Best 32 Inch 4k Monitors

Best 32 Inch 4k Monitors – We have some really quality selections here when looking at the best 32” monitors for 4k. If you want a great all-rounder the LG 32UL750-W is most certainly the way to go. The build quality is fantastic, it looks great, and has some nice technology to improve your viewing experience. It is, however, lacking in that refresh rate category so if you want that perfect gaming experience, the Acer Predator is the route to go down. The budget Samsung option is also impressive considering the cost and makes our list because of that reason. While the Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q is the priciest 32” 4k monitor here, we haven’t reached the absolute limit on cost. If you were looking for an increase in size, dropping a few thousand dollars in the process, the OMEN X Emperium 64.5″ 4K Gaming Monitor is the best of the best, giving you everything and more than you ever could ask for.

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1.LG 32GK650F-B 32-inch

Pros & Cons

But there is genuinely lots to like about the LG 32GK650F which we’ll get to in the performance section. Despite its simple design, LG has included a lot of functionality. The stand is fully height adjustable and supports tilting, swivelling and even pivoting so you can use this monitor in a portrait orientation.

The 32GK650F uses LG’s current UltraGear style, which includes a simple V-shaped stand made from black plastic, a basic front panel design with slim bezels on three sides, and again a simple black plastic rear that we think looks good. There are a few red highlights giving the design a bit of additional interest and there’s no RGB LEDs which we kind of appreciate.

2.SAMSUNG 32 inch

Pros & Cons

When it comes to inexpensive TVs, the Samsung 32-inch M5300 is part of a varied group. In the sub-$300 space, you can find everything from capable smart TVs with full-HD displays to 720p screens and sets that won’t connect to anything but HDMI.

In a category defined by what you won’t get, the M5300 stands out for offering a full-featured smart TV experience and a reasonably designed remote, but it does suffer from a mediocre display and lousy sound quality that keeps it from being one of the best TVs.

3.Philips 328E1CA 32″

Pros & Cons

The Philips 328E1CA is ready for the modern office with its bezel-free design, 1500R curve and large 32-inch screen. At just  as of this writing, it proves that you don’t have to break the budget to get a 4K curved monitor with solid color, built-in speakers and even AMD FreeSync to fight screen tears during fast-paced action.

The Philips 328E1CA is definitely hard to resist when looking at its feature set. But some flaws in image quality make it harder for it to compete with the best budget 4K monitors.

The Philips 328E1CA has simple, tool-less assembly. All I had to do was attach the base with a captive bolt, which took mere seconds, I connected the HDMI cable to my laptop and plugged in the power cable and I was working on documents within moments.

4.ViewSonic VX3276-4K-MHD

Pros & Cons

The VX3276-MHD’s silver zero-silver cabinet gives it a premium minimalist look while making the 32-inch screen appear bigger than it is. It is supported by a stand that provides tilt with four VESA-compliant holes for mounting the cabinet on a wall. However, the stand doesn’t provide swivel, height and pivot adjustments, like the ViewSonic VP3268-4K PRO that offers all those ergonomic adjustments.

I/O ports are plentiful and all of them are positioned at the rear of the cabinet, facing downward. Here you find one HDMI 1.4 port, a VGA port and a DisplayPort, alongside an audio output. Also, at the rear of the cabinet, on the right side, a power switch and five functions buttons as well as a pair of 2-Watt speakers.

5.ASUS 32″

Pros & Cons

Pulling it out of the box, the monitor greets you with a chunky-but-stylish design that features some classic Asus ROG Strix adornments and stylistic quirks. The monitor’s depth at its rear removes some of the initial elegance of the curved panel. But as it is an Asus design, it makes up for that with some cool twists in the base, and some wicked RGB lighting on the back and on the stand’s underside. It really is a statement in design and is a cool looking bit of kit.

A curved gaming monitor has, by default, an immersion-increasing form factor through its curvature. Sitting in front of the XG32VQR with the panel wrapping around your field of vision is great, and the 32” size means it is well proportioned. On the rear, the quick-choose menu buttons are chunky and unmissable—in a helpful way, as they are incredibly easy to interact with—while the directional stick to navigate through the menu is user friendly and not fiddly.


Best 32 Inch 4k Monitors – With 1080p resolutions slowly becoming previous generation’s tech, the 4k UHD replacement offers far greater image quality, colors, and sharpness. Due to this, 4k monitors have become more and more mainstream, not costing as much as you may think. In this article, we’re focusing on the 32-inch variant, which might be a little larger than the usual go-to 24 or 27-inch selections, but can be far greater for those utilizing them for office work, creative projects, or even gaming.