Best Small Business Laptops Under 1000

Best Small Business Laptops Under 1000 – The time when business laptops used to focus purely on professional design and battery life is long gone as the situation is more demanding than ever. You can always choose a laptop that is equipped with a dedicated graphics card or go for the sleekest model to make your business trips easier.

Whatever your choice is, this complete list of best business laptops under $1000 should have you covered.


1.HP – Envy 13.3″

Pros & Cons

The HP Envy 13 enjoyed a long reign as the best laptop for under after we awarded the previous model a 4.5-star rating back in 2019. I was eager to give the refreshed model a spin to see if it could retain its position despite growing competition in this space. Thankfully, the 11th Gen Intel CPU in this Envy 13 delivers faster performance and longer battery life than you’d expect from a  laptop.

The highlight, however, remains the sleek aluminum design, which finds a nice balance of form and function. The latter is achieved by offering USB Type-A and Type-C ports, along with a comfortable keyboard and an excellent 1080p display.

2.ASUS ZenBook 13

Pros & Cons

The Asus ZenBook 13 is a classic coffeehouse laptop. Stylish, but not necessarily showy, the 13.3-inch ultraportable has the perfect footprint for squeezing onto a tiny table and still leaves room for your frappuccino.

You’ll get 12-plus hours of battery life — depending on your configuration and what you’re doing, naturally — and plenty of performance to make quick work of daily office or school tasks. Plus, like many of Asus’ laptops, the ZenBook adds a few gadgety extras to hopefully make your life easier while you’re out and about.

3.Apple 13.3 inches

Pros & Cons

The MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) is a watershed moment for Apple’s Pro line. That’s because, along with the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) and the Mac mini (M1, 2020) that launched at the same time, it has moved Apple into a new era. Instead of using Intel CPUs that have powered all of the company’s computers for a while now, it uses the new Apple-made M1 chip. This upgrade to the laptop line is the first truly big leap that it has seen in a long time.

That’s not to say that it looks all that different from previous models. In fact, as big of a change as the M1 chip is, it’s the only big upgrade the Pro 13-inch gets. If you have a 2019 or even an early 2020 model, for instance, you’ll probably want to wait a few generations before getting a Pro with an M1 chip.

4.Dell G5 SE 5505

Pros & Cons

The only other drawback is the laptop’s design leaves something to be desired and its plastic chassis feels pretty flimsy even as the laptop itself is rather heavy. So, yeah, you really don’t want to drop this one, it might not make it.

On the plus side, the Dell G5 15 SE’s battery life is fantastic for a gaming laptop. While other gaming laptops are dying out before they even finish a movie on Netflix, this one will keep on keeping on for several hours of video or everyday, general use. You can even get a few hours of moderate gaming out of it if you keep your settings tuned for battery life or balance rather than going all-in on performance.

5.Lenovo ThinkBook 14

Pros & Cons

Visually, the ThinkBook 14 comes in a rather discreet gray case without too many bells and whistles. The choice of material is well thought out, and both base and display lid are made of aluminum, providing additional structural support. We were practically unable to warp and twist the case, and you will need a significant amount of force to depress the base or lid.

The latter is particularly good at absorbing localized forces thereby avoiding the dreaded ripple effect on the display. The only parts made of plastic are the black bezels around the display. The hinges do a great job of keeping the display firmly in place and offer a maximum opening angle of 180 degrees. Teetering is reduced to an absolute minimum.


Best Small Business Laptops Under 1000 – The best laptops under $1,000 will offer you spectacular performance, impressive battery life, and portability without breaking the bank. What does this mean? getting an amazing laptop doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.