How Do I Turn Off the Touchpad on my Asus Laptop

How Do I Turn Off the Touchpad on my Asus Laptop – Asus laptops come with a touchpad that can be turned off in the BIOS. This can be done by going to “Advanced Options” and disabling the touchpad.

Asus Laptop Touchpad Off Switch

If your Asus laptop has a touchpad, you may want to find out how to turn it off. On most laptops, the touchpad can be turned off by pressing and holding the Fn key and the F5 key at the same time.

Asus has a touchpad that can be turned off by going to “System Settings” and selecting “Touchpad.” From here, it will say “Turn Touchpad Off.” To do this, click on the button that says “Turn off Touchpad.” After doing this, you will need to reboot your computer for the change to take effect.

Asus laptops are known for their backlit keyboards and responsive touchpads. However, there may be times when you need to disable the touchpad for whatever reason. Here is how to do it on most Asus laptops:

1. Open the laptop’s lid and locate the keyboard.

2. Look for a button with a “T” logo next to it.

3. Hit the “T” button to open the Touchpad settings.

4. Under “Touchpad Behavior,” uncheck “Enable Touchpad.”

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Introduction: how to disable touchpad on asus laptop

Asus laptops come with a touchpad that can be turned off by following these steps:

1. Open the laptop’s case and locate the power button on the right side.

2. Hold down the power button until you see a confirmation screen that says “Turn Off Power”.

3. Click on the “Turn Off Power” button and wait for it to turn off.

Asus laptops come with a touchpad that can be turned off by pressing the Windows key and P at the same time.Asus has made a number of different laptops that come with a touchpad. This is usually a helpful feature, but sometimes it can be annoying to have it on. If you want to turn off the touchpad on your Asus laptop, there are a few different ways to do it.

One way is to go into the settings menu and find the option that says ” Touchpad.” From here, you can uncheck the box next to “Touchpad.

Step 1: Check if your touchpad is enabled

Asus laptops come with a touchpad that can be turned off by going to the Control Panel, clicking on Hardware and Sound, and selecting Touchpad. Select the “Disable” option to disable the touchpad.

Asus laptops typically come with touchpads that allow users to interact with their laptop through finger movements. However, sometimes people may want to disable the touchpad so they can use a mouse. There are a few ways to disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop.

The first is to open the computer’s settings and navigate to “Touchpad.” From here, you can choose whether or not the touchpad is enabled.

Asus laptops come with touchpads that allow users to interact with the computer by using their fingers. Some people may not need or want this feature, and may wish to disable it.

Step 2: Disable the touchpad on your asus laptop

Asus laptops come with a touchpad that can be used for many different functions. However, some people may want to disable the touchpad so that it does not interfere with their work. There are several ways to disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop.

Asus laptops typically come with a touchpad that can be turned off by pressing the Fn+F2 key combination. To disable the touchpad completely, open the Control Panel and click on “Mouse”. In the Mouse Properties dialog box, uncheck “Use mouse for pointer” and click on “OK”.


Changing Device Manager Settings

Step 1

Click the “Start” button and then click “Control Panel.”

Step 2

Double-click the “System and Security” link and then the “Device Manager” link.

Step 3

Scroll down to the “Mice and Other Devices” section and then click the “+” to expand the menu.

Step 4

Right-click your mouse and then click the “Disable” option in the context menu.

Step 5

Click “Ok” to save your settings and exit the menu.

How Do I Disable Touchpad On ASUS BIOS?

The next method is limited to using BIOS I / O settings. In this way, those users who do not use the touchpad at all usually turn off the touchpad on an asus laptop.

To do this, during a full reboot of the operating system, you need to get into BIOS and repeat the following algorithm:

  1. In the open Bios window, use the arrow cursor to find the “Advanced” section.
  2. “Internal Pointing Device” line: instead of “Enabled”, it needs to be changed to “Disabled”.
  3. Save the changes that were made.
  4. Restart the system again.

When using this option, remember that this is the root of the device shutdown. This means that if it was disabled in BIOS, then using the keys or Windows settings it will not be possible to enable it. It is also activated in Bios.

Disable Asus Touchpad Using Keyboard

The first and most convenient method of disabling the touchpad on a laptop. Modern technologies are constantly moving towards improvement, facilitating some actions in the life of their consumers, and Asus has been a leader in this business for many years now.

The developers are trying to bring all the main functionality to an open and convenient place. This place was and remains the functional row of buttons on the keyboard of the laptop.

In most models, the function of disabling and enabling the touchpad on a laptop is displayed on one of the F keys. Unfortunately, it is not well-established and its location varies depending on the model and line of devices. But the pressing method remains the same for everyone:

quick alternate pressing of hot buttons “Fn” + “F”. For example, in the “Republic of Gamers” line of gaming devices, the necessary function is hidden under the “F10” button. And on models in the Chromebook line “F9”.

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Also, on some Windows operating systems, the touchpad is disabled through the settings. To disable the touchpad on a laptop Asus windows 10 version – you need to go to the “Settings” start menu, wherein the “Device” section, select the “Touchpad” menu.

Further, nothing complicated just move the switch to the “Off” position. Here you can find a few more convenient functions related to the operation of the touchpad.

How To Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Plugged In

When you are using a mouse then touchpad creates nuisance. There are some wrong clicking or opening of the document that is irrelevant to the task that you are performing on your machine. It creates hindrance in your performance.

You can get rid of this kind of disturbance just by turning your touchpad off when your mouse is connected to your machine. Yeah! It’s easy and you will be relieved. So, let’s do it.

First of all, make sure that your mouse is plugged in. After this confirmation just click on the (^) option that lies near to your AC power or notification icon.

When you click on it, it will show a Smart Gesture icon. Open the Smart Gesture icon and click on the mouse detection option. There is an option of disable touchpad when the mouse is plugged in. Put a mark in the square that is in front of that option.

How to disable touchpad when the fn+f9 function doesn’t work?

Due to some upgrades the operating system doesn’t support some short keys. Just as the fn+f9 key that is the short key to turn off the touchpad.

When it doesn’t work, you will have to follow the manual processes. Some of the methods regarding this are given in the article you can choose one according to your machine and operating system.


How Do I Turn Off the Touchpad on my Asus Laptop – Asus Laptops come with a touchpad that can be turned on or off. This is useful if you want to save battery life. To turn the touchpad off:

1) open the laptop’s main system menu by pressing the Fn key and clicking on the System icon

2) Under “Hardware” click on Touchpad

3) In the “Touchpad Off” window that opens, select “Off” from the dropdown menu

4) Press OK to save your changes and close the window 5) You’re done!

Asus laptops come with a touchpad that allows you to interact with your laptop using your finger. This can be helpful when you need to use the laptop while sitting in a cramped space, or when you want to take your hands off the keyboard. However, if you don’t need the touchpad, you can turn it off by following these simple steps:

1. Open the “Settings” menu on your laptop and click on “Touchpad.”

2. In the “Touchpad” window, scroll down until you see the option to “Turn Off Touchpad.