Best 1080p Monitors Under 150

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Best 1080p Monitors Under 150   – The $150 Monitors 1080p are considered as budget monitors, so you shouldn’t expect those high-end buttery smooth frame-rates and lightning fast response time for gaming and professional works in this price range. However, there are some hidden gems in the market which our monitor professionals were lucky enough to dig out, that are capable enough to blast through frame-rates with their 144Hz display.

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1.Acer SB220Q bi

The Editors’ Choice-award-winning LG 24MP88HV-S sports two HDMI ports, so you can keep that monitor connected to both a computer and a gaming console or other video source.

All of the SB220Q’s ports are in back, facing outward. This configuration is the same as on the LG 24MP88HV-S and the Samsung 24-Inch CF396 Curved LED Monitor, and preferable to the less convenient downward-facing rear ports found on the Dell SE2419HR and many, many other displays. The HP 24mh also has downward-facing ports in back, but its pivot-capable stand lets you be at the monitor’s side and rotate it into portrait mode, revealing the otherwise hard-to-access ports.

2.Dell 27 LED Backlit LCD

Dell P2419H, the P2719H has a 1080p (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) native resolution. However, while 1080p is still a typical resolution for 24-inch business monitors, most 27-inch panels—including the Editors’ Choice ViewSonic VP2768—have graduated to a native resolution of WQHD (2,560 by 1,440 pixels).

That said, 1080p should be more than adequate for business use with a 27-inch monitor, unless your job entails photo editing, working with intricate graphics or video, or dealing with genuinely gigantic spreadsheets. If you don’t need the higher resolution, there’s no sense in paying extra for it.

3.Acer R221Q Bbix

Experience content on a multi-functional monitor with the best specs at the right price. The “Acer R221Q Bbix 21.5-Inch Full HD Monitor” with an IPS panel is versatile for gaming with vivid colors and provides Elegant Ultra-Thin ZeroFrame Design for the best quality from any position. A VGA cable is included for your convenience and an HDMI port can turn any desk into a multi-display setup. Get trusted Acer performance for your home or office.

The ‘Acer R221Q Bbix 21.5-Inch Full HD Monitor‘ wide viewing IPS display shows every detail clearly and vivid without color difference from any viewing angle. Its zero frame design puts no boundary on your visual enjoyment while the brushed hairline finish stand matches any environment. Through AMD FreeSync technology, the game’s frame rate is determined by your graphics card, not the fixed refresh rate of the monitor, giving you a serious competitive edge.

4.HP 24mh FHD Monitor

Like most discount monitors, the 24mh provides tilt control—a user can tilt the top of the monitor up to 5 degrees toward them or up to 25 degrees away. But you can also raise the screen’s height up to 4 inches, and pivot it from landscape to portrait mode and back.

The 24mh packs a 23.8-inch in-plane switching (IPS) screen at full HD (FHD) resolution, aka 1,920 by 1,080 pixels or 1080p. At that resolution and screen size, pixel density comes to 93 pixels per inch (ppi), which is fine for general-purpose use, though a little low for tasks like pixel-precise photo editing.

5.Sceptre E248W-19203R

The Sceptre E248W-19203R is an excellent choice for budget buyers seeking a medium-size display that offers solid performance at a reasonable price. Its thin-bezel metallic design delivers a seamless viewing area that even permits for two or more monitors to be positioned side by side.

Designed for everyday tasks like web surfing, reading mail and watching online videos, the Sceptre E248W-19203R is a sleek-looking 24-inch monitor that uses Twisted-Nematic (TN) panel technology to deliver a sharp FHD picture with wide viewing angles and acceptable grayscale reproduction. For the price, it’s a good deal for a medium-screen display, but the HP VH240a offers better performance including an IPS panel, ergonomic adjustments (height, tilt and pivot), and more features for around the same money.


Best 1080p Monitors Under 150 – Monitors under $150 is a sweet spot for budget buyers as there are plenty of options available to choose from in this price range. Usually, budget buyers who are in a hunt for cheap monitors look for basic features such as color accuracy, screen-size, and connectivity ports which will just get work done for them.