Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Son

Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Son – Buying a laptop for your 10 year old child is as strategic a decision as you would make when buying your own.

You’re open to a lot of learning, curiosity, and play, but it can be a daunting process trying to figure out what is needed and what isn’t necessary.

In our opinion the best laptops for 10 year old daughter or son are Chromebooks. As such we recommend the HP Chromebooks 4BS as the most fair option for kids.

If you want to stick to windows based laptop, but at a budget, we recommend the Acer Aspire E5-576-392H. We believe it offers an excellent hardware for its price.


We hope you now know what to look for and you’ve found a few picks from our list that you’ll consider for your child. If you are feeling adventurous, you can look into convertible laptops like the Microsoft Laptop Go for your kid.

1.Google Pixelbook

Is too much for a laptop that runs only Chrome OS and Android? The Pixelbook (starting at ; tested at $1,199) puts that question to the test with its beautiful looks, solid speed and bright, vivid screen. But while it packs impressive fast-charging technology, its battery life falls short of the standard set by other Chromebooks (which typically cost  or less).

The notebook’s true value comes with the recent addition of Android app support, which ties all these features together and makes for a great experience. All of these features tie together in an elegant package that’s perfectly suited for business class travelers on the lookout for the best Chromebook.

2.MSI Bravo

The upgrade to AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series processors is the single biggest component difference between the Alpha 15 and the Bravo 15, and it’s a big difference maker, too. The six-core, 12-thread Ryzen 5 4600H (3GHz base, 4GHz boost) in the base model is plenty fast to take on Intel’s same-core-and-thread-count Core i7-10750H, but my test unit’s eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen 7 4800H (2.9GHz base, 4.2GHz boost) hits far above it in overall performance.

My test unit (model A4DDR-023) is the better value of the two United States-bound Bravo 15 models because of its stronger processor and extra memory (16GB versus 8GB). The storage for both is a single 512GB solid-state drive with Windows 10 Home, and they also share the 4GB Radeon RX 5500M graphics chip that was used in the Alpha 15. The laptop is backed with a one-year international warranty.

3.Lenovo Chromebook

Next to the latest iPads or higher-end Chromebooks like the Pixelbook Go, the Duet Chromebook has significant drawbacks. But those devices are a step up in price (especially when you include the keyboard covers). If you’re looking for a convertible in the sub-$300 range that kind of has a foot in both doors, the Duet is the best you will find.

The Chromebook Duet’s base model has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The price includes the keyboard and kickstand, which isn’t the case with the Surface Go or any iPad model. I tested the $299 version, which has the same processor and RAM but 128GB of storage. Twenty dollars isn’t a huge difference, so I recommend that you go for the extra storage if you can afford it — 64G will fill up quickly if you plan on downloading lots of apps, videos, or other media.

4.HP Chromebook

I have no complaints with the Chromebook 14’s keyboard, barring the lack of backlighting. The white, chiclet-style keys are well-spaced and large, apart from some undersized arrow keys.

And while they travel only 1.2 millimeters (short of our 1.5-mm preference), the keys actually feel quite bouncy, perhaps because of their above-average 71 grams of actuation force.

5.Dell Inspiron

We wouldn’t really have a problem with slinging the Dell Inspiron 15 inside a backpack and expecting it to survive our travels. You’ll only need to use a protective sleeve if you’re concerned about aesthetic damage.

This isn’t a particularly expensive notebook, though, so don’t expect metal draped over every surface. The underside of the base is only covered in metal on areas where it’ll be visible, and the keyboard, wrist-rest and screen bezel are all finished with underwhelming matte black plastic.

Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Son – BUYER’S GUIDE


Children have smaller hands and aren’t as strong as adults, so smaller and lighter laptops of up to 13 inches are easier to carry, and they won’t struggle transporting them to school and back.


The laptop must have a sturdy build because kids don’t take as much care and delicacy with most stuff. For it to last, find something durable and strong.

Delicate glass screens may not last long, but find something with a well-built shell, and rubbery lining plus ruggedized design to protect interior components.

Operating System

ChromeOS is the preferred system as it is almost impossible to infect with malware or viruses, and they’re cheap.

However, it can’t run standard programs like Microsoft Office, so you might want to opt for Windows or MacOS if your kid has web-based work.

Parental Controls

A laptop for kids should have parental controls so you can provide guided access to the Web, without endangering them.

Chromebooks helps you create supervised user accounts to lock out dangerous websites while preventing malware or viruses.


The laptop you get should match the educator’s demands if it’s going to be used for schoolwork.

Performance: Pick a laptop with a good processor, typically Core i3 or higher, adequate storage of about 128GB, and a good graphics card for light gaming or video streaming.

Price: the average cost for laptops for kids will vary but that’ll largely depend on what you want and the specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get A Laptop For Your 10 Year Old Kid

It seems quite counter intuitive.

Why Would A Kid Want A Dedicated Laptop To Himself/Herself?

Well as it turns out, kids are working on subjects in schools that are far more advanced than we ever imagined in schools. Subjects like basic robotics, working with raspberry pi etc are being taught in school at a very young age.

In this case, not having a laptop would only stunt your kid’s learning.

Plus, unlike with the previous generation, there is a vast ocean of knowledge on the internet. Kids can pick up hobbies that they want to expand via the internet.

A laptop can thus work as a workbench for testing out various new hobbies such as photo editing, drawing, programing etc.

Lastly, you have to factor in the peer pressure. If the majority of your kid’s peers have a laptop of some sort, then not having one will discourage your daughter or son to achieve social rewards.

When Does It NOT Make Sense To Get A Laptop For Kids?

The best laptops for 10 year old daughter or son are all great. They can be functional and useful for plenty of years. However, it may not always be wise to get a dedicated laptop for your kids this early.

The first factor that you need to consider is social. If he/she is the only kid in his/her group to use a laptop, he/she will probably loose the interest in it soon since there is no shared social reward.

Also if you are expecting your kid to learn skills well beyond his/her grade, then you are putting unneeded pressure. The pressure will need to be compensated by a lot of reward in return. This in turn may not always work out in the long run for you as a parent.


Buying the best laptop for kids is more important than ever, thanks to schools being closed and kids now learning remotely from home. More and more parents are looking for excellent yet affordable laptops to help with their kids’ daily classes, homework and projects, and if you’re among them, you’ve come to the right place.