Best 240hz Monitors

Best 240hz Monitors – Pushing your gaming set up even further can yield a lot of benefits, and that’s no different no matter where you’re located, US or UK. We’ve managed to find the vast majority of the best 240Hz gaming monitors available, so take your pick.

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1.Acer SB220Q bi

Pros & Cons

The Acer SB220Q monitor is based on an IPS panel which delivers accurate, consistent, and intense colors that will breathe life into games, movies, and everything else you’re watching, when compared to the usual monitors with TN panels you can find at this price point.

Another thing that makes the IPS panel superior to TN and VA panels is the viewing angles of 178 degrees, both horizontally and vertically, which ensure that the picture won’t shift in color and contrast when it’s viewed from skewed angles.

2.HP VH240a

Pros & Cons

The HP VH240a is a good budget monitor for office-related tasks. It has an ergonomic stand, built-in speakers, and a great image quality. However, for gaming and content creation, there are better alternatives out there. Further, those sensitive to screen flickering should look for another display.

The HP VH240a is a decent budget monitor if you need an affordable 24″ 1080p IPS display with a fully ergonomic stand. It’s great for work, everyday use, and casual gaming even though it lacks certain features which are available on similar budget models.

3.Alienware 25

Pros & Cons

The Alienware 25, in its so-called Lunar Light color scheme we tested (model AW2521HFL), is white and black, just like Alienware’s recent Aurora desktops (as well as the Sony PlayStation 5). The 25-inch screen is flat and has barely any bezel, with only a thin black band running along three edges. A narrow black strip on the bottom edge features the Alienware logo.

On the back, most of the monitor is white plastic, with black inserts where the ports can be found and on the joint where the stand connects to the screen. It’s a striking look, and a nice departure from the usually boxy, black look of most monitors, even many elite gaming ones. (That said, Alienware also offers a blacked-out version dubbed “Dark Side of the Moon,” model AW2521HF)

4.LG 27GL83A-B

Pros & Cons

The LG 27GL83A-B is a very good monitor with a 27 inch, 1440p IPS screen. It delivers a great gaming experience with extremely low input lag, an outstanding response time, and a few great gaming features. It supports AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate technology (VRR), but it’s also certified by NVIDIA to support VRR from recent NVIDIA graphics cards.

It has wide viewing angles, good reflection handling, and very good peak brightness, so glare shouldn’t be an issue. As a more budget-oriented model, it has a pretty basic stand, with limited ergonomics and no RGB lighting. Although it supports HDR, this doesn’t really add much, as it can’t get bright enough to deliver a true HDR experience and has a low contrast ratio.

5.Porsche Design Agon PD27

Pros & Cons

Porsche Design is an industrial-design subsidiary of Porsche AG, the Stuttgart builders of legendary sports and racing cars. As its name implies, it brings Porsche-inspired aesthetics to non-automotive products like clothes, glasses, and watches. It keeps a hand in electronics, too, which is why you see its name on the AOC Agon PD27 gaming monitor. The PD27 is a high-end 1440p AOC gaming monitor in a Porsche chassis, and it looks fantastic for more reasons than its aesthetics.

Its screen is top-notch, with excellent contrast and color, a 240Hz refresh rate, and incredibly low input lag. At  list from various US resellers (or 649 Euros on the Porsche Design site), it’s pricey for a 27-inch screen, but its performance justifies the expense even more than its design pedigree, which is why it earns our Editors’ Choice award for high-end, midsize gaming panels. (And though not a gaming laptop, we can’t help but imagine a slick pairing of this panel with the Porsche Design Acer Book RS we tested late last year.)


Best 240hz Monitors – Competitive gaming is all about speed and if you’re feeling like your standard gaming monitor isn’t cutting the cheese anymore, what you need is a 240Hz gaming monitor. These extremely fast refresh rate monitors are all about letting you see the action unfold with smooth animations and each individual frame is completely crisp and clear. Of course, you’ll need a beefy graphics card to keep up, but luckily there are some really powerful and affordable GPUs to choose from like the Nvidia RTX 3070 and AMD Radeon RX 6800.