Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 400

Best Gaming Laptop Under 400 – It is hard to buy the best gaming laptops for under $400. It requires lots of research and you may have to sacrifice some important features or attributes. In this post, we tried our best to make you suggest the best gaming machines for the price. You can have a bird’s eye view of the post and see which one of them falls right on your criterion.

We are pretty sure this post will make you pick a good laptop for the price. Do not forget to read the buying guide section as it helps you learn what to expect for the price.

After reading the reviews and guide, we believe that you can now settle for the best one of them all. If you are tech savvy, you can choose models that will be easy to upgrade later. For those who don’t need to test their laptops once in a while, compact and slim is the way to go.

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That would be all regarding the best gaming machines under 400. I hope that you’d make a wise and shrewd decision by reading all the reviews mentioned-above thoroughly. Get a cheap gaming laptop right now and enjoy your quarantine days while playing different games at home.


Pros & Cons

Between a range of component options, supply shortages, and pricing wars, the budget laptop game is fierce in 2021. For weary shoppers seeking a super-affordable machine, the Asus VivoBook 15 ( in model F512JA-AS34 we tested) is a low-frills but reasonably priced option. It’s slightly quicker than most of its like-priced competitors and features an above-average selection of ports and decent battery life.

The biggest concessions are a display with subpar brightness balancing and sharpness, and a tight (but not unusual in this price range) 128GB SSD for storage. It may not be too exciting, but for the money, it’s a fully functional 15-inch Windows laptop that can get through easier tasks and last through the day. Its larger sibling, the Asus VivoBook 17 M712, is one of our top budget picks.

2.HP 14

Pros & Cons

You probably know that HP’s Pavilion brand is for consumer PCs priced and positioned below its upscale Envy and Spectre lines. But Pavilion is only the second-lowest rung on HP’s notebook-PC ladder. Its budget laptops have no brand at all, just a generic family name: “HP Laptop.”

Take the HP Laptop 14-dq2020nr ($428 at Amazon and Walmart). The 14-dq2020nr is every inch an economy model, with just 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive—half the memory and storage we consider today’s minimum—but it’s a workable introduction to Windows if you don’t want to consider a Chromebook.

3.CHUWI HeroBook

Pros & Cons

The Herobook borrows the same chassis as the LapBook SE, another Chuwi device that we tested in September 2018. Like that laptop, the Herobook design gets its inspiration from Apple’s iconic MacBook range, featuring a single black hinge, an oversized touchpad, and a brushed metal finish (though the Herobook space grey chassis is plastic through and through).

Chuwi has ditched the backlit keyboard and the tacky glowing logo from the LapBook SE, and the Herobook has thinner bezels as the 13.3-inch display makes way for a 14.1-inch model. The four round rubber feet are still present on the bottom, as is the spare M.2 SSD slot which is also on the underside.

4.Lenovo Ideapad S145 1

Pros & Cons

You’ve likely heard of Lenovo, and perhaps seen some of the company’s laptops online – or indeed in real life, maybe in a cafe somewhere – because this Chinese firm is actually the number one notebook manufacturer in the world. Lenovo has lots of hardware out there, and many popular brands including IdeaPad, with the S145 being a budget model which starts from a very low price point.

And as you might expect, as such the Lenovo IdeaPad S145 cuts corners in an effort to keep the price down. So don’t expect the base models of this machine to be capable of taking on all computing tasks – it’s really designed for light usage such as checking emails, web browsing, and a spot of document editing or similar.

5.Dell i3552

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a deeper look at its configurations and see what this entry-level laptop is capable of. The laptop comes in a black shade. It is made of plastic and look good at the first impression. The build may not be that premium, but you get what you play for.

You can find the ports for external connectivity on the sides. There is also a vent which plays a role in keeping the laptop cool.

On opening the laptop, you can see the keypad and the trackpad in Dell Inspiron i3552 5240blk.

There is also an HD webcam that enables you to make video calls to your people. The laptop just weighs around 4.8 pounds. This weight of i3552-5240blk makes it easy to carry this boy around when you are traveling.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 400 – BUYER’S GUIDE


It is one of the most integral parts of a gaming laptop for the price. Check for the latest generation processor and its cores along with clock speed. A faster, high clock speed, multi-core, the hyper-thread supporting processor is always recommended and preferred. But for the price under 400 dollars that might not be possible. So, for the price, we recommend at least a core i3 processor for light gaming and computing.

Graphics card:

Graphics cards aka GPU are considered the integral part of systems designed and taken for gaming. It ensures smooth error-free gaming and processing. For the price, we cannot get dedicated graphics cards, as graphics cards are expensive. You may get hands-on integrated graphics which are also useful for light gaming and computing.

For 400 dollars you can’t get a dedicated graphics card but integrated. So, get a hands-on latest and powerful integrated graphics card. Intel UHD 4000 graphics can be purchased for the price.


RAM or random access memory takes care of multitasking. In simple words, it helps you run multiple apps and programs to enhance productivity. Higher RAM sizes mean, high-end multitasking.

For the price in hand, we can’t afford a bulky memory. For 400 price range, we can only have 4GB memory. So, do not settle with less than that, the price demanded 4GB at least memory.


It is essential to have good storage for optimal gaming performance. For a laptop under 400, we can’t afford giant storage. The least we can have 128GB SSD storage or 500GB HDD storage. So, do not settle less than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a gaming laptop for under $400?

For the price, it will be hard to grab a dedicated gaming machine. Yes, you can have an average laptop that handles light gaming such as Dota 2, GTA V, Minecraft, Sims 4, and others. So do not expect a full-fledged gaming machine for the price, we can’t afford one under the price bracket.

What specs should you see for a gaming laptop under $400?

It is a mix-up of all features that decide the overall performance. You can’t spill a particular range of features or specs for the price. But for a mention, for the price, you should expect a core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, Integrated UHD 4000 graphics, and 128GB SSD storage or 500GB HDD storage.

Can you have a dedicated graphics card laptop under 400?

No, it is not possible to have a discrete graphics card holding laptop. Actually, for the price, it is possible to buy just a GPU. Yes, look for integrated graphics on the laptop for the price. You can easily get a good integrated graphics card to handle light games.


When it comes to gaming, laptops are always regarded as the successors of PCs as they are easier to use and utilize. That being said, if you need one of the best gaming laptops under 400, then I’ve got something interesting for you.

However, I won’t allow you to keep higher expectations from a laptop under 400. You’d be able to play some old AAA games from 2012 to 2015 easily with a laptop that costs a few hundred bucks only.

So, now coming towards the main topic, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 best gaming laptops under 400 for you to make a wise decision. Scroll through this list and head towards the review section for better assessment respectively.