Best Laptop for Real Estate Agents

Best Laptop for Real Estate Agents – As always, we have tried to bring a diverse list of laptops through the article. Of course, we had to exclude a few options like Chromebooks (with a stylus) and underpowered sub-$300 laptops from the list. We did it because realtors require a smooth line of performance at all times.

Making your customers wait for hours because your laptop is slow is the last thing you need while pitching a sale. That is why we have recommended the most reliable laptops in the market. Even though you may end up spending a little more than what a general laptop costs, you can count on these devices all day.


All these laptops are significant in terms of performance and features. It depends on you if you prefer a screen, or storage or even BRAND over other features. I have composed this article keeping all your work or personal needs in mind. Also, I have associated the best price links for it to be even more comfortable for you.

1.ASUS ZenBook

The Asus ZenBook 14  is a sleek and surprisingly affordable ultraportable. It packs a crisp 14-inch display in a trim aluminum chassis with ultra-thin screen bezels and a hinge that provides a subtle but appreciated lift to the keyboard. Inside, it supplies a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 “Ice Lake” processor, 8GB of RAM, integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics, and a 512GB solid-state drive.

Getting this component mix in an all-metal ultraportable for less than  is a steal, and I haven’t even mentioned the ZenBook’s all-day battery life. And yet we can’t offer a full-throated recommendation for the model UX425JA despite its appeal. How is this so? Timing, they say, is everything.

2.Huawei MateBook

In contrast to the budget MateBook D series, the higher-end 3:2 MateBook X series is Huawei’s flagship lineup of ultrathin prosumer laptops akin to the Dell XPS, HP Spectre, Asus ZenBook, or Lenovo Yoga series. Its latest 2021 model is an internal revision of the 2020 model with both a new cooling solution and a new Intel 11th gen processor to replace the older Comet Lake-U and GeForce MX options, respectively.

We recommend checking out our reviews on the 2020 and 2019 MateBook X Pro models as the 2021 model is visually very similar to its immediate predecessors. Direct competitors include the XPS 13 9310, HP Spectre x360 13, Asus ZenBook 13, or Lenovo Yoga Slim 7.

3.Apple MacBook

Coming into this review, I had a catalog of potential pitfalls that Apple could have fallen into when switching from an Intel chip to its own processor. Chip transitions are devilishly hard and don’t usually go smoothly. This MacBook Air not only avoids almost all of those pitfalls, but it gleefully leaps over them.

Not everything is perfect, of course. Apple’s insistence on using dumpy webcams continues to be a bummer, and running iPad apps is a mess. But as I used the MacBook Air, I often found myself so impressed that I had a hard time believing it.

4.Samsung Galaxy

Technically, it can be considered another generation of the product, compared to the vanilla A52 and the A52 5G, though there aren’t too many new changes here.

The first two A52 models came out back in March, with the 5G one swapping the original’s Snapdragon 720G for a 5G-capable Snapdragon 750G and the 90Hz, 6.5 Super AMOLED display for a 120Hz one. All the while keeping the two devices physically identical.

5.HP Pavilion

The HP Pavilion 14 is a good-looking laptop. The aluminium chassis in frosted silver gives it elegance, despite the mid-range price. It’s polished for office use, without the awful chunkiness you get on some business laptops, such as the (otherwise excellent) Acer Aspire 3.

If you’re interested in a machine that will double up for personal and professional use, the Pavilion 14 definitely looks the part.

Best Laptop for Real Estate Agents – BUYER’S GUIDE


It’s the most evident factor for realtors as they use laptop on-the-go. Therefore, you have to choose a lightweight laptop. You should pay attention to the size as well. Usually, laptops below 15-inch are a viable choice for realtors; they can fulfill the requirement without breaking your back.


It’s not surprising if a laptop falls from the hands; it’s especially true for those people who use them while moving. As a human, we can’t deny the fact, we make errors, but we can invest in a durable laptop. However, it depends on the budget, but if you can get a notebook with a metal chassis or fully aluminum body, it would be beneficial.


For presentation, a convertible laptop is always a perfect choice, you have to flip its keyboard back, and you’re ready to use it as a tablet. But, there is a problem, the keyboard is always connected, and it’s a bit annoying and makes the laptop heavy too. However, if you can spend a bit more on a convertible laptop, it’s a much better choice than standard machines.

On the other hand, some premium laptop offers a detachable keyboard design, which is the best choice, not affordable, however. With the detachable keyboard design, you can use it as a powerful tablet freely.


However, as a realtor, you’re not going to use your laptop for 3D modeling or rigorous programming, but no one wants a sluggish machine. Therefore, I would suggest at least an i3 notebook, yeah you heard that right an Intel Core i3 laptop can do the job. You might have seen; many random websites are recommending any gaming or workstation laptop for a realtor, seriously! Do they have ever talked with real estate agents, what they do and what are their requirements, I don’t think so?

In terms of memory, I won’t suggest a laptop above 8GB, which is enough. Yes, the storage capacity might be a crucial feature as you’ll storage a significant amount of videos and panorama along with your confidential documents. Therefore, shoot at least 500GB or 1TB storage. For budget, a laptop with SSHD or hybrid storage would be a great choice.

One more thing, don’t choose a laptop with a dedicated GPU, it’s utterly useless for realtors. Moreover, it does not only make the computer costly but also taxes battery life.

However, if you’re going to use your laptop for some other graphics-heavy stuff or intricate processing, there you might need to invest in a robust laptop. That’s why, in this post, I have added several types of notebooks to fulfill all users’ requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Chromebook good for real estate investors?

If you’re starting and don’t want to spend much money on your laptop, a Chromebook could be the right choice for realtors.

What’s the difference between a laptop and a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is also a laptop, but it offers somewhat limited functionality and hardware, unlike Windows or Mac; that is the reason behind its affordability. A Chromebook is primarily designed for working with online applications; therefore, you’ll see a small storage capacity. However, for some casual tasks such as watching videos, making reports, checking emails, or mild photo editing, a Chromebook could be a cost-effective option.

Do Chromebooks get viruses?

Each webpage and Chrome apps run inside its own virtual “sandbox”; therefore, there is no way to compromise the other aspect of ChromeOS by any infected page.

Is a MacBook Pro suitable for real estate investors?

If you can afford a MacBook Pro, there is no better option than that. However, as real estate agents, you don’t need much powerful hardware configuration.

Should I go with 16GB memory as a real estate investor on my laptop?

I don’t think so, 8GB memory is pretty good. However, if you do crazy multitasking or consume dozens of chrome tabs, 16GB would be helpful, indeed.

How much storage is enough for a realtor laptop?

If you store lots of videos of your property along with your confidential data, you might need ample storage, such as 1TB. You can also select a laptop with hybrid drives for cost-efficiency, as I have recommended.

Hold tight because this list is going to be the most comprehensive on the internet, I will start from the cheapest notebook and shoot up to premium laptops. Please keep in mind, don’t spend much than your requirements because this list has some expensive laptops as well.

However, I have added the costly laptops only for those, who are looking for some premium features such as the most extended battery life, lightest design, ultra-HD displays, along with robust performance. If you don’t have any different requirements (such as gaming, designing, or editing), you don’t need to go above the $800 mark; don’t you believe me, let me show you.


Be it drafting documents, spreadsheets, following up on leads, or simply checking email, browsing the internet, you need a device that keeps up with your pace. True, many have shifted to the hybrid lifestyle with iPads and iPad Pros. However, a good laptop brings the convenience of a suitable keyboard and broader compatibility with software that real estate agents frequently use.

But how do you choose the best suitable laptop for a realtor? Well, we talked to a 17 experienced realtors and industry experts in the US. Based on what they said, these are the factors that people value the most in one laptop for real estate purposes.