingers pawing at it.

Dell says the system is tested to survive 30-inch drops onto a steel surface, a standard that goes above and beyond the MIL-SPEC drop testing some premium laptops are subjected to.

4.Dell Inspiron


Laptops with 16-inch screens were once rare because of physical design limitations. But just as you can now find plenty of 14-inch models that are no bigger than older 13-inch designs—the HP Spectre x360 14 being an excellent example—so too can you find 16-inch screens in chassis that would once have been limited to 15 inches.

Apple jump-started the category with its ultra-high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro; Lenovo recently introduced its Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop; and now we’re starting to see other options.

The fact that Dell decided to put its first 16-inch laptop in the wallet-friendly Inspiron family rather than the premium XPS line is a boon to value seekers.

5.Asus Vivobook


Few PC makers do fun, gadgety features on their laptops quite like Asus. For example, for some time now Asus has added extra displays to models such as the ROG Zephyrus G14, with its optional 1,215-mini LED array on the top diagonal half its lid for displaying GIFs or photos, or the Zephyrus Duo 15, with its tilting 14-inch touchscreen that sits between the keyboard and main 15.6-inch display.

Those are gaming laptops, but you’ll also find dual screens on productivity laptops such as the VivoBook S15 S532, which has the second-gen ScreenPad, a touchpad that controls your cursor but is also a 5.6-inch touchscreen.

Best Laptop Under 250 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Design & Quality

When we are talking about the best laptops under $250, we shouldn’t complain about the built quality being cheap. Whether you like it or not, the built quality will be comparatively cheaper.

In most cases, you’ll see plastic bodies for these units and every once in a while, a full or partial metal body. However, even the inexpensive plastic material can be textured and finished in a way that gives it a premium vibe.

As for the design, not much time and effort is dedicated towards these budget laptops and that’s why you won’t see anything remotely close to the MacBook Air in the best laptops under 250 category.

However, some manufacturers have tried to fit the whole unit in a smaller and compact body that actually looks pretty good. Even if they are not as thin as a MacBook Air, they are light & compact enough to be carried around.


Students and light users tend to browse the internet a lot, which is their main use for a laptop. That’s why the laptops we brought for today are efficient in internet browsing while ensuring they are not putting a lot of pressure on the system.

But keep in mind, these laptops are not meant for heavier work like video editing, AAA gaming, etc. Using them for such tasks will cause a massive fallout in performance. If you’re looking for such a laptop, look at the mid-range laptops, you’ll find something that works at a reasonable price.


Shockingly, with a $250 laptop, there are some bright & vivid displays that will be great for watching movies.

There are also some pretty good touchscreen displays available on the market. They are capable enough to let the users communicate via finger or pen effortlessly. However, do not expect them to be as precise as the more expensive hybrid laptops.


Laptop audio is not that big of a deal for most. However, a decent audio system is not that rare in low-end laptops. So, if you are picking one from the best laptops under 250 dollars list, chances are you are going home with a decent sound system.

Other Aspects

After the requirements above, battery life is the most important aspect that you should consider because these laptops will probably be used as travel notebooks a lot. Apart from the batteries, the keyboard and touchpad should be good enough for your day-to-day email checking, video streaming, chatting, and other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Which Budget Laptop Should I Buy?

If you’re on a strict budget, don’t lose heart. You can definitely find PCs that will offer you enough performance to tackle your day-to-day tasks without a stutter. The best ones are listed below, and we update this guide constantly, so you’re always seeing our top recommendations for the highest-performing affordable laptops.


While new hardware components are being developed by manufacturers, the price of the existing ones is getting lower. This gave laptop brands a new way to reach out to a completely unexplored demographic, the young students and light tech users.