Best Laptop For Crafting

Best Laptop For Crafting – Some laptops are remarkably expensive but offer powerful features while some are cheaper but offer moderate features.

Your choice totally depends on you! Hopefully this article helps and considers all the factors mentioned above before ultimately buying one.


We will discuss how to choose the best cheap laptop for artists. All these laptops have powerful features and ensure long time services. Now you can choose according to your need and budget. Hope this article will help you to choose the best laptops for crafting.

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Best Laptop For Crafting – ROUND UP

Laptops that generally are touchscreen and come with a stylus are expensive compared to the non-touchscreen variants. However, it must be kept in mind that cheaper laptops have to sacrifice key components at times to become more affordable.

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1. Lenovo Flex


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2. Dell Inspiron


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3. Dell XPS9560


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4. HP Spectre

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5. Acer Aspire

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6.Microsoft Surface

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7.ASUS VivoBook

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8.Apple MacBook

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9. Lenovo Yoga

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10. Acer Spin

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In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know before buying a laptop for crafting purposes.

After the end of this guide, I will mention the top 10 best laptops for crafting. And my personal thought (review) on them. Both ‘Buyer’s Guide’ & reviews will greatly help the crafters/designers to choose the laptop – that fit in correctly.

Performance – The Most Important Part

A laptop for gaming or crafting requires high performance to gain the title “Best Laptop”.

Whether you buy a stolen laptop or an intact laptop, performance should be your top priority.

The high-end laptop usually performs well than budget laptops. So, you should aim at buying a laptop with rich specifications. In other word, you should avoid buying budget laptops for crafting purposes.

However, this article will help you with choosing the best laptop for your crafting purposes. Let’s assume you’re convinced to buy an expensive laptop. Still, you have to double-check these following components and specifications:

  • Processor: Laptop or desktop’s performance relay on its processor. You should check a laptop’s CPU because it is the most important part of that machine. While there are several types and kinds of processors out there, you should be conscious while choosing it. Choosing the latest version of the processor is a wise choice. The latest version of the processor is the 9th generation processor. But this processor is very costly. Photo editing or crafting work can be done pretty easily in the 8th generation processor or higher.
  • RAM: RAM is another important element of a computer. This unit will power up your performance while editing any stuff. It will also help to do any kind of multi-tasking. The more RAM you have, the more fluently you can make your job done. There are RAMs of 2 GB to 16GB (or even higher) in the market. But for crafting purposes, you should choose RAM of 8 GB or higher.
  • Storage Drive: This component will store your hard-earned images. Most of the craft images consume 20MB or even higher. So choosing a storage drive of 265GB will do fine. Also, there are two kinds of storage drives- SSD and HDD. SDD is the latest and strongest storage drive available in the market.
  • Graphics Card: A graphics card helps a computer to represent itself through its display. The latest graphics card a computer gets, the greater it can perform. There are two types of graphics cards- Integrated Graphics Card and Discrete Graphics Card. The majority of the people go for an integrated graphics card. But crafter wants a smooth performance while editing a photo. For this reason, they should go for a discrete graphics card. Laptops with discrete graphics cards often cost more. So you should consider the price too.

Besides performance, you should check these components as well:

  • Screen: Size & Resulation
  • Keyboard & Touchpad
  • Battery

Screen: Size & Resulation

The screen helps crafters to see theirs after product. The hours of working on a project are represented by a screen. So a high-resolution screen is a must. Most of the laptop’s screen is between 11 inches to 17 inches.

For professional crafters, a screen of 1920 by 1080 pixels is a minimum requirement for doing his work smoothly. I too recommend you to go for a minimum 1080p display for a sharper look of your images.

Keyboard & Touchpad

You’ll be spending a lot of time editing and fixing your crafts. That’s why you need a decent size of the keyboard and a sensitive touchpad. You can do almost everything with your touchpad. But I will recommend you to buy a gaming mouse.

Often gaming mouse comes with lots of buttons that can be used in editing images too. That will give a little more flexibility in your work.

Battery Life

The battery made it possible to carry and work on a laptop on the go. However, most of the laptop’s battery life is relatively low. You should avoid these kinda laptops while buying the best laptop for crafting and other purposes.

The battery is the most important component of a laptop. If you’re a person who loves to do his job while traveling, then you should choose a laptop with a higher battery capacity. Battery life will help you – if you want to represent your crafts outside your home.

What Is The Best Laptop For Crafting?

Now you know what to look at before buying your laptop for crafting.

As a crafter, you should always keep these factors in your mind. The laptop meets the requirements of a crafter, will be the best laptop for crafting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Digital Or Online Crafting?

I want you to ask one simple question. What do you need to create a craft? Simple, It’s the images.

So digital crafting means you can create those impressive images through your laptop or computer. Yes, it is that easy.

To master digital crafting, you only need a few software. Those softwares will help you create the best craft. I’ll talk about that in a while.

Graphics Programs For Paper Crafters: What Will Be The Best Choice?

Lots of graphics programs can do your task. Some of them are paid and others are free. I recommend using paid versions if possible as it will give more facilities to the users.

I have tested several of the programs are available in the market right now.

Among them, I found Print Artist & Adobe Illustrator very helpful. Print Artist is somewhere light and strong software. You can use canva too for creating your images. Both of them are doing pretty well. But I will recommend using Print Artist.

What Factors Define The Best Laptops For Crafting?

When it comes to photoshop or creating images through your laptop, you shouldn’t compromise with the laptop’s internal specifications.

But, what about the price?

Yes. Some of those high-end laptops may cost you thousands of dollars. That spending won’t hurt much if you get the best value for money.

So, choosing the best laptop for crafting might be a tough challenge for some. But don’t you worry – I’ve got you covered.

I will showcase everything ‘important’ you’ll need on your laptop.

So, let’s get started.

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In this 21st century, everything is made possible online that even the most traditional activities such as crafting can be accomplished. Crafting is known by people as an activity which involves creating things by hand, normally in a traditional way.