Best Budget Laptop Under 100

Best Laptop Under 100 -Cheap Dell laptops have never failed to impress people. And the Dell Latitude E5400 has just set the standard.

For its price, it is a great choice of a laptop. It is built to meet your professional needs. With an advanced processor, hardware and high-performance DVD hard drive, it gives you the assurance of integrity.

Built on the latest Centrino 2 platform, it has the potential for providing casual gaming too, if the hassles of a tiring day beckon for a quick stress buster.

Choosing a cheap laptops under 100 is really not too difficult if you have referred to the 100 dollar laptop above. If your budget is not enough or you need to use less, owning a used laptop under 100 is a good idea. Wish you choose a laptop as you want.


Finding a laptop under the hundred dollar mark can be a real hassle. For this very reason, the above list offers the best laptops under $100 to narrow your search for a decent budget laptop. The only problem with such devices is sometimes they are old or have outdated operating environments

1.Samsung Chromebook

In a market packed with laptops that are getting thinner and faster each year, a Chromebook’s comparative advantage is usually in battery life and price. Sure, a number of companies make Chromebooks that are meant to compete with Windows machines on specs and performance, but those “premium” Chromebooks (aside from the 2017 Pixelbook) don’t carry starting prices above , and many (such as the Asus Chromebook Flip C434) are under .

And then there’s the Galaxy Chromebook, which is not at all cheap  and has battery life that leaves much to be desired. Samsung has taken a wrecking ball to what have traditionally been the two strongest arguments for buying a Chromebook. It’s clearly pushing a different vision for what a Chrome OS product can be: a premium device for power users.

2.Dell Latitude

One rung below the pinnacle of Dell’s corporate laptop hierarchy (the Latitude 9000 series), you’ll find the excellent if somewhat staid Latitude 7420. This 14-inch business laptop gets subtle improvements with each new generation. The latest version doesn’t fix what isn’t broken, adding Intel’s latest silicon and little else.

This means that for the time being, it’s a superior alternative to our longtime favorite enterprise ultraportable, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (whose new Gen 9 edition, which matches the Dell’s move to 11th Generation Intel processors, we haven’t tested yet). Choose the Latitude 7420 if you want a competent workhorse with excellent computing performance, even if it is a bit heavier and more expensive than the ThinkPad.

3.RCA 11 Delta

If you are a gadget nerd and techie like me, you probably have a bunch of mobile devices including tablets of various sizes and capabilities lying around your workspace. Despite that, I am always up for testing something new and if it offers additional convenience, then I am really interested.

My next candidate in this category is the RCA 11 Delta Pro 11.6 Inch Quad-Core IPS Touchscreen Android 9.0 Tablet with Detachable Keyboard.

4.HP Stream

Equipped with an Intel Celeron processor and a cramped 11.6-inch display, the venerable HP Stream 11, refreshed several times in the course of its life, is one of the most bare-bones Windows laptops you’ll find. We tested the latest  model for sale in 2021; with just 32GB of local storage and 4GB of RAM, it technically can’t run some modern apps.

If all you need is a portal to the internet, and you must stick to a  budget and the Windows 10 operating system, the Stream 11 is actually a decent option. Otherwise, you’d do better to increase your budget to around  to get a more capable budget Windows machine, or expand your considerations to include Chromebooks.


The Chromebook category has evolved over the past two years, with some models selling cheaply while others bump up that price to add one or two unique features, here and there. The ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 still maintains the same affordable price of its predecessors, but the manufacturer keeps the dice rolling with some news features. For instance, classroom-ready, ruggedized design, excellent performance, and longer battery life allow the Chromebook C202SA to grab attention in an increasingly crowded market.

It is a compelling choice for anyone in the market for an affordable Chrome OS laptop for school, but the Acer Chromebook R 11 synthesizes the best innovations including a lightweight convertible design, impressive battery life and a touch screen, for that, it remains our Editors’ Choice.


In spite of being cheap, they are robust enough to fulfill all your basic computing needs and go even a mile extra to deliver prolonged performance. With a slew of innovative features in their kitty, these laptops are everything you would ever need to bring your A-game at work and stay ahead of your competitors.