How Much to Fix Laptop Screen

How Much to Fix Laptop Screen – If your laptop screen is cracked, has a dent, or is just not looking its best, there are a few things you can do to fix it. You can either replace the entire screen or just the part that is broken. Whichever option you choose, be sure to get a warranty on the repair in case something goes wrong.

If your laptop screen is cracked, it needs to be fixed. This is an expensive repair, and you need to weigh your options before deciding whether or not to go through with it.

Some laptops have screens that can be replaced for a few hundred dollars, while others may require a more extensive repair that costs thousands of dollars. There are pros and cons to both options. If you’re only concerned about the cost of the repair, you might decide to replace the screen rather than fix it.

If your laptop screen is cracked, broken, or has other visible damage, you’ll need to replace it. The cost of a new laptop screen can vary depending on the make and model of your laptop, but in general you can expect to pay around $130.

If your laptop screen is only mildly damaged, you may be able to fix it yourself with some basic supplies. However, if your screen is completely broken or cracked, you’ll need to replace it.


Fixing a laptop screen can be expensive, and depending on the type of laptop, it may be difficult or impossible to do yourself. If you’re experiencing problems with your laptop’s display, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it yourself.

First, try unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in. This sometimes clears up issues with desktop computers. Another option is to reset the computer by pressing the power button and holding down the key until you see the BIOS screen.

If your laptop screen is cracked, you’ll need to replace it. Depending on the severity of the crack and how reliable your laptop is, you may only need to pay for a new screen or maybe just fix it. If your laptop’s hinges are broken, you’ll need to buy new ones and probably replace the screen as well.

Types of damage and their corresponding costs:

If your laptop screen is cracked or damaged, you’ll want to take it in for repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to fix it yourself or you may need to bring it in for repair. Here’s a guide to help you figure out how much to fix your laptop screen.

Many people are on the hunt for a new laptop as technology keeps advancing. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what to look for when shopping for a new one.

When buying a laptop, you should consider the age of the laptop and how much it is likely to cost to fix the screen. A newer model with a less worn out LCD panel will typically cost less to fix than an older model with a more aged LCD panel.

Minor scratches: $10-20

If your laptop screen is cracked, has a pixel problem, or just looks outdated, it’s time to take it in for repair. Here are some tips on how much it will cost and what you need to do before you go:

1. How much does the repair typically cost?

2. What kind of repairs does Apple offer for its laptops?

3. How do you determine if the screen needs to be replaced?

4. What should you do if the price quoted by your Apple specialist is more than you’re prepared to pay?

Laptops are often treated like disposable items, with screens that quickly become scratched or damaged. But often, the cost of replacing a laptop screen is more than the price of a new laptop. Here are six tips for fixing a damaged or scratched laptop screen:

1. Use an adhesive to hold the screen in place while you fix it. This will prevent it from moving and making the repair harder.

2. Remove any excess adhesive with a dry cloth before you start repairs. This will help reduce the risk of creating more damage.

Cracked screen: $60-100

A laptop screen can be a costly repair if it’s not fixed right the first time. Here are six tips for fixing a laptop screen:

1. Remove the battery and any removable drives. This will help you avoid damaging the internal components.

2. Clean the screen using a soft cloth and mild soap. Make sure to get all of the dirt, dust, and debris off of the surface.

3. If there is abroken or cracked glass, use adhesive tape to hold the broken pieces together while you fix the screen.

If your laptop screen is cracked or has other major damage, you will need to replace it. Here are some factors to consider when determining the cost of a new laptop screen:

– The size of the screen. Most laptops come with a range of sizes from 13 inches to 17 inches. Larger screens cost more than smaller screens because they require more material and manufacturing processes.

– Whether the screen needs to be replaced in its entirety or just the damaged area.

Damaged LCD panel: $200+

If your laptop screen is cracked or damaged, you will likely need to replace the screen. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to fix the screen yourself or you may need to get it fixed by a technician.

If the screen is not fixable, you will need to purchase a new laptop. Keep in mind that different models have different repair costs, so it is important to do some research before getting your laptop fixed.


Price To Fix Different Brand’s Laptop Screens

Here are some of the most common laptop brands and the estimated costs to repair their screens.

HP Laptop

HP laptops are of good value, which makes it easy for repair shops to find their parts. Displays can start from $40, but if your HP is a flagship model, the cost can increase to $200.

Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo has a lot of laptops available for purchase, and most of these have LCD screens. This means that it can cost less to repair these displays. Some start at $60, but they can go up to $350.

Asus Laptop

Asus has more LCDs than LED’s, so repairing these screens shouldn’t set you back by too much. Most of these can be fixed by spending $40-$60. However, there are some Asus laptops that have LED screens. These can cost up to $200 to repair.

Dell Laptop

Dell is a well-known reputable brand with many laptops on the market. Fixing these screens can cost between $45-$80, but you can spend around $250 to fix their higher-end laptops.

Acer Laptop

On the lower end, Acer laptop screens can cost $50 to fix. Several varieties are available for around $100, but their bigger sizes and higher resolution screens can cost more than $300.

Samsung Laptop

Samsung is known more for their phones than their laptops, but some of their laptops are very popular around the world. Their displays are high-quality LED’s which can cost up to $200 to repair.

However, there are some Samsung models that cost less to fix, estimated at $60.

Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba doesn’t have a lot of different models, but their laptops come with both LCD and LED screens. This varies the cost of repairing these laptop screens, but in most cases, the price is between $60-$240.

Apple MacBook

Unsurprisingly, it can be very expensive to fix a MacBook screen. These vary widely in price. Older models may only need between $60-$70. Newer models have high-resolution screens, large displays, and intricate parts.

It costs a lot more to fix these screens, estimated between $320 and $500. It can cost even more to repair the newest models.

Other Tips For Fixing A Laptop Screen

Look Up Repairing Costs Online

Several websites can help you judge how much it might cost to fix your screen. Try searching for different technicians alongside your laptop’s make and model number. You should find a few options that charge various amounts.

Depending on the technician you go for, you could save some money compared to sending it to your local repair shop. You can then choose whether to use the technician you found online or repair it yourself.

Search For A Certified Technician

Having said the above, it’s important to find a qualified technician who is used to working with your laptop brand. Others may charge less, but if your technician doesn’t understand how to fix your laptop, you may end up losing it for good. For example, Macbook’s have intricate parts that need delicate repair.

A technician who specializes in Apple products will fix your Macbook without damaging its complicated circuitry. You’ll also receive your laptop back quicker than if you sent it to less qualified technicians.

Look At Online Reviews

A repair shop may offer cheap prices online, but they may not be reputable or up to standard. Looking at reviews can help you avoid these places. Search online for repair shops in your area.

See if people flag any shops for unnecessary charges, long waiting times, or shoddy repair work.

If you’re going to a new repair shop, always get a quote before you hand over your laptop. You may not get the exact price until they see the damage, but they should be able to give you an estimate.

How can I Replace my Laptop Screen at Home?

You will need some basic tools. You can do this yourself by following these instructions.

  • The first step is to unplug the power adapter and battery.
  • Secondly, you should carefully remove the stickers from the bezel and store them for future use. Remove all screws with a screwdriver and place them on a magnetic tray to make finding them easier.
  • Thirdly, you need to remove all the screws connecting the display and take it apart carefully. You can then take out the display by removing the connector.
  • The final step is to connect the display connector and insert the new display where the old one was. Then, reattach the bezel and reinsert all the screws. Restart the computer to make sure everything works.

Note: If it is not restarting properly you have to check the laptop battery. If your laptop is unable to run due to a battery issue then you must replace it. Before you go for a change, read the full guide here about how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery.


How Much to Fix Laptop Screen – If you’re experiencing problems with your laptop’s screen, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. In most cases, just replacing the screen will fix the problem. However, if the issue is more severe or if you have a newer model laptop, some additional repairs or replacements may be necessary.

If your laptop screen is cracked or damaged, you’ll need to decide how much it will cost to repair the screen and whether the repair is worth it.

Repairs can range from around $50 to over $200, depending on the severity of the damage. If you’re considering a repair, be sure to measure the size of the crack or damage and compare it to standard laptop screens.