Best Minecraft Laptops Under 300

Best Laptop for Minecraft Under 300 – Here we looked at some of the best laptops for Minecraft under $300 range. As mentioned earlier, when you get a notebook at this price range, keep your expectations low.

You will NOT be blown away by their performance, however, you should be able to squeeze out enough juice to play Minecraft at low graphics.

This post has reviewed 10 of the best laptops for Minecraft in the market today. While there are several options on the market, this list has helped to narrow down your choices. We hope that it assists you in choosing the best option for you. Happy gaming!


We recommend HP 15.6 4ND16UA as the best all rounder laptop in this category. However, if you can save up a little more, then Acer Aspire E5-576-392H is, hands down, one of the best budget laptops overall.

1.Acer Aspire

There are two types of laptops I’ve come to expect from Acer: Standout premium models like the crazy Swift 7 ultraportable and Predator Triton 900, and mainstream laptops that are impossibly good deals — like last year’s Predator Helios 300 and this year’s Acer Aspire 5.

For more than a year, Acer’s Aspire E 15 was my go-to pick for anyone who just needed a quick, reliable laptop for general use around the home. Sadly, that model is getting harder to find, but the Aspire 5 is an excellent alternative that’s thinner, lighter and still an impossibly good deal.

2.ASUS Laptop

The best Asus laptops are known for state-of-the-art innovation. After all, Asus is a company that doesn’t want to get lost in a sea of laptops. Asus wants to stand out of the crowd and offer powerful performance in a laptop while still tackling the challenge of keeping the laptop lightweight and portable.

That being said, we’ve tested a cornucopia of Asus laptops and investigated their battery runtimes, display quality, build sturdiness and more. With this information, we’ve compiled a well-tested list of Asus’ best laptops.


First things first. Yes, it’s the ROG Phone 5 instead of 4. Don’t worry about it; you haven’t accidentally skipped an iteration along the way. The explanation is actually simple and one that we have encountered before with Chinese and Taiwanese naming conventions. The number ‘four’ in Chinese just happens to sound similar to their word for death, so naming products after this number is considered unlucky and is avoided.

That’s ironically, probably the least intriguing bit about the ROG Phone 5, though. Let’s start with the fact that the ROG Phone 5 is more of a family of devices than a single model.

4.MSI GF63

With the unceasing buzz surrounding Fortnite and other hot titles, gaming notebooks are in high demand. Priced at , the MSI GF63 is designed for people who want to game, but don’t want to spend a fortune to do so. You get solid performance from its Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia graphics.

With that in mind, the GF63 is more appropriate for an entry-level gamer than an aspiring Esports competitor and has a spot on our top cheap gaming laptops under  page. Need something with a little more oomph? Check out our best gaming laptops list.

5.HP EliteBook

The EliteBook 800 series comes in two screen sizes: the 13.3-inch EliteBook 830 and the subject of this review, the 14-inch EliteBook 840. Once upon a time, ditching an inch of screen real estate was a requirement to make a laptop portable enough to slip in and out of your briefcase or handbag through a day of travel or meetings.

That’s no longer as important as it once was, not only because many businesspeople aren’t traveling these days but also because 14-inch laptops have become much smaller.

Best Laptop for Minecraft Under 300 – BUYER’S GUIDE

RAM and Processor

To play your game smoothly, you need a laptop with enough RAM and processing power. If these two parameters are not adequate, your game will certainly lag. To avoid this, look for a laptop with at least 2 GB of RAM. Personally, we prefer laptops with at least 8GB RAM since you will be doing other stuff with the laptop.

A Core i3 processor or higher is also important.


The quality of the screen will affect how much you enjoy your game. Minecraft comes with blocky graphics. If your display is poor, it can negatively affect how well you play the game. Things like textures, distance, light effects, are a big part of Minecraft’s game mechanics. Thus, your display must be up to standard. We recommend a resolution of 1920 x 1080.


As with other products on the market, laptops come in a wide range of prices. You can find good laptops for Minecraft for as low as $300. You can also get laptops than run into thousands of dollars. While a more expensive laptop will come with better specifications, the good thing is that Minecraft isn’t very graphic-heavy.

Nevertheless, a cheap laptop will likely offer lower graphics quality. You can manage this by getting third-party software that can boost your processing speed and make gameplay more enjoyable

Frequently Asked Questions

What laptops are great for Minecraft?

Well, regular laptops can play Minecraft. However, you should ensure that the RAM, processor and display will deliver decent gameplay. We have provided some guidelines in this post.

Should I buy a gaming laptop for Minecraft?

If you can afford it, then we highly recommend buying gaming laptops like those reviewed in this roundup. They are very versatile and can be used in playing other games and doing other things other than Minecraft.


Other plusses of the 7MP80UA include great battery life (limited while gaming) and also an extremely portable and lightweight build perfect for school or work.

Overall, despite the 7MP80UA’s limited hardware power and suitability only for oldschool and retro gamers, it provides an excellent overall laptop that for entry level gamers who aren’t too caught up in being able to play the latest and greatest gaming titles.