Best 1080p Gaming Monitors Under 200

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Best 1080p Gaming Monitors Under 200 –  Yes, there are a lot of fancy monitor options out there that cost $200 or more. You’ve got high-resolution ultrawide monitors, 1080P 165Hz monitors, G-Sync monitors, 4K monitors (and, now, 4K 144Hz monitors), and plenty more. But, if you’re a serious gamer you don’t necessarily need those expensive monitor solutions. In fact, for ultra-competitive gamers, those higher-resolution monitors require a much more powerful system in order to run properly—and if you don’t have a high-end gaming computer to push them properly, you’ll actually end up hurting your in-game performance as a result.

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1.Acer Nitro XF243Y

The Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx is an excellent gaming monitor. It has a fast response time, low input lag, and a 165Hz refresh rate, resulting in smooth and responsive gameplay. It supports FreeSync and is compatible with G-SYNC to reduce screen tearing.

The 24 inch screen isn’t the most immersive, but it does make it easier to see your game’s entire interface. Sadly, it isn’t well-suited for gaming in the dark due to its low contrast ratio and sub-par black unifor

2.AOC G2460PF

Moving on, 1080p resolution results in a decent pixel density on the 24″ screen of the AOC G2460PF display, meaning that you get plenty of screen space and sharp details.

At the same time, 1080p won’t be too taxing on your CPU/GPU, so you will be able to maintain higher frame rates more easily in eSports titles.

The monitor supports AMD FreeSync with a wide 35-144Hz VRR range over DisplayPort and 35Hz-120Hz over HDMI. Note that to get 120Hz over HDMI on this monitor, you will need to create a custom resolution.

This technology can synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with a compatible GPU’s frame rate and, in turn, get rid of screen tearing and stuttering for good without notably affecting input lag as VSYNC does.

3.Dell Gaming S2721HGF

Gaming monitors don’t need to be flashy or expensive, or excel in every single screen-quality aspect, to be good players. The Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor (S2721HGF) shows that you can get stellar gaming performance for a very reasonable price

. The  display (on sale for at this writing) features a 27-inch 1080p (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) panel with a peak 144Hz refresh rate. It doesn’t break any records for contrast or color, but between its very low measured input lag and Nvidia G-Sync/AMD FreeSync smoothness, it is sure to satisfy PC gamers looking for a solid midsize screen on a tight budget. For that, it earns an Editors’ Choice award as our favorite budget gaming panel so far in 2021.

4.MSI Full HD FreeSync

Aside from the need for calibration, there isn’t much to dislike about the MSI MAG24C. It delivers fantastic gaming performance thanks to an honest 144Hz refresh rate and keeps the price low by including FreeSync adaptive refresh. A few small adjustments take color accuracy to a good level and, coupled with excellent contrast, makes for one of the best pictures we’ve seen from any gaming monitor.

There’s no shortage of premium gaming monitors. If you have  or more to spend, there are dozens of big-screen displays with refresh rates up to 240Hz, adaptive sync and long feature lists that cater to every kind of game. But when you’ve spent less than on your entire system, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to spend that same amount on a display.


In the world of gaming monitors, you’ll almost always make a compromise or two in whichever panel you buy. You might accept a lesser high dynamic range (HDR) rating for a higher refresh rate, a larger screen size for a weightier product, or anything else in between. On rare occasions, ultrawide displays appear that make almost no compromises except for high price, such as the  Acer Predator X35.

Other times, we get monitors like the BenQ Mobiuz EX3415R , which sacrifices a higher HDR rating or more vibrant color in pursuit of record-setting input-latency results. Unfortunately, those records are matched by alternatives like the  MSI Optix MPG341CQR, which manages to go toe-to-toe with the Mobiuz on specs and performance numbers while looking better and costing a lot less. If you’re a BenQ loyalist, the EX3415R is the best gaming ultrawide display the company offers. Otherwise, MSI has already got you covered for way fewer bucks.


Best 1080p Gaming Monitors Under 200 – The higher the resolution they play at, the fewer framerates they’re going to get, and the more of a disadvantage they’ll be at when playing highly competitive games (like first-person shooters.)

So, for most competitive gamers, 1080P offers the perfect balance of picture quality and performance. And, fortunately, a solid 1080P gaming monitor won’t set you back nearly as much as a high-end 1440P 144Hz monitor, or a 4K monitor will. In this guide, we’ve listed seven of the best gaming monitors under $200 at a variety of price points for a range of use cases.